Finished Phildar Cabled Hoodie

We braved the 13 degree weather this morning to bring you some FO pictures. Note the lack of 3 inches of snow that we were supposed to get last night – I’m going to stop watching the weather report. Totally useless. Anyway, the hoodie is done: Pattern: 21 from Phildar 397. I couldn’t find the [...]

Nearing the finish line

The hood has been knit and blocked: And all of the seaming is finished: Notice I didn’t say everything is finished… I have a gazillion ends to weave in, and I have to sew on the ribbed band (already knit) around the front split and hood. I plan to work on more of this incredibly [...]

Phildar hoodie progress

I finished both sleeves to the cap, and knit one sleeve cap: The sleeve cap shaping and the cable work well together. Unfortunately, the sleeve is too long, which I discovered today when I seamed the shoulders and pinned in the one sleeve. Fortunately, 10 rows removed should do it, and that should give me [...]

New year, old sweater

I put down the Phildar Cabled Hoodie early last year due to it just being too hot to continue knitting it. Once I completed Gatsby Girl, I picked it up again, and powered through the front. I was on a roll, not to mention enjoying the Law and Order Criminal Intent marathon on Saturday, and [...]

Leisurely Sunday

Man, do I need this. Work reached very bad levels on Friday, but then I was instructed to leave, to not answer my phone over the weekend, and to not come back until Monday the 13th (I’ll be on travel next week). I’m very appreciative that someone in a position to tell me to leave [...]

WIP report

I guess I got more done than I thought I did – the catch is that I didn’t get anything else done… like laundry, sewing projects, etc. But, I have the first Log Cabin sock: For the record, a men’s size 13 sock knit at 5 spi takes just as long as a women’s size [...]

Lots of catching up to do

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. :) My father came down on Friday to spend Christmas with us. I had promised him that I would try to make Molasses Oat Bran Bread, something we had at Black Angus. Here’s my attempt: Not quite as good as the restaurant, but yummy. I also made Maple [...]