Finished Pansy

Finished This pattern is my interpretation of the picture of Scarlett. (I decided to wing it to save $18). I'm calling it Pansy because that was the original name of Scarlett O'Hara's character before Gone With the Wind was published. I used the basic idea (cardigan that was stockinette on the bottom and 1x1 rib on the top), but added finishing details like folded hems, and folded button bands/neckband. I would have bought the book if I wasn't going to change half of the sweater, or if I had liked multiple items (like Noro Knits), but since I didn't.... I decided against waist shaping as I thought it might be weird on an open hanging tunic type garment. After the fact, I'm not sure if it would improve the hang or not, but I wouldn't rule it out so readily. I had also decided on sturdy button bands to eliminate the gaping shown in the original pattern, but it gaped anyway (a band issue, not a sizing problem). Solution - sew it all closed. After having actually knit this sweater, I can tell you that it would be horrible without all the buttons buttoned. So, it's a pullover now, kind of. Also, the neckline was a little loose, but I just ran yarn in the inside of the fold and tightened it up a tad. All in all, a successful knit. Needles: Addi Turbos US 8 for the stockinette, US 7 for the ribbing Date started: July 18, 2006 Date finished: August 31, 2008 Time: 12.5 hours for the back, 5 hours for the left front, 5.5 hours for the first sleeve, 4.75 hours for the second sleeve, 4.75 hours for the right front. 9.5 hours for finishing, for a total of 42 hours.

Unlucky with business travel

This is where Pansy was before I left: Pansy I left early on Tuesday for a day meeting in the BWI area, then went back to the airport to go to FL. Lucky me got stranded in Atlanta*, after many hours just kind of hanging out in the airplane (not in the air). I just have to say, I have a different idea of what a software "glitch" is than the rest of the world, apparently. This is a failure, in my opinion. So I spent the night in an Atlanta hotel (completely missed dinner), and arrived in FL 1.5 hours late for my meeting on Wed. Jam packed day where we skipped lunch, but ended early enough due to people leaving to catch flights to visit an LYS. florida stash Then I had a couple of hours before a business dinner (first real meal in 48 hours), and knew that if I took a nap, I'd never get up. So I worked on Pansy, which was alarming like the couch in my Florida beach condo: Right front The view was nice, though I couldn't actually go on the balcony due to the heat/humidity: balcony And the morning was quiet and lovely: morning I got back to Boston late Thursday night, after a busy work morning and a thankfully uneventful trip home. I had finished the remaining pieces of Pansy, so it's all blocking now: blocking I am so, so, exhausted, and haven't really recovered yet. Luckily, I have a four day weekend (I took yesterday off), so I'm hoping to feel better by the time I have to go back to work on Tuesday. * Back when I lived in San Diego, and was cross-stitching on airplanes, not knitting, I got stranded in Denver on a business trip. The radar went out at the Denver airport, so airplanes couldn't land. After lots of circling, they started diverting to other airports to refuel. By the time my plane did that, we had to go to Wichita. By the time we got back to Denver and landed, I had missed my San Diego flight (San Diego airport has a curfew). So not fun. Always travel with the necessities NOT in checked luggage (both times I got stranded, I hadn't checked anything). I have to say, even for trips that are supposed to be out and back in the same day, I'll bring some extra clothes and toiletries just in case.

Down to two projects on the needles

I still have to take FO pics of Ornette, but having finished it, I am down to two projects. Pansy and Firestarter socks. This means I'm making good progress on Pansy: finished back I'm also almost up to the armholes of the left front. I thought I would be on travel all week next week, so the lack of projects actually concerned me a bit, but half of my trip has been postponed, so I'll probably be okay. :) I'm still undecided on some pretty major knitting things, though. Ravelympics? Still undecided. Also, I know what I would knit (first steeked sweater, yarn arrived yesterday, but there's the small problem of the swatch being a sleeve), but what team? There are a zillion, though I guess none is an option as well. I might just sit this one out entirely. I'm also conflicted about Mystery Stole 4, even though I have a month left to decide.

Another day, another blood test

Back from the vet this afternoon, for another liver panel and a thyroid test for fun. Our internal medicine doctor is concerned about Lani's weight, which wasn't surprising to us, as we had just weighed her on my sister's scale a couple of days ago (she's got a baby scale for optimum cat weighing). Looks like we'll be supplementing Lani's diet with some boiled chicken, and checking in with my sister and her scale every week or so. If only her putting on a pound was as easy as it is for me. :P I worked from home yesterday, and when I completely lost my will do to anything (unsurprising after the week I've had), I discovered that Ravelry can now slurp images using a URL. I feel like I knew this existed, I just didn't know where, and hadn't bothered to look (when you add a picture to a project, there are now three different tabs for Flickr, something else, and image slurping). The only reason I even have a Flickr account is for Ravelry, and I kind of lost the urge to upload pics of past projects. So much easier now! I uploaded everything to 2005 sometime... I think that's probably as far as I'll go. I got as far back as my first sweater, and my first sock that is worth looking at, and I think that might be good enough. :) I finished up the Phildar Bolero last night, and started on Pansy. Pansy is actually my own interpretation of Scarlett from Noro Joy (cover sweater). I figured with the amount of adjustments I would have made from the original sweater (add a button band, folded hem), and the simplicity of the sweater itself, I was better off just doing it in my head rather than spending $18. :) I finished up the first ball of yarn: back start I got Noro Matsuri in color 3 - my first choice was 2, but I took advantage of the Little Knits sale, and 2 wasn't available. I'm glad now - I saw both in WEBS a couple days after I placed the order, and the palate is more limited with 3, which I think is a better balance for the brightness. I have to do more work, date night tonight, and then work and a work picnic tomorrow. Very exciting around these here parts, yes?

Closer to the Finish Line

I had all of the pieces of the Phildar Bolero blocking last weekend: Blocking Lani was of course her usual helpful self: Lani helping After seaming up, I figured out that the sleeves were just too big as written. Once wet blocked, this yarn (Phildar Canasta) relaxes into a lovely drapey fabric, but one that doesn't hold a rib firmly. The neck band stabalizes a lot of that 2x2 ribbing, but the sleeves were just too big. My fault for a) not wet blocking my swatch (I normally do, but I got lazy), b) not knitting one sleeve first and trying it out before knitting the second c) not basting the sleeve (I fully seamed it, then had to pick it out) d) I also didn't baste in the neck band, and found it too long, since it was in fact supposed to be holding the rib nicely (I had been basing the length by how long the pieces were, which was too relaxed). So I had to pick out that entire seam, rip back the band, and sew it back in. Again, I know better. I actually haven't minded any of this rework - some of it was preventable, sure, but honestly, it's just part of knitting. And I have to admit there's something great about problems that I can isolate, identify, and FIX. Which might not be exactly how work is going these days. :P Anyway, I reknit a sleeve, blocked it, and seamed it in. Declaring success, I have the second sleeve knit and blocking now: Sleeve Lani has already moved on to the next project - the yarn meets with her approval! (Noro Matsuri) Noro Yarn Speaking of Lani - she officially does NOT have Cushing's. Just to recap, we have ruled out cancer, hepatitis, and now Cushing's. Her glycolic levels in her liver are still too high, which is caused by something, but the only other obvious culprits are hyperthyroidism and diabetes, both of which she's been tested for. They're going to recheck her thyroid this weekend when we do a regular monitoring of her liver levels, but we might be just treating and monitoring her symptoms, and never really understand the underlying cause.