Home again

I guess I neglected to mention that I'd be gone, huh? Brad and I left on Monday to go to Michigan to see his family. Before we left, I finished up the tree skirt - not having more than one glue stick, and no fabric glue in the house, I did the stupid thing and stitched on all 9 yards of sequin string on by hand: FinishedTreeSkirt I also blocked a bunch of stuff: Apricot Jacket Pattern: Apricot Jacket from Rebecca 25 Modifications: None Needles: US 9 Addi Turbos (7s for tubular cast on) Yarn: 4.5 skeins of Cotton Ease in Strawberry Cream Date Started: September 1, 2008 Date Completed: November 30, 2008 Time: 3.75 hours for the first sleeve, 3.5 hours for the second sleeve, 5 hours for the back, 3.5 hours for the left front, 3 hours for the right front, 4.5 hours for finishing for a total of 23.25 hours. I also blocked the Boteh scarf: Boteh scarf Pattern: Boteh Scarf Modifications: None Crochet Hook: 4.25 mm Yarn: 1.5 skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Fingering in Blueberry Toast Date Started: December 1, 2008 Date Completed: December 12, 2008 Time: 10.75 hours Also blocked, the Noro striped scarf and a hat: Noro scarf Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood Modifications: Tubular cast on and cast off Needles: Addi Turbo US 7 Yarn: 1.5 skeins each of Noro Silk Garden in 224 and 272 Date Started: November 16, 2008 Date Completed: November 30, 2008 Time: 8.25 hours Noro Hat Pattern: Turn a Square Hat by Jared Flood Modifications: Kept the 2 row color switch-off to match the scarf. Also knit 1x1 rib for the edge instead of 2x2. Meant to knit the ribbing with the US 6 and the body of the hat with US 7, but accidentally got those switched. Needles: Addi Turbo US 7 and US 6 Yarn: .5 skeins each of Noro Silk Garden in 224 and 272 Date Started: November 29, 2008 Date Completed: November 30, 2008 Time: 4.25 hours I still have two more knits to block and post pictures of. Anyway, so I got all that done and then we left for Michigan. We had a lovely dinner with Brad's high school friend, Erin, then spent a day visiting with Grandpa M and Florence. Brad and I decided to pay for the "I can destroy the rental car and walk away" insurance, and I got in a lot of practice snow driving. Specifically, snow driving in the country in Michigan, where all streets are not plowed. And then there was an active snow storm, and I made it. :) I now feel Boston snow ready, though I'll still work from home when possible. :) Anyway, then it was Christmas Eve, and I woke up with stomach flu at around 5 am. After an extraordinarily rough and disgusting morning, Brad took me to the ER at 2 pm, where they gave me 3 liters of saline and some meds to stop the disgusting stuff. So I missed Christmas Eve dinner (which was the good one :( ). I was on clear fluids later on that night. Christmas day was pretty rough too, with only bland, soft, food. We were supposed to drive down to Indianapolis that night, but we decided to put it off until the morning. I did feel well enough to see a movie that night, and we took a family picture when we got back, with Brad's mom, sister, and brother: Family Next day, I remembered to get one with us: Brad and Kris Then we went off for the three hour drive to see Brad's cousin, which ended up being over 6 hours, with some time spent at a complete stop. We only got to see Amanda and Collin (and their two new baby girls, Ava and Zoe) for only a few hours as a result. :( Amanda Collin Ava Zoe Then we rushed off to the airport, which ended up being a total waste, as there was heavy fog, delaying our flight for hours. After the originating plane was diverted to Cincinnati, then finally arrived, they told us all to rush on the plane so we could beat the fog. We did, and the doors were closed, then they told us that all but one crew member had maxed out on hours, and weren't legal to fly. So, we all got off again. Thankfully, because the official reason for cancellation was crew, we got a free hotel and breakfast vouchers, which after comparing horror stories with people the next day, I am even more thankful for. Still, this is the third time I've been stranded overnight, the second time this year, and I'm sick of it. Better to be stranded with Brad, though. Anyway, so we finally got back yesterday. It was a great trip as far as the people went (we only saw people we really, really wanted to), but otherwise, worst vacation ever. Thankfully, we have another week off of work. We did Christmas last night, and shockingly enough, Brad's socks fit! :) Yay! modeled I had meant to go to Knitsmiths today, but I've been on the couch all day. Still recovering - I'm hoping to be back on the treadmill on Tuesday.

Preparing for three weeks away

There has of course been some ridiculous amount of work (Lani even came with me to the office yesterday), and a wee bit of shopping today to get me ready to go. I wish I could say my bags are packed... but yeah, that's not the case. I'm outside on the deck now enjoying the burst of fall colors in my yard before I have to leave the lovely New England fall (momentarily, I will simultaneously be doing more work). I will get to see New York fall next week, but I am a little bummed that my serious bout of travel is happening during my absolutely favorite season in New England. Brad has been an enormous help - he figured out where we could get flu shots today (a good idea before getting on nine different airplanes, don't you think?), he had the brilliant idea to buy webcams, and he's planning out my food in a spreadsheet (a spreadsheet! I'm rubbing off on him!) so he can order groceries for me online to get delivered to my hotel (all places I'm staying at, with the exception of Rhinebeck, have full kitchens so I can at least not have to eat in restaurants for three weeks straight). I definitely appreciate having less crap to worry about. As for the knitting, I somehow got really close to finishing Apricot Jacket without even noticing: back I'm particularly proud of the band seam, which says to bind them off and then seam them together (knit as part of the fronts). I decided to graft, and while I can kitchener toes of socks in my sleep, I've never kitchenered anything with knits and purls. The pin is distorting it (and I'm too lazy to take another picture), but the yos line up. :) I cheated and knit the next row in a contrasting color, then just grafted by following the line of the yarn. I don't know exactly why I am this proud, but there you go. BandSeam All I have left to do is seam those bands in place, then crochet the edging (just slip stitch). Oh, and sew in the buttons. I have some strange plan to get that done tonight too, just to have it off of my plate. It made more sense to me to schlep Mystery Stole 4 with me on travel and finish that, then to carry around a sweater that has less than an hour of work on it. This isn't my Rhinebeck sweater - I'm not worried about this year, just because of all of the travel, and my staunch refusal to check anything that I've knit. I have to carry around a lot of various electronics for work that I also can't check, so my carry-on space will be limited. For knitting, I'll be bringing along some socks, and the Undulating Waves scarf in addition to Mystery Stole 4. Maybe the Seascape Stole? (Thinking of low yarn volume, high knitting time projects.) I toyed with the idea of starting a new sweater, but I plan to buy yarn for Central Park Hoodie at Rhinebeck, and I'm sure I'll want to start that as soon as I get back home. :) Plus, I don't want to carry around the yarn for a sweater - did I mention nine airplanes? A week in Maryland, a weekend in New York, another week in Maryland, and then a week in Florida. I toyed with the idea of telling Velour next door that I'll be gone for three weeks, therefore eliminating the need for her to call Brad asking if I'm okay, but honestly, why should I have to?

I could have sworn I posted these already…

Sleeves Sleeves. Finished them before Mystery Stole 4 started. I would have sworn up and down that I posted these, but I hadn't even taken a picture of them. Anyway. I leave today for Maryland for business. I had an insomniac night on Friday (Krisomnia, if you will), and I used some of that time loading up my new friend, my iPod touch (not the iPhone, though they certainly look similar). I am definitely prepared for lots of entertainment and running now. And if I have some free time beyond the two 30 minute runs I am doing, I'll be working on Clue 2 of Mystery Stole and starting on the back of the Apricot Jacket.

New sweater start

Yesterday, I did some cleaning of my craft stuff, and I realized that I had been knitting my Undulating Waves scarf with size 3 needles, not 6. That explains the bead shortage... oops. :P Also, it turns out that Maelstrom has some errata. I ripped back to the row before the heel, and got back to the gusset. It's a little surprising that there was a problem with a Cookie A. pattern (so rare!), but luckily, I wasn't too far past it all. :) I started a new sweater, probably the last sweater of the summer, Rebecca's Apricot Jacket: First sleeve start That's Cotton Ease in Strawberry Cream (part of the pre-discontinued stash). The sleeve is working up quickly, after a few false starts. I can't access the errata anymore, but figured out what to look for poking around the internet (which is why I started on a sleeve and not the back).