Tons of pictures

I finally wore Salina yesterday, so here's a modeled shot of it: finished salina Project details here. Brad took me for a snow driving lesson this morning. We found a parking lot with snow banks and no poles to run in to: Snow driving After about 20 minutes, a plow driver told us to leave since he didn't want us "to make a mess". I am still confused as to what kind of mess he thought we were making (we weren't driving through stuff already plowed), but whatever. I got in enough time to be at least a little more comfortable. We got back home and gave Lani a walk: yummy snowflakes Cuteness Back inside, I finished the annual ornament: 2008 Ornament Ornament back While looking in my craft room closet for some stuffing for the ornament, I found Christmas stockings that were almost entirely done. I had already hand-sewn the lettering on, I just had to finish assembling the stockings. So, I knocked those out (only four years later!): stockings I also got ambitious and thought I'd finally make the tree skirt I had planned a while ago. I tried to explain to Lani that sewing pins aren't comfortable, but after shooing her away twice, I figured she'd just deal with it if she got stuck: skirt snuggling After serging together the two layers (white felt and snowflake covered organza), I started sewing on sequins. Skirt sequins I'm thinking that hot glue might be smarter.

Finished Salina

I'm on three days of work travel, so I'm auto-posting a few entries to get caught up on some FOs. :) Blocking Buttons from La Droguerie: buttons Pattern: Salina from Rowan Vintage Knits Modifications: Undid the cast on for the sleeves and knit the cuffs down from there, so they could be worn folded over or not. Had I thought ahead, I would have used a provisional cast on. Also lengthened the sleeves. Needles: US 5 and 3 Addi Turbos Yarn: 5.5 skeins of Rowan Felted Tweed in Melody Date Started: February 17, 2008 Date Completed: June 27, 2008 Time: 9.25 hours for the back, 9 hours for the front, 7.75 hours for the first sleeve, 7.25 hours for the second, 1.5 hours for the collar, and 3.75 hours for finishing for a total of 38.5 hours

Good Saturday

I think this might have been from Friday night, but it's cute: Brad Snuggling Yesterday, I headed to WEBS with Carol and Sara to the book signing by Carol Sulcoski for Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn. Book Signing I managed to behave somewhat and only get sock yarn, but that was just because I lost my head at Little Knits on Thursday. I've got some of the new cotton Noro Matsuri headed my way, and I'm excited. I plan to make the cover sweater of Noro Joy, just without the pattern, since once I totaled up all of the changes I would make to it, it went from not making any sense to buy the book for $18 to being just kind of dumb. Anyway, back at home, we settled in for some fun with the borrowed PS2 and Guitar Hero game that is on loan from a co-worker. Brad Guitar Hero Ed Guitar Hero (Ed and Michele came over, though Michele opted to nap since she had just ridden really really far on a bike, after all.) Oh, and I finished up Salina (on Friday night). I haven't had the heart to block it yet, though: Lani Salina

Some knitting progress

When I finished Brad's socks, I found myself with no sweater on the needles (Mrs. Darcy was blocking), no socks on the needles, and not enough brain power left in my head after work and school to start the Salish Sea Socks (Ravelry link, sorry), my very last Rockin' Sock Club kit. So what's a girl to do? Frantically look through my queue, ruling out things that I just didn't feel like, or patterns that I couldn't get my hand on right that second. So, I ordered Cookie A's Mingus Sock for immediate gratification. I love me some high quality knitting downloads. Only I would think that Mingus was a brain break, I guess, but I it's going beautifully so far. first sock I'm using Dream in Color Smooshy in Wisteria, and it is delicious. I also started Salina yesterday (ravelry link again, sorry). Just the right knitting for lots of grad school reading: back start I also managed to squeeze in a few moments at Knitsmiths after Lani's vet visit (just a checkup to make sure she's doing okay on her antibiotic regiment). I can't let her pee outside, since she's still contagious, so she was out in a doggie sling, and we couldn't stay out too long. It was great to see everyone, though. :) I am paying for it today by going it to work today (we have a holiday) though. Oh well.