Finished Mrs. Darcy

I finished this quite a while ago, and never got a picture on me. It's just too hot to get an FO pic, so rather than skipping it, I'm going to cheat and do a flat one until winter. :) Finished Mrs. Darcy Pattern: Mrs. Darcy by Mary Weaver Modifications: I had to wing some stuff - the pattern isn't error free, so follow the designer's advice and go with your instinct. One thing I should have done was twist the purl stitches on the wrong side of the twisted rib. As written, only right side rows are twisted (the knit stitch). Needles: US 9 Addi Turbos Yarn: 3 skeins of Foxfiber and Designs Cormo and Alpaca Classic Date Started: January 6, 2008 Date Completed: February 16, 2008 Time: 3.75 hours for the back, 3.25 hours for the right front, 1.5 hours for the left front, 3 hours for the first sleeve, 2.5 hours for the second sleeve, and 2.75 hours of finishing for a total of 16.75 hours.

Mrs Darcy

First, I'm happy to report that Brad and I both tested negative for leptospirosis (aka around our house as "dog cooties.") Also, Lani is still enjoying her treatment, and has taken to hanging out in the kitchen, in the hopes that we'll pass through and think "interesting... there is a dog in close proximity to the place where we keep the peanut butter. Perhaps I should give her some, since she's in the area." She's got over four weeks of twice a day pills left, so there will be lots of peanut butter in her future. Krisomnia has returned. Unfortunately, rather than knit with the extra time I had this morning, I worked. I am a giant ball of stress at this point. My section lead is aware of the situation (including my school load, as he's actually in my program as well), and we're working to try to get me down to one full-time job, rather than two. Heck, 1.5 would be an improvement. Anyway, some knitting happened at some point - I'm not really sure when I finished knitting the pieces of Mrs. Darcy (two weeks ago?) but the pieces have been lounging on my blocking board for a bit: blocking I didn't block things out severely. This yarn (Cormo-Alpaca from Foxfire Fiber) has got some bloom to it, and I wanted to see what it would do on it's own (plus I was lazy). Also, the only waist shaping is the ribbing at the waist, so I didn't want to risk blocking that shaping out. I still have to seam and crochet, and I have no idea when I'll do that. I have to prepare for a program review for my third project Monday afternoon, and it would be entirely naive of me to think that I will have a moment to accomplish the preparation Monday morning, so I'll have to find time to do that this weekend after school or something.