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Female Pink Viagra For Sale, I've got to milk this whole sweater thing for one more post, right. :) Sweaters dominated my 2009 knitting because of NaKniSweMoDo - not one stitch of a single sweater was knit outside of that year, Female Pink Viagra no prescription. Female Pink Viagra class, Here it all is:

January: Central Park Hoodie
February: Broderie
March: Lily
April: Grannie Smith Cardigan
May: Peace
June: Brad's Phildar Cabled Sweater
July: Cherry
August: Henley Perfected
September: Phildar Leafy Sweater
October: Daisy Pinstripes Pullover
November: Vivian
December: Sylvar

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Finished Central Park Hoodie

Front Back Hood Pattern: Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene, Fall 2006 Modifications: The hood was kind of elfish, so I ripped back and added three extra decrease rows. I also grafted the hood together instead of seaming it. The front ribbing band was knit separately (442 stitches for an approximately 72" band). I attached it using free-loop backstitch, so I had the nice tubular cast on as the edging. I used a zipper for the closure. Yarn: Briar Rose Abundance (less than 2 skeins, alternated every two rows) Needles: Addi Turbos US 8, US 6 (for ribbing) Date started: January 1, 2009 Date completed: January 31, 2009 Time: 7 hours on the back, 3.75 hours on the left front, 3.5 hours on the right front, 4.25 hours on the hood + 1 hr to fix it, 5 hours for the first sleeve, 4.25 hours for the second sleeve, 4 hours for the edge band, 7.5 hours for finishing for a total of 40.25 hours. Barely made it for January! Luckily, I got the pictures - after a photo shoot this morning (I got dressed twice this morning, as I didn't wear the sweater to work), it looked like I had lost all of the pics. I think I have it figured out (has to do with FAT 16 vs FAT 32 vs FAT 12, for you nerdy types out there, meaning that one laptop and the camera can read the card, but another laptop can't because of incompatibilities between File Allocation Table formats). I think the only solution is to not involve the second laptop at all, as simply copying pics off the card can make the card unreadable by the camera, but that's annoying (especially since that one has a nice SD slot on-board). New England sun is so rare around this time, I was going to be bummed if I had to retake the pics, so yay for that.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month

I totally thought it was today, all the way up until yesterday. Weird. So now I'm in the position where I actually *could* finish the Central Park Hoodie, though there is a LOT of finishing work left to do. The front band, which I decided to knit separately and then attach with free-loop back-stitch, is knit and blocking: edging band So, all that's left is attaching the sleeves, seaming the side and sleeve seams, attaching the front band (which is going to take forever), and then attaching the zipper (which hasn't arrived yet). A little higher than average finishing, but doable. Just maybe not the most exciting Saturday ever, but Brad will be in school anyway. :P

Running behind with Central Park Hoodie

I kind of took a week off from knitting. I'm not entirely sure why (though some of it was cleaning and organizing). Thanks to friends this weekend, I fixed up my too-pointy hood and started and finished a sleeve. They're blocking now: Partial blocking I've started the second sleeve, but the chances of me finishing by Friday are slim. Which I know is okay, as it's really 12 sweaters a year, and not necessarily one sweater a month, but it still kind of sucks because there's really no reason why I couldn't have made it. I could still do it if I were willing to pick up stitches for the ribbed edging on the front, but in order to get a pretty tubular edge, I'm going to knit the edge separately and then attach it with free-loop backstitch. So, chance are I'll be behind. I did order a zipper last night, though, which I think is the best closure for me and for the casual nature of the sweater.

Finished back

I actually finished the back of Central Park Hoodie on Friday... back unblocked My swatch bloomed in width, not height, so this is a tad skinnier than it will be. I'm way behind on handwashing items, which I discovered the cleaning binge Brad and I went on, so all of my blocking surfaces are currently occupied by things that need to dry flat. I need to start doing the handwashing (really, just the handwashing setting on my washing machine) as part of my regular weekly laundry. Speaking of the cleaning binge, I'm not quite done yet with the craft room, but am oh so close to a lovely room that I can spend quality time in. Up until now, our living room has been the only room that has been "finished" and the craft room was kind of a dumping ground for my stuff, not a place where I could actually feel inspired to sew. That's almost fixed now. :) Pictures will come as soon as I'm finished. Staycation is over - back to work today. I'm looking forward to it - we had the perfect amount of home time, as we enjoyed it, but I was just about to go completely stir crazy without work projects.

First day of NaKniSweMoDo

I started the Central Park Hoodie yesterday after my first workout in my home gym (more on that tomorrow). Thanks to the 17 stitches per 4" gauge, the sweater is going at a nice clip: Back start I should note that I didn't have any trouble getting the 17 stitch gauge with the Briar Rose Abundance, despite Briar Rose Abundance having a label gauge of 14 stitches per 4". I have to say, I think Abundance would be too loose at 14. 17 is a good gauge for the Abundance - it has structure, but is still soft and cozy. I'm alternating my two monster skeins every two rows at the advice of my sister. One skein is visibly more pink than the other, so I think the alternating is necessary. It does make this project very large, though. Besides, moving it might mean disturbing this: Lani yarn 1 or this: Lani Yarn 2

Last post of the year

So... I finally have those last overdue FO photos. First, Mystery Stole 4: Finished1 Finished 2 Finished3 Pattern: Mystery Stole 4 Modifications: None Needles: Addi Lace US 4 Yarn: .5 skeins of Lisa Souza Lace Date Started: September 7, 2008 Date Completed: October 18, 2008 Dimensions: 22" x 79" Time: Clue 1: 5 hours for the first one, 4.25 for the second Clue 2: 4 hours for the first one, 3.5 for the second Clue 3: 4.25 hours for the first one, 4.25 for the second Clue 3 corrected: 4.25 hours for the first one, 4 for the second Clue 4: 3.75 hours for the first one, 3.25 for the second Clue 5: 3.5 hours for the first one, 3.5 for the second Clue 6: 3.5 hours Grafting: 3 hours (some false starts) Total: 54 hours Undulating Waves Scarf Pattern: Undulating Waves Scarf Modifications: Accidentally knit on a US 3 instead of a US 6, so ended up using more than called for beads Needles: Addi Lace US 3 Yarn: Less than one skein of Shaefer Heather in Gertrude Ederle Date Started: August 21, 2008 Date Completed: October 15, 2008 Dimensions: 6.5" x 67" Time: 17 hours Just for fun, the Lani-fur: Lani And then after draping her with the scarf (I had to check to make sure she was still breathing, as she didn't seem to notice that I was doing anything at all): Lani scarf I'm going into 2009 with two WIPs - first, Seascape Stole in KidSilk Night: Stole and the Froot Loop socks in Mind's Eye merino/tencel: froot loop socks And finally, I'm swatched for the first sweater of NaKniSweMoDo, the Central Park Hoodie in Briar Rose Abundance: Swatch The yarn is absolutely huge - Lani included for scale (she's 10 pounds and fluffy): Abundance Thank goodness for my drill-powered jumbo ball winder that I have to remember to post about later. :)