Finished Jan

I finally finished up Jan: Jan Pattern: My own copy of Kim Hargreaves Marsha Yarn: Brooks Farm Four Play, 3 skeins (NY 4P 100) Needles: US 7 Addi Turbos Date Started: February 21, 2007 Date Completed: May 8, 2007 Time: 7 hours for the back, 6 hours for the left front, 3.25 for the right front, 5 hours for the first sleeve, 4.5 hours for the second sleeve, 3 hours for finishing (total 28.75) The yarn is absolutely amazing. Love it. :)

Second block with Jan

I finally did it - I have to admit I almost forgot until I realized I had promised the blog. :P reblock Jan blocked out easily to measurements - now I just have to wait for it to dry! I'm hopeful that the fit will be better and that I can do the last of the finishing (tacking down facings and weaving in ends). While it dries, though, it's back to Sahara, guilt free. :)

Last pieces blocking

I knocked out those last two pieces of Jan amid a weekend of classes and despite some paper writing (that I finished, yay!) right front sleeve blocking Once those are dry, I'll be seaming together the last of Jan. In the meantime, I did a little more prep work: fabric cut This will be for the dress on the top right corner, minus the contrast fabric at the hem: M5380 Not that it's the right weather for white linen - we've been getting a LOT of rain. Brad and I will be going away for the weekend (he doesn't know where, so I'm not putting it here, in case he reads). I'm hoping that the weather is sunnier so I can wear a new dress to dinner. :)

Sleeve done

I knocked out a sleeve in class today (well, all but 10 rows or so which I finished up at home): right sleeve Just the right front to go (which has about an inch so far) and then I'm ready to block and seam the last two pieces! Which means its already time to start thinking about what else to knit. Seeing as it is clearly not spring yet (seriously, what's up with that?), I'm tempted to jump into Sahara. I'll be making the short sleeved version, but with Brooks Farm Four Play again (I know, two in a row!) Seems like it might be a good winter/spring project. Though I do have two sweaters worth of Rowan Cashsoft DK, which are allocated for Dew and another Kim Hargreaves rip-off, this time Fay. So many tough decisions!

Finally got up the nerve

I was pretty reluctant to pull Jan up from the blocking board. I wasn't really ready for the possibility that it might not be coming out how I wanted it to. I finally got up the nerve, though, and pinned together the back, left front, and left sleeve. When everything looked reasonable, I decided to go ahead and seam (a smarter person would baste first, but I got lucky this time): left side seamed I've tried it on, and I'm very pleased with it! The sleeve might need to be blocked out a little wider, but that's the only thing that's not perfect. I'm so ready to bang out the rest of the pieces. My handy spreadsheet tells me that the first sleeve and front took 11 hours, but that was with lots of ripping and re-knitting. Hopefully my notes are good enough (seriously, I really hope they are... if I can find them) and I can make a good dent in those pieces in class this weekend.

Plugging along with Jan

I knit the sleeve in two days, a couple of weeks ago, but the sleeve cap shaping didn't really work out. It took me weeks to fix it, just from pure laziness. And then it took another week to block the pieces so I can see how the left side of the sweater is working out so far: blocking Next step is to seam it all before starting with the next front and sleeve. So far, it looks good but I won't be able to tell for sure until I try it on. I'm kind of sad that I lost momentum for a while, but I'm hoping once the seaming is taken care of that I'll renew my excitement. :) Something I'm not excited about? "Spring." not spring I know I first learned about seasons in Hawaii (so clearly, just in the abstract) but I'm pretty sure Spring involved more sun and less snow. This was taken Wed afternoon, and it is definitely prettier today, but I'm really ready for sunnier days and bluer skies.

Flying by the seat of my pants

My efforts on Jan continue - first with a finished back: back blocked The back definitely grew to match the gauge of my swatch. So anyone making a sweater out of Brooks Farm Four Play - make sure to wash your swatch! I'm glad I trusted mine. With the back done and gauge verified, it was time to start the front: first failed front This one got ripped out. I tried Annie Modesitt's edging from the Backyard Leaves scarf, and it was pretty. However, it was too thick and didn't want to let my edge be zig zagged. I'll definitely use that edging again, though. I started over again just slipping the last stitch: second failed front Unfortunately, this front has to go too. My stitch count is constantly varying due to the zig zag edge, and it took me five repeats to figure out that I had one too many decreases per repeat. A quick chart change and I'll be off and running again - after I rip back most of this.

Not Marsha

I started on my next sweater, my version of Marsha by Kim Hargreaves. I'm calling mine Jan. I didn't want my sweater to be garter stitch (or pay for a kit when I already had yarn I wanted to use) so I interpreted the lace in my own swatch: swatch I've since made another swatch (with wool-ease) to work on the zig zag edging, but I forgot to take a picture of it before I took the batteries out of my camera to charge it. Not that interesting anyway. I cast on for the back, knit a hem facing with a purl turning row, and have just started the increases: back start My back measurements are coming out smaller than I planned for, but I only measured my washed swatch - I forgot to take a "before." Since this yarn (Brooks Farm Four Play) is 50% silk, some growth isn't surprising, so I'm trying to trust my swatch. Even though swatches lie and all. Anyway, this is coming with me to Stitches West and then San Diego (living on the edge - very strange for my primary project to be one I don't exactly have a pattern for). I'm looking forward to being back in the state where 62 degrees is "freezing." :)