Finished Phildar Ribbon Cardi

Yup, it’s another finish for the weekend. I guess you can tell how I used my three days. :) Pattern: Phildar Ruban Cardigan, Phildar Ete 2004 Yarn: Jaeger Albany in Icy Mauve Needles: US 9 Addi Naturas Started: May 1, 2005 Completed: May 30, 2005 Time: 30.5 hours of knitting, 6.5 hours of finishing It’s [...]

Why being a daily poster can be bad

Yesterday morning, I got up bright and early to attend a work-sponsored community service event, Adopt a Block. Basic premise is that you’re beatifying an entire area, with well over a thousand volunteers. People were assigned projects like weed clearing and painting. We got to deal with the weeds, and I was definitely getting a [...]

A lifeline is a good thing

Yesterday I started on the Flower Basket Shawl from Interweave Knits Fall 2004 (after I studied all day, I swear – I did every single practice problem that my professor recommended). Anyway, I got to midway through the second lower repeat, and messed up. Tinking didn’t get me to my mistake (I was still a [...]

Just a little bit of knitting

I worked on my stats project for most of the day. I still have some report writing to do, but I’m definitely on the home stretch. I got more work done on the Phildar Ribbon Cardi. I started the leaf detailing on the neck, which is really fun. :) I have 26 rows of leafiness [...]

Obsessed with Phildar

I bound off the sleeves on Friday before I went to the gym with Sam. I ended up adding about 4 cm to the length – I figured that if that was a bad decision, I could cut the bottom off and bind off, which is much easier than ripping back the sleeve caps and [...]

The post with no name

Thanks for all of the comments about my crappy day at school. What I ended up doing was sending off my homework again to the TA (the new improved version), then spending my 20 minutes between classes racing off to the library (a challenge with the foot), printing it all off, then going to my [...]

Warm weather knitting

I was pretty busy all weekend, which meant that I didn’t have much time for knitting. I basically worked on my C homework all day on Saturday (I only stopped at 9:30 when I realized that I had to finish knitting that hat and do the felting by the end of April – I needed [...]