Butterfly is finished!

Butterfly is done and gorgeous! I’m really, really, really pleased with how this came out. I did a little pre-hook installation modeling for Miyon and her roommate – I love her. She’s the only non-knitter that I know that gives the exact reaction you’re looking for upon showing off projects or new yarn purchases. Brad [...]

Story in pictures

Butterfly blocking

I’ve successfully pinned out all of the completed pieces of Butterfly (the back, two fronts, and one sleeve). I have to remember to sketch out the dimensions for the pinned first sleeve. If all goes well and the first sleeve looks good, then I’ll finish up the second sleeve cap and block that too. Thankfully [...]

Sleeve Island

Ugh. I’m really tired of Butterfly’s sleeves. I’m knitting as fast as I can, just to finish up with them. Here are the fronts that I finished on Saturday: They are in serious, serious need of blocking. I couldn’t get the point on the left front (pictured on the right) to lie down long enough [...]

Butterfly is flying along

At the detriment of my hands, but we’ll get to that. First, the finished back: At the recommendation of other bloggers who have knit this before me (the advantages of being late to the party), I bound off all stitches. Backstitch was the recommended method of joining the shoulders, and it was also suggested that [...]

Butterfly back

Here’s about 14″ of the back of Butterfly. I’m really happy with the way this is coming out. I’m still really interested in knitting this, it’s very helpful that this Kureyon colorway (148) has a lot of colors in it, and it’s fun waiting to see what comes next. I’ll start the shaping for the [...]

New start

I cast on for another sweater yesterday. Brad was confused – “didn’t you just finish a sweater?” Anyway, despite the fact that I can’t wear York due to the weather, and even though I won’t be able to wear this one either, I figured I should start this while it’s still pleasant to knit with [...]