Marble Arches from start to finish

This post is going to be a bit picture heavy - part of taking an unofficial blog break is losing a bunch of progress pics. My normal sock club photos of the skein were taken, but not posted, and now I have finished socks! I'll put the more interesting stuff up front. :) This was a great colorway and a good pattern - I did adjust the pattern for a smaller number of stitches, as I think 66 is a lot for the medium weight of STR. This pair of socks brings me to 16 pairs for the year. :) This also makes me about caught up with the club, so I can join next year's guilt free. :) (I am waiting for beads in the mail so I can cast on for the December kit, pics of that further down). finished modeled Pattern: Marble Arches, designed by Sandi exclusively for the Blue Moon Rockin' Sock Club Yarn: Less than one skein of Blue Moon Socks That Rock in Pink Granite (medium weight) Needles: Addi Turbos US 2 (3.0 mm) Modifications: Worked two of each mock cable instead of three with three stitches in between - total of 52 stitches. Date Started: December 23, 2006 Date Completed: December 31, 2006 Time: 6.75 hours for the first sock, 6.5 for the second for a total of 13.25 hours I also finished cross-stitching the 2006 ornament today (4 hours). Kind of last minute, I know, but once again, finished it time for the end of the year. ornament The theme this year is clearly the weather - I had the right snow to photograph it against. :) I still need to do the finishing on this, obviously. It will look something like this (last year's CA themed ornament): 2005 ornament So here is my December sock club kit: december sock club The rare gems colorway sent to me is very much my colors - here's a recent stash acquisition (Lorna's Laces Swirl DK in Tahoe) to prove it: swirl Never enough yummy sock yarn! And in case anyone wanted to see my normal pics of the sock club yarn for the Pink Granite, here you go: skein unwrapped ball

Finished Mata Hari socks

The Mata Hari pattern consists of just a chart. I chose to do these socks toe up, as I had one of the older skeins of Socks that Rock (325 yards). I used the magic toe from Knitty, and I loved it. These were for my sister for Christmas. finished finished Pattern: Mata Hari Socks, designed by Steph (you can email her for the chart) Yarn: Less than one skein of Blue Moon Socks That Rock in Alina Needles: Addi Turbos US 1 (2.50 mm) Modifications: Knit the second sock in reverse (so the swirl went the other way) Date Started: November 17, 2006 Date Completed: December 2, 2006 Time: 6.5 hours for the first sock, 6.25 for the second for a total of 12.75 hours

First finished Christmas gift

I finished April: april Pattern: April from Swallow Hill Creations (prices are Canadian) Materials: Black rayon thread, green beads, also from Swallow Hill Creations Modifications: None Needles: US 2 Addi Naturas Dimensions: 3" wide, 46" long not including fringe Date Started: November 11, 2006 Date Completed: November 25, 2006 Time: 8.75 hours of knitting (7.75 hours for the knitting, 1 hour for the fringe) This is basically the same as the one I finished last year.

Christmas progress

I'm making good progress on my mom's scarf. It's kind of unimpressive lying flat (the weight of the beads and the rayon make it look nice hanging), but here it is anyway: progress The blue yarn is a lifeline - just there because it's a pain to recover rayon stitches, but I am clearly lazy about moving it. I should be able to finish it this month - of course, I also have to finish up my final project for the semester, which is time consuming and very, very annoying. Oh, and work this week is not going to be good (thank goodness there are only three days!) Probably going to have to work over Thanksgiving weekend, though. :(

Health Goals Year 1 Week 35

Progress: Weight:+.5 (0 more to go) Body fat percentage: +.2 (-.09 more to go) Measurements: 0 (.25 more to go) I did nothing but yoga again this past week again. Definitely in an exercise slump (school is busy and I'm working overtime) but I'll try this again: goals for this week are just one day of yoga and one day of either spin or running.

Let the Christmas knitting begin!

This is in stark contrast to last year, where I started in January. This year, my Christmas knitting list is really, really short. It's just not worth getting myself all stressed about it. Anyway, I only have one knitted gift to mail, and that is to my mom (who requested the gift specifically, so I'm not giving anything away here). Last year I gave her April in red and black, and she immediately asked for one in green and black as well. I bought the rayon at Stitches West in February, but had to order the beads directly from Swallow Hill Creations since they didn't have what I was looking for at the booth in Feb. They were fabulous and knocked down the shipping cost since I had just ordered one bag of beads (I didn't even ask). Last night I strung them all on (for 2 hours!) and started knitting: April This is definitely not portable knitting, so I'll be taking my hat and Titania's Revenge to Knitsmiths. Or maybe Gatsby Girl... too many choices!