Finished Manhattan

Manhattan Pattern: Manhattan from Noro: Pure Modifications: Stairstepped the shoulders, used 3 needle bind-off. The increases for the sleeves were too abrupt, which I adjusted for in seaming. Needles: US 7 and 6 Addi Turbos (6 for ribbing), US 4 for neckline Yarn: 9.5 skeins of Noro Cashmere Island in 14 Date Started: December 3, 2008 Date Completed: December 29, 2008 Time: 8.5 hours for the back, 3.75 hours for the left front, 4 hours for the right front, 5 hours for the first sleeve, 5.5 hours for the second sleeve, 4.5 hours for finishing for a total of 31.25 hours. NaKniSweMoDo - bring it!

Manhattan progress

The right front is done, the fronts attached with 3-needle bind off, and the body is blocking: Body blocking In all of my Noro zen, I didn't realize that the tops of the fronts actually match. Oops. :P I'm actually almost done with the first sleeve, so I'm on track for having this done before the end of the year. Lani has continues her love of purses (not staged at all, I promise): purse love We got dumped on last night, and unfortunately, do not have video of the hilarious moment (so I'm told, since I missed it too) when Lani got stuck on the steps to the backyard. Here's random cuteness in the snow, though - every year she seems to be more accepting of the weather here.

And the knitting continues

We dodged the ice storm, so not only are there no trees down in my area (thank goodness), I haven't felt the air of superiority when our generator gives us electricity when the block has none. Seriously, though, we're very lucky - all we got was a lot of rain. My co-worker who rented out our basement apartment before buying a house is now without electricity until at least Monday, but for as many as 10 days after that. His backup house (his parents) for the three Labradors he has are also without electricity, so we might have some temporary tenants (many of the four legged variety) here for a little while. Lani will either be mildly annoyed or not notice at all since she'd only actually run into them in the yard. I've finished up the Boteh scarf, so now it's in the queue of "things that need to be blocked." This is a stupid long queue, and I really intend to do something about that this week. Tomorrow is for gym setup, though - the box of gym floor tiles is sitting right behind me (they were delayed a day due to the storm). Tonight is my work holiday party, so not a good time to be crawling around in my basement, so tomorrow it is. It's kind of sad how much fun I have getting ready for this party, but it's my only real dress-up time all year. I have to say, the only thing I miss about Brad being in the Navy are the submarine balls. Anyway, the left front of Manhattan is done: Left front I'm about half-way into the right as well. Not bad, huh?

Manhattan back finished

back Progress is being made - I finished the back of Manhattan. I still have a list of things that have to be blocked - there are way more WIPs on Ravelry than are actually currently being worked. I haven't even cast on for another pair of socks - the Boteh scarf (almost finished) has been taking the place of my usual purse socks.

New starts

I started the Boteh scarf (Rav link) on Monday, and have been kind of obsessed ever since: Lani scarf It's already Lani sized - and it actually goes well with her, too. :P Using Claudia's Handpainted in Blueberry Toast. Of course, this isn't on my list of goals. :P I've also started a sweater - Manhattan from Pure Noro. (Rav link). I'm using Noro Cashmere Island in 14. Back start And finally, I scored some gym equipment on Craigslist last night - Olympic bar and plates, and bench/bar rack/preacher curl/leg extension set-up. It was one of the weirdest Craigslist experiences so far - our best guess is this guy (who I'm only assuming is 16 because he said he had a job, otherwise I would have said 14) was told by his rich parents to get rid of the equipment, and that he could keep whatever he got. There were some dumbbells lying around, and we asked if he wanted to sell those (with the rack he had for them). He said sure, and then he was struggling to come up with a price, and I offered him the only $20 extra that I had with me, and he took it with great enthusiasm. Made me sorry I didn't have smaller bills. Anyway, we got everything for between 20-25% of what it was actually worth, which made me feel like I was stealing from a child, but this child also lied on the listing (said everything was a month old, which it clearly wasn't from the dust level, but it was all in the barely used condition promised), so whatever. But seriously, would you let your teenager deal with Craigslist people unattended? I wouldn't dream of going without Brad. Anyway, we have some cleaning, laying down of rubber flooring, and set-up to do, but then there will be pictures of my pretty awesome home gym. :)