Finished Gatsby Girl

Sorry for the unintended blog break - I got bored with the posting of sleeves and such, and then life kind of got in the way of blogging. I have been knitting, though, and I did finish Gatsby Girl. Gatsby Girl Pattern: Gatsby Girl from Interweave Knits Fall 2006 Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK in Opulence (521), 8.5 skeins Modifications: None besides the length added in the body and sleeves that I add to almost every sweater. Needles: US 5 Addi Turbos Date Started: September 20, 2006 Date Completed: December 22, 2006 Time: 17.25 hours for the back, 14.25 hours for the front, 5.5 hours for the first sleeve, 4.75 hours for the second sleeve, 7 hours for finishing (total 48.75) This took me a little longer to finish as I seamed the shoulders and completed all of the neck finishing (including the crochet) before I tried it on. Big mistake. I had to rip all of the finishing out and then take an inch off of the upper body. What could have been a quick fix (had I just tried it on the second I seamed the shoulders) ended up being a bit painful. I really do know better - I just got too lazy to get up. Oh well . :) I'm very pleased with the finished product.

First sleeve!

I'm making great progress, though the 1x1 ribbing is definitely taxing: sleeve I've started the second sleeve - the rather extensive finishing for this sweater is right around the corner!

On a mission

I want to wear Gatsby Girl now. As in, right this second. I fixed the upper back Friday during class, and started the front. I made lots of progress on the front in class on Saturday, and finished up the front at Knitsmiths on Sunday. Front and back I quickly dove into the first sleeve, a mind numbing 1x1 rib. sleeve I'm going to try to push through while I'm still really excited about the sweater - if I think about all of the 1x1 rib too much, I'm going to lose steam. Luckily, I got obsessed with this sweater rather than start up an entirely new one - the cropped lace top from Vogue Knitting Holiday was tempting for a while.

Gatsby Girl Issue

I've been silent this week due to lots of homework and no knitting. I turned in my last assignment last night, and sat down to knit for an hour on Gatsby Girl. back problem Upon closer inspection, though: mistake I knit the same lace row twice in a row waaaaay back near the cables. *sigh* One option was to leave it on my back and never speak of it again, but I couldn't let it go. So before school this morning, I ripped out: ripped I worked on it all day in class, so I've actually finished the back now - but it would stomp all over my melodrama to post that pic too. Later. :)

Gatsby Girl progress

Despite the rough start, I had put down Gatsby Girl all ready to start the mindless knitting. Luckily, the second time I did the set-up row I had done it right. I worked on Gatsby Girl at KnitSmiths yesterday - I got a lot done, and I am so in love with the yarn! back start The combination of DK weight yarn (which is so, so lovely - RYC Cashsoft DK) and lots of 1x1 rib doesn't make this the fastest knit. Luckily I had already decided not to get all crazy with the knitting for Rhinebeck, so I'll enjoy this and do it at whatever speed I feel like. I still need to rip out the top of Krista, and I have the second happy sock all done (finished in class) except for the kitchener. I'm less than 10 minutes away from a finished pair of socks - why on earth haven't I done that yet? Tonight, hopefully, when I get home from our wine tasting class. That should be fun. :) Though now that I think about it, perhaps grafting a toe isn't the best post-wine activity...