Another catch up post

I’m way behind on FO pictures, as well as WIPs. Today will be for FO’s. I just finished up with updating my gallery for 2005. I knit and crocheted 56 items last year. :) Very cool. Anyway, I owe you a picture from way back, January of 2005. I crocheted slippers for my sister for [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday. :) We’ve had a leisurely morning so far. I made pumpkin chiffon pie last night, as I do every single year, as well as pumpkin bread. In a little while, we’ll be headed over to Miyon’s house to hang out and have dinner. :) I’m [...]

Temecula Wine Country

My mentor in Hawaii is here in San Diego for business, and we thought it was an excellent time to go to Temecula. Sam had first mentioned limo tours probably two years ago, but we never had any reason to just go ahead and do it. Cam being in town (and being interested) did it [...]

One sleeve down, one to go

I finished up the sleeve on Fitzgerald on Monday night. Just in the nick of time to meet all of my October goals. Here it is, in its curling stockinette glory: It does appear to be the right size to fit into the armhole, for which I am grateful. This is a modified drop shoulder, [...]

Okay, I’m done with the FO storm

Not that they’re a bad thing, but I’m fresh out. :) Thanks so much for all of your kind comments on all of them! I have four things crossed of the 10 WIP list, and have made good progress on October goals, so far. I ripped out York’s collar. While it’s cute standing up on [...]

Blocking party, part 2

Marisa came over last night (Miyon had a last minute conflict). After dinner, I did some more blocking. It’s amazing how much fun blocking is when you don’t want to be knitting the thrummed slippers. Anyway, I soaked the front and back of Fitzgerald with Here and There Cables in Eucalan, and then laid them [...]

Note to self:

If a party invitation comes your way that has the words “logistical nightmare” in the title, don’t go. John’s lucky I like him most of the time. Any party that requires the identification of poison oak, sliding around in rocks, and napkin hoarding among the women can’t be a good thing. Edited to add: Miyon [...]

Sunday afternoon

Completed Back

I skipped working out yesterday. I was feeling kind of guilty, and then realized that going to three spin classes a week kind of makes me exempt from true laziness. My Saturday was a bit stressful, so I worked on some “me time” yesterday. That included finally opening up the box that Harry Potter was [...]

Big day today!

Today is the Yarn Harlot’s book signing! I’m more than a little excited. :) Thanks for all of the wonderful comments on Rosita. :) Lori asked “what’s next?” Well, the answer is “simpler things.” I spent Friday swatching for Birch, Soleil, and Grace. Madeleine is still in the works, though I put it aside to [...]