Finished Lizzy

Finished Pattern: Lizzy from Simply Noro Designer: Jane Elison Needles: US 9 Addi Turbos Yarn: 3.5 skeins of Noro Silver Thaw in 02 (100g skeins) Modifications: Added in waist shaping and a folded hem at the bottom edge. Lengthened sleeves to full length. Date Started: September 28, 2007 Date Completed: October 13, 2007 Time: 6.25 hours for the back, 3.5 hours for the left front, 3.75 hours for the right front, 4 hours for the left sleeve, 3.75 hours for the right sleeve, and 6.25 hours of finishing (including ruffles) for a total of 27.5 hours. Every time I get swept away by the beautiful Noro colors, I am again reminded why knitting with the yarn drives me nuts - I had a minimum of 2 knots in every 100g skein, and as many to 4 or 5. Very frustrating when they joined in a different area of the repeat, mildly annoying otherwise. I do love the result, though (but I will never try to match colors!)

Two Rhinebeck sweaters

blocking I actually finished seaming Lizzy in class on Saturday, and sewing the buttons on for the Tangled Yoke cardigan on Monday. I've been really bad about progress posts - Lizzy wasn't all that interesting, but I did take a bunch of pictures from when I had to cut off a sleeve of the Tangled Yoke cardigan and then graft it back on. Hopefully I can get enough sun to get some FO shots (especially helpful for those who have me on their Rhinebeck bingo cards) - I'll try to catch up with some of the progress info at the same time. I thought blocking would be easy - in the past, I've filled my washer with water, let things soak, and then spin them out, dry flat. It turns out that my new high efficiency washer won't actually fill with water, or at least it doesn't do it anywhere close to the front of the cycle. We gave up trying and just soaked in the sink and then spun out in the washer. Marisa arrives tomorrow night! Then Rhinebeck! :)

A new sweater start

Tangled Yoke Cardigan was just too much to take with me this past weekend to school, and I have to admit, I kind of like the idea of TWO Rhinebeck sweaters (there are two days, you know). No one ever accused me of modest goals. Anyway, so I was pleasantly reminded of how much FASTER worsted weight yarn goes than, say, fingering weight, for a sweater. The new sweater is Lizzy from Naturally Noro in Silver Thaw: finished back left front start Not bad for two days, huh? Today we're off for the Deerfield Fair (sheep doggies!). I'm going to try to join the Tangled Yoke cardigan in the car ride over. Wish me luck!