Finished Pansy

This pattern is my interpretation of the picture of Scarlett. (I decided to wing it to save $18). I’m calling it Pansy because that was the original name of Scarlett O’Hara’s character before Gone With the Wind was published. I used the basic idea (cardigan that was stockinette on the bottom and 1×1 rib on [...]

Unlucky with business travel

This is where Pansy was before I left: I left early on Tuesday for a day meeting in the BWI area, then went back to the airport to go to FL. Lucky me got stranded in Atlanta*, after many hours just kind of hanging out in the airplane (not in the air). I just have [...]

Down to two projects on the needles

I still have to take FO pics of Ornette, but having finished it, I am down to two projects. Pansy and Firestarter socks. This means I’m making good progress on Pansy: I’m also almost up to the armholes of the left front. I thought I would be on travel all week next week, so the [...]

Another day, another blood test

Back from the vet this afternoon, for another liver panel and a thyroid test for fun. Our internal medicine doctor is concerned about Lani’s weight, which wasn’t surprising to us, as we had just weighed her on my sister’s scale a couple of days ago (she’s got a baby scale for optimum cat weighing). Looks [...]

Closer to the Finish Line

I had all of the pieces of the Phildar Bolero blocking last weekend: Lani was of course her usual helpful self: After seaming up, I figured out that the sleeves were just too big as written. Once wet blocked, this yarn (Phildar Canasta) relaxes into a lovely drapey fabric, but one that doesn’t hold a [...]