Finished Phildar Cabled Hoodie

We braved the 13 degree weather this morning to bring you some FO pictures. Note the lack of 3 inches of snow that we were supposed to get last night - I'm going to stop watching the weather report. Totally useless. Anyway, the hoodie is done: front front hood back back hood Pattern: 21 from Phildar 397. I couldn't find the magazine, so I ordered the kit from Breiweb. Here's the original pattern photo. Yarn: Phildar Pegase in Ecru (30), 15.5 skeins Modifications: None besides the length added in the body and sleeves that I add to almost every sweater. Needles: US 7 Addi Turbos Date Started: December 24, 2005 Date Completed: January 30, 2007 Time: 16 hours for the back, 16.5 hours for the front, 21 hours for the sleeves, 7.5 hours for the hood, 2 hours for the ribbing band, and 9.25 hours for finishing (total 72.75) I'm so glad this sweater is done - I certainly worked hard for it! Because I couldn't find the magazine in French (though I just found out that Alison, who I didn't know at the time, has it), I bought the kit from Breiweb. In Dutch. Anyway, using the list on Breiweb of knitting terms, and an online translator (and some common sense) I got a workable version of the pattern. You might notice in the original picture (linked above) that the lower sleeves aren't really in the picture. That's one thing I would change - the sleeves are knit entirely straight. The cable pattern is surrounded by reverse stockinette, and I would have done increases to get to the final count. The sleeves are loose around the wrist. It's certainly not a big enough deal for me to rework anything, but useful to know if anyone else wants to knit this. Another thing - I knit the 34/36, but ordered the 38/40 kit, and I did need that extra skein of yarn that I had on hand by ordering a size up.

Nearing the finish line

The hood has been knit and blocked: blocking And all of the seaming is finished: seamed Notice I didn't say everything is finished... I have a gazillion ends to weave in, and I have to sew on the ribbed band (already knit) around the front split and hood. I plan to work on more of this incredibly boring and long finishing work at Knitsmiths today. I'm already looking ahead to the next sweater - I really like the Vogue Eyelet Blouse in the latest winter edition. I just happened to have the yarn called for on hand from a sale last year (and no specific plan for it!) I whipped up a quick swatch: swatch Of course, then I forgot what needles I used. I *think* it was a size 6, as I always start with the size higher than the pattern calls for, since I'm a consistently tight knitter. I'm debating if I should just re-swatch before washing, or if I know myself well enough to risk it (not knowing the needles for sure kind of defeats the purpose of a swatch, right?)

Phildar hoodie progress

I finished both sleeves to the cap, and knit one sleeve cap: sleeve cap The sleeve cap shaping and the cable work well together. Unfortunately, the sleeve is too long, which I discovered today when I seamed the shoulders and pinned in the one sleeve. Fortunately, 10 rows removed should do it, and that should give me the same slope of cable. Lani got comfortable on the sweater pieces: Lani And today in class (not knowing that I had to reknit the sleeve cap) I started on the hood: hood One repeat is done so far. I had a mini-crisis because I had spent the morning finishing up my first Winter's Eve sock. My hands were a little red, but after washing my hands several times, I figured it was okay. Unfortunately, the first inch or so of the hood was distinctly pink. I washed the piece when I got home, and all seems to be well now.

New year, old sweater

I put down the Phildar Cabled Hoodie early last year due to it just being too hot to continue knitting it. Once I completed Gatsby Girl, I picked it up again, and powered through the front. front I was on a roll, not to mention enjoying the Law and Order Criminal Intent marathon on Saturday, and the SVU marathon on Sunday (brought to me commercial free by my DVR), so I have made great progress on the sleeves: sleeves I decided to do two sleeves at a time so I knit each row of the chart twice in a row, therefore hopefully speeding me up. Of course, at this point I'm barely looking at the chart, so all I've really done is made my sleeve progress kind of demoralizing. I'm sure I'll feel better about it when I realize that I don't have to knit another sleeve later, though (just a hood!) I have 24 cm after the cuff done, and the pattern calls for 39 cm. I have long arms, though, so I imagine I'll have to knit a bit more than that - I'm trying not to think about it too much and just enjoy the cabling. :)

Leisurely Sunday

Man, do I need this. Work reached very bad levels on Friday, but then I was instructed to leave, to not answer my phone over the weekend, and to not come back until Monday the 13th (I'll be on travel next week). I'm very appreciative that someone in a position to tell me to leave noticed that we are all at the end of our ropes. That means I got this weekend off, and I'll get my three day weekend next weekend. I'll take it! It's sad that I'm so excited to go on travel purely because I'll be away from the office for a week. The funny thing is that I forgot my coffee cup in my office (which is locked, so I can't have someone grab it for me) and I desperately needed it for next week (I'm bringing my own coffee to brew in my room). It was a really nice cup from Starbucks that my sister got me, very well insulated and stainless steel. I was trying to figure out how to sneak into my office to get it without anyone seeing me, and Brad suggested I just go and buy another one. These are $20, so it's not like buying toothpaste you forgot on a trip. I did anyway and am right now enjoying my coffee from it - still hot after two hours. :) I'm sure Brad will inherit it after this trip, as it's definitely better at keeping coffee warm than the one he has from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Yesterday, I met up with Marisa and Miyon to see Pride and Prejudice, which was enjoying a brief revisit to theaters due to the award nods. Of course, brief actually meant "really brief," as they took it out again on Thursday. We had lunch, and I mentioned that I desperately needed to go shopping. I tore my one pair of dress pants on my last business trip, slipping on ice in the parking lot. I have quite a few nice skirts for times I need businesslike attire (like trips - I wear jeans every day in my office). However, when we were at Miramar College for Lunar New Year last Sunday, I slipped on some gravel, fell off a curb, and as a result, have the most disgusting bruises on my knees. No skirts for me this week. So I needed dress pants. Marisa mentioned that Robinson's May is having their liquidation sales now (they were bought out by Macy's), so we headed over there after lunch. An entire department store 30% off... I did get enough clothes for my week (and one skirt that I can't wear this second due to the bruises, but was too nice and inexpensive to pass up). I also got two pairs of Nine West shoes (I'm such a sucker for Nine West - all of the clothes except for the skirt were Nine West too). Love the shoes. Oh, and I got a purse (also Nine West). Miyon got the same purse in a different color (kind of - hers is tan and mine is brown), so now we have to check with each other before going to knitting events. :P Speaking of knitting events, I'll be headed off to one this afternoon. I think I'll start on the front of my Phildar Cabled Hoodie, as I finished the back yesterday: back I was going to just string the front of this on waste yarn when I switched to Sam on Friday for the Olympics (they both need US 7s), but my sister reminded me that I have my Denises, and it's a lot easier to move the knitting to those. Duh! This is good, since I want to take the front with me on my trip despite my desire to keep my Addis free. I'll also be taking River on my trip as well as both pairs of socks going right now (Log Cabin and Waving Lace). I'm riding with one of my co-workers to Huntington Beach (I don't trust my car anymore, and would rather not drive long distances alone). This of course means more knitting time. :) Speaking of Sam, we played "match the dyelot" yesterday in the sun, and couldn't figure out which skeins of Bubblegum Cotton Ease went with which. I'm taking this as good sign, and will not be knitting every other row from different skeins. I will keep the dyelot that I have the most of for the fronts and the sleeves, and do most of the mixing on the back and the collar.

WIP report

I guess I got more done than I thought I did - the catch is that I didn't get anything else done... like laundry, sewing projects, etc. But, I have the first Log Cabin sock: log cabin sock For the record, a men's size 13 sock knit at 5 spi takes just as long as a women's size 8 1/2 knit at 7-8 spi. I'm just saying. When I knit my version of these, I'll knit the plain ribbing at the top with a smaller needle. It's not a big deal, but since the cabling tightens up the ribbing everywhere else, the cuff is actually the loosest place, and it could be a little snugger. I'm three repeats into my sister's River, in Liqueur. This picture is washed out in color (no natural light at all today). River I'm also three repeats into the Phildar Cabled Hoodie. These are pretty long repeats, though, 40 rows. I need to learn to be able to put it down in the middle of a repeat (I use a row counter - I don't know what my problem is, it's not like I'd have to find my place again). It takes 3.5 - 4 hours per repeat, so those are large chunks of time if I keep on knitting this one repeat at a time. hoodie back I started on the second Waving Lace sock, and it's all ready for purse knitting. waving lace sock Of course, it will have to fight my Jaywalker sock for the purse space - Lorna's Laces in Watercolors did the trick! Pretty striping! jaywalkers

Lots of catching up to do

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. :) My father came down on Friday to spend Christmas with us. I had promised him that I would try to make Molasses Oat Bran Bread, something we had at Black Angus. Here's my attempt: bread Not quite as good as the restaurant, but yummy. I also made Maple Nut Scones: scones I highly recommend these - they're better than the peanut butter chocolate scones I made at Thanksgiving. I also made the usual chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin chiffon pies. Very good, and it was somewhat of a relief to go back to the gym today for spin class. The saga of my Hard Rock jaywalkers is still going on. This picture is from Saturday, and shows two attempts. The top is another try at the smaller size (6 stitches between increases and decreases) on Addi Turbos US 1, except I messed up the stitch count AGAIN and couldn't proceed into the pattern. The bottom is the same smaller size on Addi Turbos US 2. restart Nasty pooling again. So after 6 hours, 45 minutes, this is what I had: rewound So then I tried with the Brittany US 2s (which is actually smack in between Addi Turbos US 1 and 2 - I think I'm going to start using metric sizes, as this is stupid). I also retried with the US 1 Addi Turbos with the right number of stitches. So now after 9 hours, 45 minutes, this is what I have: restart 2 I don't like the swirling pool on the Brittany needles. The striping on the Addi Turbos US 1 is perfect, but alas, it's already hard to get over my heel, and I'm positive that it will get worse the longer the cuff gets. So my options are as follows: 1) Use Lorna's Laces Watercolors for the Jaywalkers - there's a reasonable chance it will work, as there was bad pooling on a 64 stitch pattern, but on a 76 stitch pattern will undoubtedly look different. Hard Rock would then be used for boring stockinette socks. 2) Try out the new Socks that Rock that Cara sent me (thanks Cara!) for Jaywalkers. Hard Rock still used for boring stockinette socks in this scenario. No guarantee that this colorway will play nice with me with the Jaywalker pattern. alina 3) Walk away from all of this for a while so I can love knitting again. I do have good knitting news, though. I started the Phildar Cabled Hoodie, and this is what I have so far: back start I love this so far. Yummy cables! Now I just have random photos... here's one of my gifts from my sister, yummy Fleece Artist sock yarn in the best colors ever, purple, teal, and blue. fleece artist I love it so. I immediately ordered the Diamond Fantasy Shawl pattern, but it turns out that they mail it to you, instead of sending a pdf, so I have to wait. :P I also ordered our ornament for this year. I originally was going to do a Monsterbubbles ornament from the Just Cross Stitch 2004 Ornament issue which was a palm tree Christmas scene (just to symbolize sunny CA), but then it turned out that it was stitched one over one, which means this ornament would take 30+ hours. No thanks. I kind of panicked, and we decided that grapes would be good, to stick with the CA theme, as well as our new found wine snobbery (okay, not real snobbery, but we like to pretend). My dad found this for me: vintage grapes I won't be able to finish it before the new year, but I feel better than I now have a plan. :) Finally, Leilani enjoying my dad by sleeping on his legs in a position that doesn't look like it could possibly be comfortable: sleeping Also, yesterday we went to Torrey Pines Gliderport so my dad could cash in his certificate for a tandem paragliding ride that my sister and I got him for Father's Day/Birthday last June. The wind wasn't good enough to take anyone larger than a child on tandem, so he didn't get to go, but doesn't it look like fun? paraglider