Finished Carla

It’s been almost two weeks since I finished seaming and weaving in most of the ends on Carla, and I’m so relieved to finally be able to call it done. It was dry Tuesday evening, so I tried it on, and was relieved that it had indeed tightened up with the wash. I wove in [...]


While doing laundry yesterday, I screwed up the courage to throw Carla in the wash (in a zippered pillow case). It definitely shrunk down a little, which is what I wanted. I laid it out to dry, stretching it out lengthwise (the length was good originally, but it was too loose). We’ll see if it [...]

Finished Carla back

Or front. They’re identical, so we’ll see which one is prettier when I’m done. The stitch pattern is really, really stretchy. I’m going to have to pin everything together and try it on before I start seaming, as it’s pretty hard to tell how it’s going to fit now. These pieces are really quick to [...]

Well, I did say knitting binge

With the Phildar Ribbon Cardi blocking (dry now and ready for seaming to commence this evening), I turned my attention to Carla. With the combination of the entire day devoted to just knitting and laundry, and the fact that Carla is knit on US 15s, making it faster than most, this is what I ended [...]

The beginning of Carla

Miyon called yesterday while I was at the gym, and when I returned her call, invited me and Brad to join her for her birthday celebration at the Martini Ranch. We left as soon as I got cleaned up from my pretty rough workout, and I cast on for Carla sleeves in the car: They’re [...]