Pattern: Madeleine, by Marta Yarn: Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton 203, a little under 6 skeins Modifications: Collar modifications like Colleen’s, altered numbers to fit own measurements. Needles: US 4 Addi Turbos Date Started: July 19, 2005 Date Completed: August 15, 2005 Time: 13.5 hours for the back, 12 hours for the front, 1.25 for the [...]


Work is challenging these days. Deadlines are coming hard and fast, and I work with Wally from Dilbert. Bad day at work yesterday. I went to spin class, which was the beginning of the improvement for the day. It was great as usual, though Raven, my absolutely favorite spin instructor ever, announced she is moving. [...]

Desperate times

I’m working more than usual these days. This isn’t the end of the world, as this is the first project that I’ve worked on that they actually pay for overtime (I’m salaried). Still, it’s difficult for me to find as much time to do what I need to do, which is to continue to exercise [...]

Halfway with Madeleine

Well, not quite halfway when you figure in a collar, but here’s the finished back: I’m going to hold off on blocking until the entire top is complete. The cables are much prettier when opened up, but it should do that naturally when I wear it. I’ll only block them out if the top is [...]

Speed racer

After all of the work on Rosita with US2 needles, knitting with US4 needles for Madeleine feels like such an improvement. Of course, 2×2 cabled ribbing goes a lot faster than a 28 row, 24 stitch lace repeat. This is fabulous class knitting, and I love how there’s noticeable progress after three hours (total time [...]

Real Madeleine Progress

After two unsuccessful class sessions with Madeleine, I finally have something to show. I’m so in love with the wool cotton. Knitting this is just wonderful. The very cool thing is that after class, a woman came up to me and asked if cabling was hard. I noticed her watching me in class, but that’s [...]

State of Madeleine

Just a little sad: In class, I knit up to the first cable repeat. Then, I decided that I really wasn’t happy with the look of the tubular cast on with this yarn. I determined that the problem wasn’t the particular technique, but the crossing over of stitches that must be done to achieve a [...]

What’s that smell?

Oh, that would be me, with the Bengay. Let’s just say there was a flaw in my gym plan where I went to Raven’s spin class Monday and Wednesday, and did PiYo and lifted legs on Tuesday. Walking today is a bit of a challenge. Subsequent weeks will have Tuesday as an off day as [...]

Madeleine Swatch

I took a break from Rosita (well, I knit for 45 minutes on it) to knit the swatch for Madeleine. I’d like to have it cast on for my first day of class tomorrow. I have to tell you – I really like the wool cotton (I’m using Debbie Bliss, not Rowan). It’s a little [...]