Definitely not knitting

Not that I haven't been busy. I finished up the blocks for the block a month quilt I started a couple of years ago: Month 9: month 9 Month 10: month 10 Month 11: month 11 Month 12: month 12 There were three of month 12, since I have two extra for coordinating pillows. Here's everything I knocked out today: days work Of course, I messed up month 12, since I was sewing three at once. It was one of those mistakes where you notice after you trim off dog ears, meaning its not as simple as ripping and resewing. Luckily, in my obsessive compulsiveness, when I bought these kits, I bought a full set of fat quarters in the same fabrics for mistakes (they're long gone from JoAnn shelves). Whew! On Saturday I finished up the stuff for the couch: pillows It will be a long time before I try to do any mitering. Lani was pleased with the results, though: Ostrich What's next for my machine? I am ready to piece together all of the blocks for Sunny Days (the quilt), but I'll probably switch to apparel sewing first. And get back to knitting, too. :) dress fabrics Lest you think I blew of Knitsmiths to sew, I also wrote three papers today. Well, drafted them. How? Brad actually typed while I "wrote" out loud - its amazing how much longer I could concentrate when I had something to work on with my hands other than typing. Yes, I know I owe him. Huge!

Spoiled, spoiled girl

I thought it was a good time to get some sewing done, as I had gotten my machine from Marisa in November, and I'll be seeing her on Friday at Stitches West*. I wanted to have actually used it. :P The first project - a quilt for Lani. quilt Lani Of course she repaid me for my hard work by stealing my knitting chair while I was sewing: Lani chair Anyway, the machine is awesome, and I haven't even begun to use any of the fancy options. :) I'm still thrilled that it threads itself and cuts thread. * Stitches West is this weekend, and Marisa and I will be there Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Anyone up for a blogger dinner on Saturday night?