Finished Krista

finished It's getting awfully cold around here, so I knew I had to hurry up and finish Krista before I lost the will to work with cotton at all. Once I ripped out the top of the front and back to adjust the shoulder shaping, finishing up was a breeze! I actually ended up designing and knitting my sleeves in class. Pattern: Krista from White Lies Designs Yarn: Jo Sharp Summer Soho in 219, less than 6 skeins Modifications: There were many. I definitely added length in the body, and instead of using a smaller needle at the waist, I included waist decreases and increases. I had to redo the shoulder shaping to make room in the shoulders. I also did a 3/4 length sleeve instead of a cap sleeve - I tried for a slight bell in the lace by knitting a larger lace cuff, then going down to the correct sleeve size, but the effect is a little more subtle than I was going for (I thought I'd err on the side of caution). Also, I knit the body in the round instead of flat - rather than omit the two stitches for the the front and two for the back (for seaming) I had to omit four from each, as it turns out the lace wasn't written to be continuous. I like my lace continuous. :) Oh, and my gauge was smaller, so I had to knit a larger size. I think that's about it. :) Needles: US 8 Addi Turbos and Brittany DPNs (9s in both for casting on) Date Started: May 27, 2006 Date Completed: October 23, 2006 Time: 19.75 hours for the body, 4.25 hours for the first sleeve, 3.5 hours for the second sleeve, 1.5 hours for finishing (total 29) You can see the waist shaping better in this picture: finished2

Krista blocking

I made a big final push, after realizing that I definitely didn't want to keep three sweaters on the needles (Krista, Gatsby Girl, and the Phildar Cabled Hoodie from last year). I knew if I didn't hurry up and finish up with the cotton, I wouldn't want to do it until spring. So, I worked both sleeves in class this past weekend, and by the blogger meetup on Saturday night at Rhinebeck, I was seaming my first sleeve and ready to start the cap shaping on the second. Just a little more knitting and seaming, and many, many ends to weave in later, I have Krista blocking. It took much longer for me to work up to ripping and reworking the top with more room in the shoulders than it did to actually knit it up. blocking

The truth about Krista

pre-rip Wow, the carpet needs vacuuming (right by the back door, the only place I have a shot at natural light, but the color in this photo is really bad). The back spans about 11." My shoulders are definitely wider than that. So, I'm trying to figure out my best plan of attack. I can decrease less at the armholes, which I'm going to do, but I also think I have to increase again at the shoulders, like I did with Rosita. Thankfully you can do that without really affecting the way your sleeve fits in (though that's not true of reducing the decreases at the armholes, so I have to be careful with that). It might be too obvious with the strong vertical pattern though - I need to sit down and do a little math. I with Marisa or Miyon were around to rip for me - it's somehow a lot easier to have someone else go after three hours of work than to do it yourself. Though when you think about it, I've ripped out worse... like those Happy Crunchy socks, for instance. Luckily the knitting issues aren't affecting Leilani's ability to be ridiculously cute: cutie

Busy weekend

First, I finished my first Happy Sock Saturday morning. first sock done I had actually gotten up to the kitchener while at work happy hour on Friday, except it turned out that I messed up the toe. So then I had to reknit that, and then I messed up the kitchener. This sock took a good hour more than it should have. I did cast on for the second, and it went with me and Brad to Portsmouth on Sunday to watch my sister race in the Portsmouth Criterium. We started off at the Portsmouth Brewery, where we tried the sampler. sock beer I think the sock was a little intimidated. Then I actually got a lot done while watching the race: sock racing There is some ridiculous amount of laps for 45 minutes or so, so it was knit, knit, knit, hear the pace car honking, cheer loudly, knit and repeat. Pretty fun. :) We got back home too late for me to make it to KnitSmiths, but it was a good thing, as I really needed to do some homework. That whole responsibility thing kinda sucks. :P I had made a lot of progress on Krista on Friday night, and then figured out that I basically have to rip it all out (everything I did on Friday). The top just won't accommodate my shoulders with sleeves, so it's either make Krista a tank, or rip back to the armhole split. More on that later, but for now, at least someone still loves Krista: LaniKrista

Krista progress

I know I've been silent, but I've been taking some time this week to just relax and study. While it means I haven't been blogging much, I have been knitting: body Despite some really rough progress on Krista at KnitSmiths this week, I pressed on, and am now ready to split for the armholes. It's gotten a lot colder here, and I've noticed some red leaves here and there, so I'm definitely overdue on this cotton lacy sweater. Marisa and I are going to start Gatsby Girl on Sunday, so I want to get as much done on this before then as I can. Even though I won't be able to wear it with a camisole without something over it, Krista can still get some fall wear with a cardigan. If I just hurry up and finish it already, that is. :)

Krista progress

I started Krista quite a while ago, back in San Diego, but I don't think I ever posted a picture. Krista, just to refresh everyone's memory, is a White Lies Design pattern and can be seen here. I'm knitting it with Jo Sharp Summer Soho that I got from WEBS for some ridiculously low price back in October. I didn't like the yarn at the specified gauge, so I'm knitting a larger size with a smaller gauge. I put half of the stitches on another needle to try it on, and I figured that it was a good time to take a picture: krista Not a bad start considering how little I've worked on it. I was a little worried that it was coming out too big, and it would be if it weren't for the fact that a camisole has to be worn under it. With the extra layer, I think the size is coming out fine. Seeing as it's almost the end of July, and I have no summer knit tops yet this year, I'm hoping that I can speed up the progress on this one.