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Female Pink Viagra For Sale, I've got to milk this whole sweater thing for one more post, right. :) Sweaters dominated my 2009 knitting because of NaKniSweMoDo - not one stitch of a single sweater was knit outside of that year, Female Pink Viagra no prescription. Female Pink Viagra class, Here it all is:

January: Central Park Hoodie
February: Broderie
March: Lily
April: Grannie Smith Cardigan
May: Peace
June: Brad's Phildar Cabled Sweater
July: Cherry
August: Henley Perfected
September: Phildar Leafy Sweater
October: Daisy Pinstripes Pullover
November: Vivian
December: Sylvar

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Finished Broderie

Finished Broderie I added single crochet to the sleeves after the finished photo was taken: sleeve Pattern: Broderie by Connie Chang Chinchio Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Zara in 1707, 10 skeins Modifications: Knit the sleeves flat, just because I didn't have a 40" circular for magic loop in the right size. Ended up starting the waist with two increases worth of fewer stitches, then increased up to the numbers called for. Refigured the sleeve cap for my row gauge. Added some single crochet to the sleeves so they don't roll. Needles: Addi Turbos US 6 Date Started: February 2, 2009 Date Finished: February 23, 2009 Time: 2.75 hours for the waistband, 5.25 hours for the first sleeve, another .75 hours to fix the sleeve cap, 12.75 hours for the top, 7.5 hours for the bottom, 4 hours for the second sleeve, 5.25 hours of finishing for a total of 38.25 hours. That's two down for NaKniSweMoDo! Next up - Lily. Yesterday was my dad's dog Max's first stint as a knitwear model. He was a little confused. :) Here's an outtake: outtake

Buttons – help!

Help me choose for Broderie: Buttons The lighting is crap - the yarn is a little lighter, the silvery buttons a little lighter, and the blue ones a little darker. Helpful, no? Anyway, despite the crappy lighting, if you have an opinion... Less than 24 hours to vacation and I am SO NOT READY.

Do I really need a title?

I have been enjoying my day off lounging around in pajamas and knitting up a storm. I've got the body of Broderie done, and the first sleeve fixed. Both are blocking: blocking I've never officially introduced that rug, but it's on the floor of my craft room, placed after my previous Done! post - I guess I wasn't. :P. This is the new TV stand, purchased to give me more storage and because I lurve the doors. Ikea (as is everything else in my craft room). TV stand I'm pushing hard on Broderie right now because I have a business trip tomorrow, and then vacation on Friday! I anticipate seaming on the road, but I would like to not be knitting or blocking anymore. Then I want to knock out the first pair of socks for my sister. I really did start Marina Piccola (Rav link) last month, but it turns out that the ribbing does not flow beautifully into the pattern in the particular size I was doing (65 stitches), so I will have to mess with that a little. I am not actually inspired to do so right now, and I need something brighter (especially if I'm going to try to knock out a pair in week), so I pulled out some Dream in Color Smooshy and my Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarn for some Herringbone Rib Socks action: yarn and pattern And here's Lani, tired from all of the love at Knitsmiths, completely oblivious to me frogging a few rows directly on to her: oblivious Soon, I'm going to get up from the couch, change into running clothes, knock out a couple few miles (up to 25 minutes running straight in the couch to 5K program, for those of you wondering :) ), then shower, put on a fresh set of pajamas, and back to knitting. Oh, and I have to pack for my trip tomorrow, which will have me at the airport at 4:30 am. Yick.

An adoption anniversary and some knitting

We've had Leilani for six years ago today. Yesterday she was lounging about (as usual) while I was knitting: She chose this position herself: notions nose Notions snuggle sleeping I'm telling you, she practices her "cute" so she's all ready to go when we're around. Melts my heart. Just like my Valentines: valentines It's not just a love-fest around here - I finished the right front of Broderie on Friday night so I could do yet ANOTHER "just in case" block: right front All is well, so now I feel okay continuing. I finished the rest of the top yesterday, and now I'm hoping to have the bottom done by the end of tomorrow (a holiday for me). I guess we'll see!

Knitting Math

I finished the first sleeve of Broderie and blocked it: first sleeve It did in fact grow, proving that swatches lie (or proving that my swatches are too small). I need to rip back the sleeve cap and reknit it based on the new numbers, but I'm definitely happy I figured this out before I started the body (way easier to redo a sleeve cap than to redo an entire body). I did a bunch of spreadsheet math on Sunday, then started the body. Pics of that another day, when it looks more interesting. :) Work is a little crazy right now, which has been limiting my weeknight knitting time (I seriously got home last night at 8:40 and went straight to bed). But this weekend is a three day weekend! Whee!

Started Broderie

After some swatching on Sunday, I started Broderie on Monday night. Here's the waistband blocking: Waistband Next, I'm supposed to pick up stitches and knit down from the waistband, but I'm feeling really iffy about gauge (especially since my waistband is a good six inches longer than I thought it was before I blocked it, and my blocking was not aggressive at all). So I started a sleeve today: sleeve We'll see how this sleeve turns out, and then I think I'll actually knit up first from the waistband, then down, to better judge the fit. I'm also thinking I might knit the front edging separately (the lace that matches the waistband) so any difference in my gauge between the two patterns is unimportant. I was hoping to avoid that, but whatever it takes to get this right! I'm also toying with the idea of hand-sewing on seed beads to the edging and waist, like I did with Sahara. I can't tell if that means I hit my head snowboarding yesterday or not, because I already bit off a lot what with the smaller-gauged sweater in the shortest month of a year that I also happen to be taking a vacation during, and now I'm adding on extra finishing. BTW, the yarn is Filatura di Crosa Zara.

Twist Collective Trunk Show

Yesterday Thea, Carol, and I headed to the Twist Collective trunk show that was happening at Yarns in the Farms in Beverly Farms. We had a lot of fun trying on samples: Sylvie: Carol Sylvie Broderie: Broderie Snow Flurries Wrap: Snow Flurries Wrap Kingscot: Kingscot Victoria: Victoria I also tried on Lily, though we didn't take a picture (which is fine, because the sample was small for me). I actually purchased yarn for Lily yesterday, identified yarn in my stash for Broderie, and added Victoria to my queue (in that exact yarn - I love it!) Icicle Dream Rectangular Stole is also on my list now. I guess we know what my first two sweaters for NaKniSweMoDo are (Lily and Broderie). Lani's getting ready for Christmas: Christmas pooh