Another catch up post

I’m way behind on FO pictures, as well as WIPs. Today will be for FO’s. I just finished up with updating my gallery for 2005. I knit and crocheted 56 items last year. :) Very cool. Anyway, I owe you a picture from way back, January of 2005. I crocheted slippers for my sister for [...]

Health Goals Week 41

This is going to be pretty weak. I also sorta missed the update last week, so no week 40. Anyway, Brad and I did spin and back/bis on Tuesday, yoga on Wednesday, and spin and chest/tris on Thursday. We were going to go back today, but are both having some back pain that we didn’t [...]

Final Christmas gifts

I worked hard on Wednesday and Thursday to finish up the Christmas gifts for Marisa and Miyon. I also made version for me and my sister. (Marisa’s is green, Miyon’s grey, mine is blue, and my sister’s is red). Here’s a picture with the notions bags open: I got the idea from Martha Stewart Living [...]

Lots of catching up to do

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. :) My father came down on Friday to spend Christmas with us. I had promised him that I would try to make Molasses Oat Bran Bread, something we had at Black Angus. Here’s my attempt: Not quite as good as the restaurant, but yummy. I also made Maple [...]

Done with Christmas knitting!

Two mittens, two thumbs. Whoo hoo! I leave today for Seattle for a training class. Hopefully by the time I get back, all of the gifts will be in the mail. That’s Brad’s big job this week. That and write the Christmas card letter, and mail out the Christmas cards. He’s done with finals, he’s [...]

Here chibi chibi chibi

The ladies at Black Sheep clearly think that I’m nuts. I went last night for my final chibi installment (these were purchased in three trips) and went ahead and cleaned them out. I’m still explaining to them about the small bent tipped needles, and they seem shocked that the picture of the original chibi on [...]

First, to brag

I am two hours away from completed Christmas knitting. This is where timing comes in handy – the first took me 5.25 hours, I’m 3.25 hours into this one, therefore I’m reasonably sure that I have about two hours left. Whoo hoo! There are still three things more to go for Christmas, but they’re not [...]


You guys are all quicker than I am – obviously, the socks wouldn’t be knit at the same gauge as a sweater. :P I only got the book in the mail yesterday, so I immediately checked the gauge – they use US 5s to get a gauge of 6 spi instead of Cork’s usual 3.5 [...]

The beginning of the end

Of Christmas knitting! Whoo hoo! Not that I don’t have other things to do before Christmas, but whatever. I’m already halfway done with thrummed mittens. These are done with Cascade 220 and Fleece Artist merino roving. What a difference! My first thrummed item was made with Briggs and Little Tuffy, which is really rough (good [...]

Grace blocking

I decided to go ahead and block the pieces I had of Grace – I can assemble one side when it’s dry. Brad had a wrapping frenzy yesterday, and I realized that I had never gotten the washcloths wet so the chenille would bloom. They’re drying now too. I had purchased some nice soap to [...]