First sewing project in the new room

I whipped up a purse organizer last night using these instructions (pdf), though I started with fabric that was 12″ x 30″: The inside: I forgot to take a picture of the outside, but the Eiffel towers are right side up on that side. :) I realized I was going to have a directional fabric [...]

Craft Room Makeover

I spent a lot of time during the staycation week whipping the craft room into shape. Before we even moved in: Then we took down the painted pink wallpaper (seriously, PAINTED), but didn’t get much further than repainting – these are before pics from July 2008: I’m being charitable when I say it got a [...]

Home again

I guess I neglected to mention that I’d be gone, huh? Brad and I left on Monday to go to Michigan to see his family. Before we left, I finished up the tree skirt – not having more than one glue stick, and no fabric glue in the house, I did the stupid thing and [...]

Tons of pictures

I finally wore Salina yesterday, so here’s a modeled shot of it: Project details here. Brad took me for a snow driving lesson this morning. We found a parking lot with snow banks and no poles to run in to: After about 20 minutes, a plow driver told us to leave since he didn’t want [...]

More staycation

I’m not surprisingly not so good at operating without stress. I have zero deadline knitting, had filled out my timesheet yesterday to take today completely off (my father is here), and I only just now remembered to even look at my November goals (of which I’ve done precious few of – I totally forgot I [...]

Back from Vegas

We went armed with our new camera (which Celina correctly guessed as the Canon SD 750 from the commercial). So the last picture with the old camera is me taking a picture of Brad with Lani in the huge giant LCD. (And yes, we chose it for other reasons besides the commercial, but it didn’t [...]

Completed dresses

I finished up the detail work on not only one but two dresses for me. The first one is the one I did show the fabric for a while back. I’ve been almost done with this dress for weeks but have been pokey about the last couple of details. Last night while watching Dreamgirls, I [...]

Definitely not knitting

Not that I haven’t been busy. I finished up the blocks for the block a month quilt I started a couple of years ago: Month 9: Month 10: Month 11: Month 12: There were three of month 12, since I have two extra for coordinating pillows. Here’s everything I knocked out today: Of course, I [...]

When you’re right, you’re right

And you guys definitely were. I went with the popular opinion and just went and bought the dress. In a happy surprise, it was 15% off. Not a huge amount, but when you’ve already committed to the full price in your mind, a very nice bonus. :) So that price, minus the cost of fabric [...]

Here I go again

My good friend Rob is getting married in June (in Vegas!), and I’ve started looking for something to wear. I tried on this dress yesterday, and I love love love it. It is, however, a wee bit more than I want to spend. Part of me is tempted to just go ahead and go for [...]