I’m finally done with Christmas

Only 11 days after the fact! (I know the sidebar says 12, but I finished this yesterday). I’ll reset the countdown tomorrow; I just wanted to enjoy being done for a minute. This is the ornament I finished on December 31st. It was a mere 1.5 hours of stitching. I did the finishing on it [...]

Tour of the Midwest, Part I

I thought I’d just bite the bullet do this post all at once. I’m at home in bed, still with zero desire to do any crafting, so I have to take advantage of the laptop with the internet access. At least I’m back in San Diego now, in my comfortable bed, and the Vicks Vapor-Steam [...]

Happy Holidays!

I have no idea when I’ll get near the internet again. It might be in a couple days, it might not be until December 31st. I’m hoping for sooner than later, but with all the driving around we’ll be doing, you never know. Some parting pictures – the dog ornament. I forgot to scan it [...]

I’m all twitterpated

So, it turns out that Brad was trying to throw me off of the track with that circular saw comment. His saw never made it out of the box. His tool of choice? You guys ready for this? A needle. As in tapestry needle. For cross-stitch. (For everyone that will be torn about telling me [...]

Half of an FO

I didn’t make it to the Stitch ‘n Bitch last night, unfortunately. An out of town co-worker was visiting from Monday until this morning, and everyone went out with her every night. I couldn’t go on Monday and Tuesday due to school, so I thought I should at least make an appearance last night. While [...]

The semester is OVAH

Thank goodness. The presentation went well – we got an A- on our final project, which was worth 40% of my final grade. I’m positive that I’ll be pleased with my Marketing grade. Financial Management… we’ll see. I probably won’t know for at least a week. I was going to knit through the presentations like [...]

Even with no elves, four gifts are done

I finished up the back of York without even realizing I was that close. It took a lot less time to do the back than the sleeves. I think my bind off for the shoulders was too tight, though, so I’ll probably have to redo that. It looks so long and skinny! With a few [...]

Completed stitching on one ornament

I still have to finish it as an ornament. This one is going out to Hawaii, so I’m hoping I can have it in the mail by the weekend. I purchased coordinating cording and fabric yesterday. This was a really quick stitch (less than three hours including the beading). There are lots of embellishments, which [...]

More pictures

Here’s the November Flip-It (click for more project details). The final post-blocking picture of the coasters: Here’s the start of a scarf for my sister, made with Peruvian Alpaca in Indigo and Cornflower. I’m using a ribbed pattern, but with a twisted mini-cable for the K2s. I’m switching colors every 28 rows (about 4″). This [...]

Greetings from Boston

Well, we’re here. Our trip was fairly uneventful, despite me losing my airplane friendly nail clippers in the Baltimore airport, making cross-stitching on the second flight impossible. I’ve been reunited with my lovely Gingher scissors now, and I’ll replace the clippers before we fly back home. Before we left, I finished up this month’s round [...]