Butterfly is finished!

Butterfly is done and gorgeous! I'm really, really, really pleased with how this came out. I did a little pre-hook installation modeling for Miyon and her roommate - I love her. She's the only non-knitter that I know that gives the exact reaction you're looking for upon showing off projects or new yarn purchases. Brad is enthusiastic, but in an "I don't really care about what you're showing me, but I fully support you and your hobby" sort of way. Anyway, so here it is: Butterfly front Butterfly back You can see the collar curling - I didn't block it well enough the first time. I decided I wouldn't reblock it until I can actually wear it (I'll be the walking advertisement for Noro yarns at Rhinebeck). The stats: Pattern: Butterfly from Noro Knits Yarn: Noro Kureyon in color 148, barely over 11 skeins to knit the extra small. It would have been 11 exactly if had knit two fewer rows on the collar (I didn't care enough to rip it out). Modifications: Lengthened the body by about three inches, kept sleeves at the written length. Needles: US 9 Addi Turbos Time: 45.5 hours knitting (40.5 when you subtract the first completely frogged collar), 4 hours finishing Now on to warm weather knitting! The Phildar Ribbon cardi is up next. (I need a better name for that cardigan - I'm knitting it with Jaeger Albany. Any ideas?)

Story in pictures

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Butterfly blocking

I've successfully pinned out all of the completed pieces of Butterfly (the back, two fronts, and one sleeve). I have to remember to sketch out the dimensions for the pinned first sleeve. If all goes well and the first sleeve looks good, then I'll finish up the second sleeve cap and block that too. back fronts and sleeve Thankfully today is an off-Friday. I've had a fairly rough week. The funny thing is that the highlight of my week was a really good workout yesterday. I'm meeting up with Sam at the gym later today, and I'm positive it will improve my mood. The fact that I have a wine tasting/knitting party to go to tomorrow at Marisa's house is also something to look forward to. :)

Sleeve Island

Ugh. I'm really tired of Butterfly's sleeves. I'm knitting as fast as I can, just to finish up with them. Here are the fronts that I finished on Saturday: Butterfly fronts They are in serious, serious need of blocking. I couldn't get the point on the left front (pictured on the right) to lie down long enough for the picture. I think I'll pin out the back and fronts tonight. Here are the sleeves: Butterfly sleeves I'm about 3 1/2" away from starting the sleeve caps. I think I might stop knitting them together at the sleeve cap so I can check the fit with one sleeve before I commit to the other. I'm desperate to start on summer knitting now; it has gotten so hot here, so I'm trying to knock this one out as quickly as possible. To explain what I'm doing with the colors a little better - yesterday, I was talking about the sleeves matching too well - I had joined a ball to the sleeve pictured on the right, it started off with the hot pink, which happened to be the color that the left sleeve was currently on. The colors were matching up, which I didn't want, so I ripped back to the (split spliced) join, and joined in a different ball that started with green. Lauren - I'm getting the Sock it to Me Esprit as a substitute for GGH Capri for this tank top (the one on the far left). I never would have thought of that sub myself, but I did some google searching to see what other people used for this tank, and found one made from Cascade Fixation. The Sock it to Me Esprit is a knock-off of the Fixation, and I happened to have some in my stash. I swatched on US 7s and got about 5.25 spi, and a really nice fabric. I swatched again on 4s for socks and got 7 spi, and a denser, but still very nice fabric. I'm very pleased - inexpensive tank top! :)

Butterfly is flying along

At the detriment of my hands, but we'll get to that. First, the finished back: Butterfly back At the recommendation of other bloggers who have knit this before me (the advantages of being late to the party), I bound off all stitches. Backstitch was the recommended method of joining the shoulders, and it was also suggested that the neck stitches be bound off and then picked up again for a firmer collar edge (to keep the back, and as a result the sleeves, from growing). I did a lot on the fronts on the way home - these are in much worse need of blocking than the back (though that needs it pretty badly) since the garter stitch edge pulls a little. Butterfly fronts I have about 30 rows left before I start the shoulder shaping. On Saturday, I had pain in my left hand that I hadn't had before. I'm used to wrist pain, but this was in my hand and involved my first two fingers. Instead of knitting Saturday night, I iced my hand while we watched Shall We Dansu?, which I really love (and it has subtitles, which makes it a perfect "I can't knit" movie). This should not be confused with the English remake Shall We Dance, which I refuse to see. So much of what makes the original movie work is the Japanese culture - I have no idea how they would make it work in an American setting, and then they went and put Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez in it... ugh. Anyway, I digress... I picked up a new Handeze glove for my left hand (the old one was stretched out), and knitting on the way home yesterday was fine. My hands are super tired now, though, so I think I'll stay away from the knitting needles tonight and work on installing the zipper for York. I really want that sweater to be done!

Butterfly back

Here's about 14" of the back of Butterfly. Butterfly back I'm really happy with the way this is coming out. I'm still really interested in knitting this, it's very helpful that this Kureyon colorway (148) has a lot of colors in it, and it's fun waiting to see what comes next. I'll start the shaping for the armholes in another 4 1/2" inches, and I'm very excited about that. I'm going to try out Jodi's great technique for armhole shaping. Sam and I went to PiYo yesterday, and we both died since our legs were shot after spin on Monday. Then to add insult to injury, we decided to run afterwards. My body hates me today, but I feel pretty darned good about myself. I really can't run too regularly (I used to run five days a week), due to a knee problem, but I'm thinking maybe once a week on a treadmill (lower impact), two days a week in spin class, and at least one day swimming laps will be a good mix. Then to round it out, I want to go to PiYo (combination of Pilates and Yoga) and lift weights. I used to be in really good shape, and I really want to be again! I'm toying with the idea of a separate blog for my health goals, but maybe I'll just use one of the weekend days (not as many people read on weekends) to set goals for myself. We'll see. I've just gotten really used to using this blog as not only a way to be part of a community but as a way to set goals for myself and track progress, and I think that would help in other areas besides knitting. :) As the antithesis of good health, John and I went to McDonald's again yesterday. I wanted to try out my dad's suggestion, the mint in the chocolate shake. Yum! It's like a thin mint in a cup. Like the Chantico at Starbucks, it should be used really, really sparingly, though. My programming midterm is today. I haven't studied one bit. This would normally be ill-advised, but the list of things I had to know for the midterm, I have to know to do my job.

New start

I cast on for another sweater yesterday. Brad was confused - "didn't you just finish a sweater?" Anyway, despite the fact that I can't wear York due to the weather, and even though I won't be able to wear this one either, I figured I should start this while it's still pleasant to knit with wool on the weekends and evenings. This way, I'm guaranteed to have sweaters for Rhinebeck. If I wait until it's cool again in San Diego, I'll only have a couple weeks to knit. Let's face it, that's Mission Impossible for me. So, the start of the back of Butterfly from Noro Knits: Butterfly back I'm using Noro Kureyon in 148 (the pictured color). I've decided, with the advice of Miyon and Marisa, to once again to embrace the character of Noro yarns and to not try to match up colors at all. That's part of the reason I started with the back this time - I'll have a partial skein to start one of the fronts or sleeves with. Also, since everyone had so much trouble with the sleeves, they're making me nervous. I'm want to try to get this sweater done much quicker than the last, which means that the three projects you see going on right now (Butterfly, Mary Ella, and reverse bloom washcloths) are going to be all you're going to get for a while. I got an email saying that the zippers will ship today - yay!