Tons of pictures

I finally wore Salina yesterday, so here’s a modeled shot of it: Project details here. Brad took me for a snow driving lesson this morning. We found a parking lot with snow banks and no poles to run in to: After about 20 minutes, a plow driver told us to leave since he didn’t want [...]

Finished Salina

I’m on three days of work travel, so I’m auto-posting a few entries to get caught up on some FOs. :) Buttons from La Droguerie: Pattern: Salina from Rowan Vintage Knits Modifications: Undid the cast on for the sleeves and knit the cuffs down from there, so they could be worn folded over or not. [...]

Good Saturday

I think this might have been from Friday night, but it’s cute: Yesterday, I headed to WEBS with Carol and Sara to the book signing by Carol Sulcoski for Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn. I managed to behave somewhat and only get sock yarn, but that was just because I lost my head [...]

Some knitting progress

When I finished Brad’s socks, I found myself with no sweater on the needles (Mrs. Darcy was blocking), no socks on the needles, and not enough brain power left in my head after work and school to start the Salish Sea Socks (Ravelry link, sorry), my very last Rockin’ Sock Club kit. So what’s a [...]