Finished Phildar Ribbon Cardi

Yup, it's another finish for the weekend. I guess you can tell how I used my three days. :) Phildar Ribbon Cardi Pattern: Phildar Ruban Cardigan, Phildar Ete 2004 Yarn: Jaeger Albany in Icy Mauve Needles: US 9 Addi Naturas Started: May 1, 2005 Completed: May 30, 2005 Time: 30.5 hours of knitting, 6.5 hours of finishing It's nice, when going in to work for a day that will surely be lousy, to be wearing something you knit yourself. Not that anyone at work will notice, despite the fact that many of them saw me knit parts of it, but that's what happens when you work with engineers. Not the most observant folk when it comes to clothes. I finished knitting the last piece of Carla last night. I almost cried at the thought of starting seaming again, though, especially since Carla promises to be tough to sew together. Seaming up the ribbon cardigan and making the darned cord felt like forever. I think Carla seaming will be put off until next weekend. I didn't really finish anything all month, but seem to be ending on a good note. :)

Why being a daily poster can be bad

Yesterday morning, I got up bright and early to attend a work-sponsored community service event, Adopt a Block. Basic premise is that you're beatifying an entire area, with well over a thousand volunteers. People were assigned projects like weed clearing and painting. We got to deal with the weeds, and I was definitely getting a workout carrying huge giant bags of weeds up to the dumpster. Thus, no swimming. Anyway, all of the morning activity was followed by lunch and a beer at the local Red Robin, and I was driving home at about 2 pm. My phone rang - it was my sister, worried that something was wrong because I hadn't posted yet. She didn't actually have time to talk; she just wanted to check up on me. Of course, I was exhausted, took a three hour nap on the couch, and yesterday's blog entry was very, very late (I didn't post until I was finished re-knitting the Phildar Ribbon Cardi fronts). Speaking of, here are the fronts and the back blocking: fronts and back Once all of that is dry, I'll be seaming and finishing. I can't wait to wear this top! My armhole measurements seem to be correct now - it took me four hours to fix the fronts. I enjoyed it though, since the neck detailing was the best part of the knitting experience! I'll be knitting Carla today - I've been really sucking with my Cotton Tape Knit Along participation. I hope to make some of that up today. Oh, and do laundry. Fun. Leilani went to the vet on Friday - she got her teeth cleaned. They have to put dogs and cats under general anesthesia for teeth cleaning, so they returned her to me super dopey. Here she is all drugged up - she's not even blinking for the flash, that's how her eyes were. The protruding tongue cracks me up. The nice thing is that she let me hold her for two hours while she slept - she normally doesn't want to be held that long, but she either appreciates the reassurance when she's out of it, or she was too out of it to protest. drugged Lani She has to take antibiotics now, but unlike last time, she hasn't realized that the peanut butter is covering a pill, so medicating her has been easy.

A lifeline is a good thing

Yesterday I started on the Flower Basket Shawl from Interweave Knits Fall 2004 (after I studied all day, I swear - I did every single practice problem that my professor recommended). Anyway, I got to midway through the second lower repeat, and messed up. Tinking didn't get me to my mistake (I was still a stitch short after tinking back two rows), so I took it off the needles and ripped back. Getting it all back was challenging and frustrating, and now I know my lesson. I put in a lifeline now that everything is back the way it's supposed to be (at the end of the first repeat) and I'll keep on moving it throughout the shawl. I love the yarn, but it doesn't frog well at all (Fleece Artist Kid Silk). This shawl will be a Christmas present for my mother-in-law. FBS Nice lace blob, huh? I am blocking the fronts of the Phildar Ribbon Cardi. Marisa and Erika assured me that the length looked fine. I believed them, but my sleeve shaping is definitely longer than it should be, so I might have to rip back regardless to shorten that (it is that long to fit in the cable pattern - to shorten it, I'd have to start the armhole shaping after I start the cable pattern). When the fronts are dry, I'll try them against the sleeves to see how it is. Phildar Ribbon Cardi fronts I'm almost to the point in the back where this any changes I make to the front are relevant. (I knit 26 rows on Saturday, just while waiting for things). Phildar Ribbon Cardi back Hopefully I can figure out all of the length issues this weekend - in the meantime, I can start on Carla again, as I got the needles from Marisa that I needed. Well, that and take my final exam on Wednesday - there probably won't be much knitting until Thursday.

Just a little bit of knitting

I worked on my stats project for most of the day. I still have some report writing to do, but I'm definitely on the home stretch. I got more work done on the Phildar Ribbon Cardi. I started the leaf detailing on the neck, which is really fun. :) I have 26 rows of leafiness left to go, and then the fronts are pretty much done. I have to admit the back looks like it will be really boring after this, but I'm feeling really project monogamous these days. Wrong timing, though - today is the kick-off to the Cotton Tape Along. I have the Carla stuff in my purse (the fronts of the cardi aren't really portable at this point) so I guess it works out, but I really just want to wear my pretty grey cardigan. :) leaf One of the yarn overs looks funky on the left one (actually the right front) but I triple checked, and due to the decreasing, that's where it's supposed to be. I think that it will work itself out with blocking. Today is going to be really weird - over the weekend, some people were moved over to the next building, which my company just leased (the particular project I'm on is expanding rapidly). I'm one of those people, so I have to get my office all organized this morning - I hope all of my things made it okay!

Obsessed with Phildar

I bound off the sleeves on Friday before I went to the gym with Sam. I ended up adding about 4 cm to the length - I figured that if that was a bad decision, I could cut the bottom off and bind off, which is much easier than ripping back the sleeve caps and adding in length, or grafting length in. Here are the sleeves blocking: sleeves blocking I'm hoping to block each piece as they're done. After the dog walk yesterday, I wound the Fleece Artist Kid Silk that I have for the Flower Basket Shawl. I got two balls out of my 250 g skein, and hopefully one will be enough. I also discovered that if you wind yarn too quickly, you can catapult your ball across the room. Anyway, I'll be knitting the FBS with US 9s. Then I swatched for Carla, my project for the Cotton Tape Along (though I suppose I could count the cardigan too, despite my roaring head start). Anyway, I got 10 stitches per 4" on US 15s instead of 9 stitches per 4" on US 13s. I read in the Carla Along archives that the sweater should be made with negative ease, since the stitch pattern is really stretchy. After swatching with both US 15s and 13s, I decided on making the size small with US 15s, which gives me the dimensions of the extra small. I liked the fabric with the 13s better, but I would have to make a medium, and my yarn supply would be in question. With all of my swatching done, I picked up the fronts of the Phidar ribbon cardigan. Many, many hours and not very much laundry later, I had this: fronts I'm right about to start the charted leaf pattern as well as the armhole shaping. I managed to get this far without noticing that I cast on one extra stitch on one side. It doesn't really matter - I'm certainly not going to rip back for that, I'll just decrease an extra stitch at the armhole shaping. I'm just wondering why on earth I can't count to 41. I can't touch it today until I'm finished with my stats project (and I'm sure I'll catch up on laundry while working on stats). I did in fact tear myself away from the knitting long enough to do my abs workout and swim 600 meters. I'm also really close to being able to swim the entire length of the pool in one breath (25 meters). My father used to be able to travel some insane distance on one breath, which I thought was pretty cool. Brad says thanks for all of the birthday wishes! He normally doesn't read my blog (everything I write about, I've talked to him about, so I spare him the pain of even more knitting talk), but I showed him the entry and all of the nice comments. :) We went out for dinner and then saw the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on Friday night.

The post with no name

Thanks for all of the comments about my crappy day at school. What I ended up doing was sending off my homework again to the TA (the new improved version), then spending my 20 minutes between classes racing off to the library (a challenge with the foot), printing it all off, then going to my stats class. During my 10 minute break in stats, I went to my professor's office and shoved it under his door. There was no way I was driving back to turn it in - school is a 1 hour round trip out of my way, not including parking and walking to his office. Why the TA can't just print out the code if he really wants to scribble all over it, I don't know. This isn't rocket science. The sucky thing is that this professor is my graduate advisor. :| I only ended up knitting in my stats class, and got to the 25 cm point in the sleeves. sleeves According to the pattern, this is where I start the sleeve cap shaping. Tough call on this one - 25cm from my armpit barely clears my elbow. The sleeve cap is worked until the entire sleeve measures 40 cm, though, which is enough length from my shoulder. Now I have to figure out if there's enough ease under the arm to make the length work, or if I really do have gorilla arms (which is possible after I had to lengthen the sleeves for York). Argh. Maybe this is why you're supposed to knit the fronts and back first, so you can see how the sleeve will fit in. I don't really have any comparable 3/4 sleeve cardis to measure - all of my 3/4 sleeve cardigans are actually full length sleeves that I shove up because they're too short. Hey, I guess that's my answer - gorilla arms. Or maybe I should just throw the sleeves on stitch holders and start on the fronts, and worry about when to start the cap shaping later. Thoughts? I'm only $10 away from my $500 San Diego Humane Society goal! You have until midnight tomorrow night to donate and be entered into the drawing for Lorna's Laces!

Warm weather knitting

I was pretty busy all weekend, which meant that I didn't have much time for knitting. I basically worked on my C homework all day on Saturday (I only stopped at 9:30 when I realized that I had to finish knitting that hat and do the felting by the end of April - I needed the programming break anyway). I'm so much better at doing laundry while doing homework than while knitting. :P I get stuck in "one more row" land while knitting. Anyway, yesterday, I figured out a big problem with my homework in the morning, so Brad and I went to the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park for the Chocolate Exhibit, complete with chocolate tasting. Yummy! We ended up buying some of the spicy chocolate for home. Then I met up with Marisa and we went to knit at the Whistlestop Bar, which was voted "the" bar to knit at in San Diego. I suspect that it achieved that distinction by being the place that knitters happen to meet, not that the bar is well set up for knitting, but there were a LOT of knitters, and it was a whole bunch of fun. There was a photo shoot going on for San Diego Magazine to feature the knitting group. I cast on for the Phildar Ribbon Cardi on the way to Balboa Park, so I pulled that out at the bar. I really had thought that I was going to start a pair of socks, but I just kept on going on my cardigan sleeves. I'm knitting this piece combination style, to help make the ribbon play nice. It's still not as perfectly even as normal yarn, but that's part of it's charm. I didn't like the look of my swatch, but I do like the way that the sleeves are coming out. I have 14 cm of each sleeve so far (it doesn't look like it, as they're curling badly). sleeves The cool thing is that I met Tania, who is a combination knitter. She explained to me how I would knit from the chart (I thought I'd have to mess with the chart key, but I only have to remount my stitches - easy peasy). I can't wait to finish up the endless stockinette of the sleeves and start on the fun part, the fronts! Schoolwork comes first though, of course, so my progress will probably be limited for a while. Edited to add: Sorry, forgot to mention that Marisa and I spent most of the time at the bar hanging out with Jessica, who was knitting an awesome CE-worthy project, Charley from Rowan 37 in Candy Blue - what a yummy color! :) It's really cool to talk to people that are in the San Diego blog ring.