Finished Jan

I finally finished up Jan: Pattern: My own copy of Kim Hargreaves Marsha Yarn: Brooks Farm Four Play, 3 skeins (NY 4P 100) Needles: US 7 Addi Turbos Date Started: February 21, 2007 Date Completed: May 8, 2007 Time: 7 hours for the back, 6 hours for the left front, 3.25 for the right front, [...]

Second block with Jan

I finally did it – I have to admit I almost forgot until I realized I had promised the blog. :P Jan blocked out easily to measurements – now I just have to wait for it to dry! I’m hopeful that the fit will be better and that I can do the last of the [...]

Last pieces blocking

I knocked out those last two pieces of Jan amid a weekend of classes and despite some paper writing (that I finished, yay!) Once those are dry, I’ll be seaming together the last of Jan. In the meantime, I did a little more prep work: This will be for the dress on the top right [...]

Sleeve done

I knocked out a sleeve in class today (well, all but 10 rows or so which I finished up at home): Just the right front to go (which has about an inch so far) and then I’m ready to block and seam the last two pieces! Which means its already time to start thinking about [...]

Finally got up the nerve

I was pretty reluctant to pull Jan up from the blocking board. I wasn’t really ready for the possibility that it might not be coming out how I wanted it to. I finally got up the nerve, though, and pinned together the back, left front, and left sleeve. When everything looked reasonable, I decided to [...]

Plugging along with Jan

I knit the sleeve in two days, a couple of weeks ago, but the sleeve cap shaping didn’t really work out. It took me weeks to fix it, just from pure laziness. And then it took another week to block the pieces so I can see how the left side of the sweater is working [...]

Flying by the seat of my pants

My efforts on Jan continue – first with a finished back: The back definitely grew to match the gauge of my swatch. So anyone making a sweater out of Brooks Farm Four Play – make sure to wash your swatch! I’m glad I trusted mine. With the back done and gauge verified, it was time [...]

Not Marsha

I started on my next sweater, my version of Marsha by Kim Hargreaves. I’m calling mine Jan. I didn’t want my sweater to be garter stitch (or pay for a kit when I already had yarn I wanted to use) so I interpreted the lace in my own swatch: I’ve since made another swatch (with [...]