Finished Lace Accent Tank

I finished this up last month, but am a little behind in posting (clearly!) front back Pattern: Lace Accent Tank by Veronik Avery Modifications: Rather than making pieces separately, I knit the lace insert and then picked up stitches for the top and bottom front. Needles: US 6 Addi Turbos Yarn: 2.5 skeins of Tahki Laguna 2000 in 6405 Date Started: July 1, 2007 Date Completed: August 27, 2007 Time: 5.75 hours for the back, 5.5 hours for the lace insert, 5.5 hours for the top front, 3.5 hours for the bottom front, and 1 hour for finishing, for a total of 21.5 hours.

Lazy blogger

Wow, it has been a kind of weak blogging month. I didn't mean to take a week off, but taking full advantage of restaurant week, plus school, home improvement, and knitting social engagements hasn't given me a lot of time to blog. I went to the Fiber Revival with Carrie (my new co-worker) and I have no pictures. Zero. I took a picture of our haul in the back of the car, and because of my lousy photography skills, the entire thing is in shadow. But, we did a yarn crawl on the way up and back, and we had a ton of fun. I should definitely post some pics of my purchases, but if I waited to do that, it will be another week before I get around to it. :P The lace accent tank is plugging along. I really need to get this done so I can start on Rhinebeck stuff, but the same schedule that has me being a bad blogger has me low on knitting time as well. I'm almost done with the upper part of the front, then I'll be picking up stitches and knitting the lower half: lace accent tank Lani went to Knitsmiths this weekend (she's been a few times before). Carol saw the true value in her excessive kissiness and used her to spit splice: split splice

Lace Accent Tank

Despite what I said in the last post, I've been slightly apprehensive about the wing in Mystery Stole 3, and I found myself working hard on the Lace Accent Tank this weekend. I do want to complete this before starting on Rhinebeck stuff. I've finished the back, and am working on the lace insert. (To see a sample, scroll down in this post.) lace accent tank I need another 25" or so (the lace insert is also a sash in the back), and then its back to boring stockinette.

Lace Accent Tank

When Miyon was here in May, we went to WEBS (of course!) While we were all finished and two people were working on ringing us up and bagging, I looked around and saw an adorable tank top knitted as a sample. I found the blog of the WEBS employee that knit it up - scroll down to the lace accent tank. It's an Artful Yarns pattern, and it quickly made its way to the already ridiculous pile of purchases. I figured out that it would work well with Tahki Laguna 2000, a viscose/linen blend, that I picked up at the Yarn Lady bag sale last year (the green yarn in the pic): tahki laguna 2000 Sorry there's not an individual picture - I know I'm supposed to take them for Ravelry (I'm on as kriscrafts, but I haven't done much yet). I'm kind of not sure I want to go through the work of re-documenting the stash - I already have it inventoried, and I'm honestly not sure that I want the stash to be public anyway. I will be using Ravelry for the completed and queued projects for sure, but I haven't had the time yet. Anyway, I digress - I started the tank top on Sunday, but there's not much in the way to show yet (and the weather is not at all conducive to a picture today anyway). I thought I might get some done in San Diego (I leave this afternoon) despite having to work on the plane - but I did something bad yesterday. I had resisted the whole Mystery Stole 3 thing, but people have started finishing up the first clues, and they're pretty, and I have black zephyr and appropriate beads in my stash, and sign ups are closing tomorrow, and... well, I joined. So there's a cone of zephyr packed, which I hope to break out when knitting with Marisa on Saturday. Of course, then the second clue will already be out and I'll be behind and, well, you see where this is going, right? I'm trying to convince myself I don't have to keep up, but people have made it pretty clear that they don't believe I work like that. :P I'm not sure I disagree.