Finished Phildar Bolero

Thanks for the birthday wishes, here, on Facebook, Ravelry, and on the phone. :) I had a good day - lovely lunch with some friends from work, and I got to use my new treadmill while Brad made me chicken pot pie from scratch (and of course there were chocolate delicacies for desert). My friends couldn't understand why my treadmill was in my plan for my birthday, but I have to say, it was great doing something good for my health while getting to be in the house I love. 29 has come with me being in the worst shape of my life, and I will fix that by 30. :) I debuted my new top on my birthday (and found the two minutes of sun during our thunderstorms yesterday to take pics): Finished Pattern: Bolero #464-T6-571 from Phildar #464 Modifications: Knit the sleeves a smaller size and redid the sleeve cap shaping. Since my row gauge was small, I knit a size up for the fronts (they are sideways). I knit just one long band instead of two as the pattern specified. I also added a band of horizontal ribbing (working back and forth, k1 row, p2 rows, k2 rows, etc) at the beginning of the back. I also tacked down the sleeve cuffs so I wouldn't have to mess with them while wearing the bolero. Needles: US 6 Addi Turbos Yarn: 6.5 skeins of Phildar Canasta in Neptune Date Started: July 4, 2008 Date Completed: July 18 2008 Time: 6.25 hours for the back, 3 hours for the right front, 2.5 hours for the left front, 4.75 hours for the first sleeve, 4.5 hours for the second (then another 2.75 hours for each of the sleeve re-knits), 3.25 hours for the collar, and 5.5 hours for finishing for a total of 35.25 hours

Closer to the Finish Line

I had all of the pieces of the Phildar Bolero blocking last weekend: Blocking Lani was of course her usual helpful self: Lani helping After seaming up, I figured out that the sleeves were just too big as written. Once wet blocked, this yarn (Phildar Canasta) relaxes into a lovely drapey fabric, but one that doesn't hold a rib firmly. The neck band stabalizes a lot of that 2x2 ribbing, but the sleeves were just too big. My fault for a) not wet blocking my swatch (I normally do, but I got lazy), b) not knitting one sleeve first and trying it out before knitting the second c) not basting the sleeve (I fully seamed it, then had to pick it out) d) I also didn't baste in the neck band, and found it too long, since it was in fact supposed to be holding the rib nicely (I had been basing the length by how long the pieces were, which was too relaxed). So I had to pick out that entire seam, rip back the band, and sew it back in. Again, I know better. I actually haven't minded any of this rework - some of it was preventable, sure, but honestly, it's just part of knitting. And I have to admit there's something great about problems that I can isolate, identify, and FIX. Which might not be exactly how work is going these days. :P Anyway, I reknit a sleeve, blocked it, and seamed it in. Declaring success, I have the second sleeve knit and blocking now: Sleeve Lani has already moved on to the next project - the yarn meets with her approval! (Noro Matsuri) Noro Yarn Speaking of Lani - she officially does NOT have Cushing's. Just to recap, we have ruled out cancer, hepatitis, and now Cushing's. Her glycolic levels in her liver are still too high, which is caused by something, but the only other obvious culprits are hyperthyroidism and diabetes, both of which she's been tested for. They're going to recheck her thyroid this weekend when we do a regular monitoring of her liver levels, but we might be just treating and monitoring her symptoms, and never really understand the underlying cause.

Phildar Bolero start

I went on a bit of a yarn binge last week (Little Knits, WEBS, then Sunshine Yarns) for some retail therapy, and now I need to lay off the stash building for a bit. :P The shoes, too, I need to lay off the shoes. That was in my whiny post that I didn't actually publish, and now since then, I have some things coming from Phildar and Bergere de France (seriously, have you seen this sweater? I must make that.) Anyway, hopefully now that my whole "seriously, I need to stop the yarn binge" is public, maybe I'll stick to it. This isn't unusual for me - normally when I'm all stressed out at work, I react this way (a quick trip through my archives yesterday gave me some insight on some of my patterns, as well as the realization that it was much easier to talk vaguely about software engineering than it is about my current project management and systems engineering duties). Also, I spent lunch yesterday adding things to my queue on Ravelry that I already had yarn for (and some not, but I digress), trying to make sure that every sweater option I have is represented. I was working off of an old email between me, Marisa, and Miyon, and there is one sweater I listed that I have no clue what I was talking about - something called Madeleine, and I was going to use my Zara for it (DK weight). Absolutely no clue what I meant. I've been doing well with the whole French knitting - another thing on my July goals was to knit a bolero from Phildar. I've translated the pattern, and finished up the back and fronts: Back fronts And of course, Lani found herself a new pillow: pillow I would be done with a sleeve too, but the sleeve cap shaping is not turning out well, so I need to redo the numbers on that myself.