Rebecca leaf tank FO

rebecca leaf tank Pattern: Wine Red Top, #33 in Rebecca 25 Yarn: Elann Sock It To Me Esprit in Silver Sage, 2.5 skeins Modifications: Added in more lace repeats to accomodate my small row gauge. Also made top shorter than suggested - Rebecca models must be really skinny and really tall (this is the first pattern I've shortened instead of lengthened). I also knit it in the round instead of flat, and made 4 stitch I-cord straps instead of crocheted straps. Needles: US 8 Addi Turbos, US 8 Brittany DPNs (for straps) Date Started: June 3, 2005 Date Completed: June 17, 2005 Time: 14.25 hours of knitting This was so much fun to knit! I knit most of it during class - it was great for that, as the lace repeat was simple, but it held my interest.

Rebecca leaf tank progress

I got more done on the Rebecca leaf tank during class last night. I think I'm ready to knit the top of the lace design and finish off the tank, but I really need to knit half of the tank onto another circular so I can try it on. I thought I would do that after class last night, but I had the great idea that I would go to spin class at 5:45 am so I could have a beer with Miyon and then go to Starbucks for a knitting night with zero guilt. Early spin class means early bedtime. (Speaking of knit night, I probably won't make it by 6:30, but will definitely be there by 7:30, Jessica - will you guys still be there?) Anyway, I'll figure out where I stand on the tank in a bit, but here is where I am right now: leaf tank I love it so far - it's fun to knit, with a mindless lace pattern that I don't have to pay much attention to, but is enough to keep me interested. The fabric is very stretchy and squishy, so I really do need to try it on to figure out how I'm doing on length. As for the thrumming - I didn't get a chance to pick it up last night. Thanks for the suggestions. :) I am in fact knitting tbl (actually, purling tbl, as I'm on the heel which is knit flat). My pattern says nothing about the twisted stitch, but thanks to the Thrum Along that happened in a much more appropriate month, I had remembered reading someone else learning about that. I love blogs. Anyway, I think the main problem with my lack of hearts is that part or most of the thrum is slipping behind the stitch instead of in front. Or something. It looks like I won't have time to figure it out until late Sunday or so - it's definitely not portable knitting!

Productive Saturday

Not only did Brad and I get in a fabulous workout yesterday, I got a lot done. I'm almost done with all of the laundry! Even better, though... First, I have an exam on seven chapters next week Monday. I haven't yet had any lectures yet, but I figured that I could read the seven chapters, which will give me less to study next weekend (when I'll be gone). Luckily, the Vintage Cami is the perfect "knit and study" project as it is stockinette, in the round. I'm knitting it in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, which isn't splitting at all (a deterrent to knitting without looking). knit and study I got three chapters and about three inches done. I'll read another three today, four if I can stand it - if not, I'll read the last one sometime this week. I also sat down and made the Dulaan blankets. The trucks were a blanket kit, and Brad chose the crab fabric - I was impressed that he had an opinion on fabric! :) Dulaan blankets That wraps it up for my Dulaan contribution (two blankets, three hats, and a scarf). I'll get a box and get that in the mail this week. I sat down and did the finishing on Mary Ella and the Daria belt. You'll have to wait for pictures of the belt, as I cannot be convinced out of my pajamas into jeans for a proper photo, but here's Mary Ella: Mary Ella Pattern: Mary Ella from Knitty Materials: DMC Perle Cotton size 8, glass seed beads, purchased as a kit from Earthfaire. The color I have is no longer available (blue with amethyst beads). Needles: Inox DPNs, US 0000 Started: March 11, 2005 Completed: June 1, 2005 knitting, June 4, 2005, finishing Time spent: 7.75 hours I love the finished product, and I did enjoy knitting it, most of the time. There were other times I was cursing the teeny tiny needles - luckily my dog can't imitate the bad language for guests. Then, I picked up Carla and seamed her up. This is by far the most annoying seaming to date. It is super easy to pierce the Rowan Cotton Tape with the needle while seaming. Also, since my pattern is so lacy, and there are triple decreases on the raglan shaping... yeah, that was fun. It's all seamed up now - today I plan to do the sleeve embroidery and weave in all of the ends for another FO! As if all of this weren't enough - on Friday night, I started the Rebecca Leaf tank. It has a 22 row lace pattern, and I missed the part where it said "knit rows 1-10 six times, and rows 11-22 once." Oops. Rebecca leaf tank flat The funny thing is that when I was seaming up Carla, I was silently cursing myself for not converting the tank top to be in the round (Carla made me despise seaming with all of my heart, and there's reverse stockinette on this tank). I didn't want to rip out all of my work, but once I figured out that I had to anyway.... Rebecca leaf tank round Ahhhh.