Finished Sahara

I thought I'd have some house progress photos, but the wall patching is taking longer than anticipated. I ran the Lowe's and Ace Hardware errands in the morning (our local Benjamin Moore is NOT open on Sundays. When do they think people paint?) Then it was a bit of a waiting game, as the prep (patching and sanding walls) was taking longer than anticipated, so I decided that I really couldn't live with the laundry room being a fluorescent yellow, so I primed that. Since that part of the house is new (the second floor was added a couple of years ago, and a bedroom on the first floor was knocked out for the staircase and the laundry room), the prep for that room was removing switch plates, taping, and washing the walls. Much easier. The living room is partially primed, but really, we'll be working a pretty ridiculous schedule to get stuff done. Get to work as early as humanly possible, work our hours, then go to the house to do what we can until the sun goes down. Rinse and repeat. Luckily, I do have actual knitting to share. :) Thank goodness I took those FO pics in SD. Here I have Sahara: Finished Pattern: Sahara from Stitch Diva, short sleeved version Yarn: Brooks Farm Four Play in SW 4P 31 Modifications: A few extra waist decreases/increases, and a few extra rows on the sleeves before the cuffs. Instead of using different yarn for the edgings, I hand-sewed on seed beads when knitting was complete. Needles: US 7 Addi Turbos Date Started: April 21, 2007 Date Completed: June 30, 2007 Time: 12.25 hours for the body, 3 hours for the first sleeve, 2.75 hours for the second sleeve, 3 hours for the neck, .5 hours for the neck seam and weaving in ends, and 4.25 hours of hand-beading for a total of 25.75 hours. And as a bonus, Sahara in action with my fabulous San Diego friends, Patty, John, and Sam: SD friends

Loose ends

I'm so close to being done with Deciduous - just one strap left to knit, and then the ends to weave in (of course, Lani had to get on it). one strap I also finally blocked Sahara. It has had all ends woven in (but not cut yet, just in case) for weeks now, just waiting for a block. Assuming all fits well, then I go on to the hand beading of the edgings. I have no idea why it takes me so long to do the tiny little bits to call something done. blocking In that same theme, remember this dress? (scroll down). That is in full dress form, zipper installed and everything. All it needs me to do is clean off the loose threads (and the threads for gathering and such), sew in a hook and eye, tack down the bodice lining, and fray check the straps. That's IT. But I haven't done it. In good news, though, the dress is awesome and will work well for Rob's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (I'm doing a reading in his wedding). I just need to spend the 15 more minutes to make it truly complete.

Sahara sleeve

I'm done with one sleeve, and have started on the second. I'm in love with these top down set in sleeves. one sleeve This really isn't taking that long - its actually my lack of general knitting that has been holding me back. I really want to get this done so I can switch to warm weather knitting (especially since this is a whole sweater in your lap project at this point). The weather is predicted to be more rain this weekend, so maybe I'll have more time then. I'm woefully behind on my socks for May as well. :( And I really wanted to start a shawl for Vegas (and sew a dress to go with it :P).

Sahara progress

I've finished the body of Sahara: body It looks long because it is long - more of a tunic. I guess we'll see how I like it when all is said and done. I can't really tell now in its unblocked state (this yarn grows in width when wet, so I can barely get it on now). Thankfully, since its top down, if I find it too long for me I can always rip it back a bit. Now I just have the sleeves, which I'm really excited about (my first top down set in sleeves), and the neckline. I am now running the risk of Sahara beating Jan, which I do not think should be allowed. So, tonight, I am re-blocking Jan. For real. As for the contest cake - I can't take credit for the candles, it was my brother-in-law's idea. We are quite the family of geeks, I know. :P

Stash and a contest

First, Miyon is coming to visit in a few weeks. She's found it challenging to get yummy handpainted sock yarn in the UK (or mail, for that matter), so we've been doing a little pre-shopping. Here's her stash of Fleece Artist on top (Faded Roses, Gold, and Mineral, left to right, from Tidal Brook Yarns) and Lorna's Laces (Cedar, Poppy, and Manzanita from emtnestr) awaiting her arrival (I highly recommend both sellers - they both shipped the day I ordered): miyon sock yarn (This is in addition to the three months of last year's sock club and one skein of JKnits that she bought that I tried to ship to her, but came back to me in an extremely spendy fashion.) As for me? I went to Seed Stitch Fine Yarn in Salem while waiting for my car to be fixed (though it turns out that nothing is wrong with it besides a lovely screeching sound that will be around until my clutch needs replacing in 100K miles or so - the DEALER recommended no action. *sigh*). I bought Dream In Color Gaia Sock in Wisterious (on the top) and JKnits in Boston (on the bottom). sock yarn I've made progress on Sahara, despite someone's best efforts: Lani pillow I'll try to get a real progress photo done tomorrow - I've since finished the body. Anyway, on to the good stuff. Yesterday, Brad celebrated a birthday. Here's his cake: Cake Now the contest question - how old is Brad, and how did you figure that out from the cake? In other words, no going back in the archives to figure out the age - I want justification too. Note that the lighting of the candles is deliberate. Email your answer to me at by Friday, noon EST, and I'll draw a name from the correct answers. The prize? I can get a copy of the Yarn Harlot's latest book signed for the winner on the 30th. If you have access to your own signed copy, we can figure out another prize.

Sahara start

I needed something to work on for my trip in Mystic, so I started on Sahara. Granted, I only had about three inches of back done in Mystic, and everything else was done during my weekend of class and my time at Knitsmiths, but here we are: sahara progress I'm about done with the decreases. I think this makes me roughly a third done, which is good - I'm trying to get this done before the weather permanently decides to be really hot (see how I'm all delusional in thinking that I'm getting the same weather more than two days in a row, ever?) You might be wondering what happened to Jan - I did seam it up. It is a tad too small, though. I'm not too worried, as I didn't try to pin out the sweater at all the first time - I just kind of let the pieces do what they wanted to do. I want to reblock before I weave in ends and tack down facings, so that's where I am right now. Jan, lying over the armrest of my knitting chair, waiting for me to feel like putting some effort into some accurate pinning to get it to better measurements. This is why I normally wait to finish one before starting another - doesn't knitting on Sahara sound so much more fun than finishing up Jan? I'm kind of sort of done with school - I have one class left (to make up for the snow day) which happens this Saturday. Three hours rather than the typical 12 hour weekend. There will be a quick assignment due after that (which we're all just going to stick around and do) and then I'm really, really done for this semester. I still have absolutely no homework to work on right now and that's an odd feeling. The summer won't be free, though - we do these summer practicums, and I'm waiting to find out what project team I'll be one. And THEN, fall and spring and graduation! :) We met Leilani's pet sitter yesterday, and all is well. She's incredibly sweet, Lani took to her right away (admittedly not the best measure, since Lani is not what we could call "discriminate") and we feel confident that this will be better. Just to be safe, though, we're going away for one night the beginning of June (we're going to the chowder festival in Providence and then back down to Mystic so we can play with penguins - spots were unavailable when we were there last week). Hopefully that one night will help us all have confidence so we can get on a plane and enjoy Rob's wedding without freaking out about how Lani is doing. We did spring for the $5 insurance when we boarded her, which resulted in the boarding facility paying for Lani's vet bills. I talked to them this morning about it, and canceled her June reservation. They weren't particularly nice about it, but I'm not going to sweat it as long as we get that reimbursement.