Last post of the year

So... I finally have those last overdue FO photos. First, Mystery Stole 4: Finished1 Finished 2 Finished3 Pattern: Mystery Stole 4 Modifications: None Needles: Addi Lace US 4 Yarn: .5 skeins of Lisa Souza Lace Date Started: September 7, 2008 Date Completed: October 18, 2008 Dimensions: 22" x 79" Time: Clue 1: 5 hours for the first one, 4.25 for the second Clue 2: 4 hours for the first one, 3.5 for the second Clue 3: 4.25 hours for the first one, 4.25 for the second Clue 3 corrected: 4.25 hours for the first one, 4 for the second Clue 4: 3.75 hours for the first one, 3.25 for the second Clue 5: 3.5 hours for the first one, 3.5 for the second Clue 6: 3.5 hours Grafting: 3 hours (some false starts) Total: 54 hours Undulating Waves Scarf Pattern: Undulating Waves Scarf Modifications: Accidentally knit on a US 3 instead of a US 6, so ended up using more than called for beads Needles: Addi Lace US 3 Yarn: Less than one skein of Shaefer Heather in Gertrude Ederle Date Started: August 21, 2008 Date Completed: October 15, 2008 Dimensions: 6.5" x 67" Time: 17 hours Just for fun, the Lani-fur: Lani And then after draping her with the scarf (I had to check to make sure she was still breathing, as she didn't seem to notice that I was doing anything at all): Lani scarf I'm going into 2009 with two WIPs - first, Seascape Stole in KidSilk Night: Stole and the Froot Loop socks in Mind's Eye merino/tencel: froot loop socks And finally, I'm swatched for the first sweater of NaKniSweMoDo, the Central Park Hoodie in Briar Rose Abundance: Swatch The yarn is absolutely huge - Lani included for scale (she's 10 pounds and fluffy): Abundance Thank goodness for my drill-powered jumbo ball winder that I have to remember to post about later. :)

Mystery Stole 4 Pre-block

Last night in Baltimore - have an 8 am start tomorrow here, then an 8 am start on Friday in Florida. Getting seriously tired of hotel rooms. Also unfortunate - I sprained my ankle on Sunday night when I got back to this hotel from Rhinebeck (I got peer pressured into going to the ER last night because it was all purpley and swollen and I have another week of travel - officially not broken). It does mean that the running is not an option right now, so I've lost a pretty valuable coping mechanism. Thankfully, I still have my nightly Skype webcam dates with Brad and Lani to look forward to. There is of course also the knitting - I finished Mystery Stole 4 the morning of Rhinebeck: clue 6 Grafted The graft was way harder than it should have been - I blame no sleep and being completely burned out. Anyway, I left it with my sister to take home, and tonight I cast on for the Seascape Stole. No picture yet, as I'm not very far, and you should thank me for not posting ankle pictures. :) I should have some finished socks here shortly (for my sister), though hopefully my ankle will be normal sized by the time I am ready to take pics for the blog. :P

Avoided more plane Mystery Stole knitting

Knocked out clue 5 (twice, but only pictured once): Clue 5 Someone once asked me (Carol, maybe?) why a control freak like myself likes knitting something I have never seen, and I have to say, it's because I'm done for the week. There's no possible way for me to do any more, as I don't have the pattern, so it's like 6 mini-accomplishments (I think there's six clues total), but with a larger item. I had just anticipated that I'd have time to knit other things, too. I mean, I have been (finished a pair of socks, will post those tomorrow), but definitely not all that I'd hoped. I guess the lesson here is to break up those huge, giant, seemingly insurmountable work tasks into smaller pieces, so I can have that feeling of accomplishment more often. Speaking of, gotta go get some more stuff done to make my Monday a little less painful.

Couch Day

It's going well so far. :) I finished up the first re-knit of Clue 3 last night: Clue 3 And with a break for a run today, finished Clue 4 (for the first time): Clue 4 Now I just have to knit Clues 3 and 4 one more time. I'll do what I can today, but tomorrow I have to get some more work done. Really glad I took today off, though. I don't even know where my cell phone is at the moment, and I completed my second week of the couch to 5K program. :) I'm cheating and doing an extra workout each week (four instead of three), but that's my only cheat. It's kind of nice to have "do not go ahead" rule, because I'm not obsessing about the speed of progress. Now if anyone was wondering how much I love Brad, when he saw this in the pet store and said he needed it, I simply said yes: collar

Clue 3 Error

So, I'm kind of an idiot - I blindly knit Clue 3 (twice!) without noticing a glaring error on the second row of the chart. I also had no internet access over the weekend, so I missed all of the chatter discussing said error. Which is how I ended up with an error that I of course couldn't live with: Error Since each one took 4.25 hours to knit, I looked for a way to minimize my fix time: Drop down And here's where I am now: recovery The rest of the rows are no longer time efficient - I tried, but I think it will be faster to rip out those last ten rows. So, that's what I'm doing tonight, assuming this headache I've got gets better. Then, I'll repeat on the second one. ETA: I dropped down those top rows, but then got annoyed that my fix, while technically correct, is not as pretty and crisp, and I'm sure blocking will only do so much. So then I ripped it back down to the offending row (which is the second row of clue 3). I've got quite a bit more fixing to do now. Some follow up on my last post - the neighbors are Shirtless and Velour. Velour was the one who called, and no, I don't live in the kind of 'burb where this is normal (it is a Bostonian 'burb, after all). I'm sure they miss my co-worker, who was renting out our in-law apartment (basement) for six months or so - he was chatty. Also, never fear, Lani is still loved (more than she wants, I'm sure), we're just going to think twice before expecting her to give love and comfort on demand to someone other than us. I have a date on Saturday with my couch. I am not leaving the house (not even to go to the mailbox). Date night will have to be a movie rental. :) So tired.

Clue 2

I finished the two sides of Clue 2 last night in my hotel room: Clue 2 I think we might be done with the beading, and I'm actually relieved. It was getting a lot to handle, especially since I keep on insisting on working on this on airplanes (there are quite a few little beads sprinkled around Delta airplanes). So far I like it. :) (I have no pins here, so I couldn't really straighten it out more for the picture.) I'm sleeping like absolute crap, but I did get up this morning and did my couch to 5K workout, which I'm proud of. I would guess it's going to be a long day of work, so it's good to have that out of the way. :)

Clue 1 Finished

I had an out and back trip to Maryland yesterday (morning flight there, full day of work, evening flight home). Makes for a long day, and the only knitting time I got were the flights themselves (even though my co-worker drove a lot!), but I got the second Clue 1 finished (I'm knitting both sides of the Mystery Stole simultaneously). Clue 1 The beads are not quite contrasty enough for me given the design, but they do look nice (better in person), and I'm done worrying about it. Especially since a ton were used in this first clue, and based on the entire total required, I'm guessing the rest of the stole has minimal beading. Not to mention I have far exceeded the normal amount of worrying necessary for choosing beads for knitting. Both ends look like different widths in the picture, but I did knit them on the same needle (just using another one as a holder), and they're the same width, I promise. Just one needle has a longer cable length and that side had more room to spread out for pictures. I should probably actually go to work now.

Totally worrying about this too much

So I went with popular vote (thanks for all of the input! :) ) and cast on this morning with the sea foam lined crystal: Sea Foam Crystal Then I was wracked with doubt, and I made a swatch with the amethyst lined light blue: amethyst light blue I think I'm sticking with the crystal, but this whole thing is driving me nuts.

Need opinions!

I can't choose which beads to use for Mystery Stole 4... Help! beads Sea foam lined crystal or amethyst lined light blue? Here's someone who has knit the first clue (so you can see the way the beads are used) - Ravelry link. I am paralyzed by indecision.

Finished Mystery Stole 3

I'm back today from my work trip, which was eventful, but I'll post that stuff tomorrow. Today, the last of the delinquent FOs. finished Pattern: Mystery Stole 3 by Melanie Gibbons Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk in ebony, probably about 1/4 lb. Needles: Addi Lace US 4 Modifications: none Date started: July 7, 2007 Date finished: January 6, 2008 Time: 35. 25 hours Here it was blocking: blocking Just in time for Mystery Stole 4. Which I said I wasn't going to join, but then I went and ordered beads for it. I'm a little weird. Also, I finally blocked Brad's Christmas gift from last year, a multi-directional scarf. 3.5 skeins of Noro Kureyon 195. 8.25 hours, done some time in December 2007 (I seriously had no records beyond the time, which is weird for me - no start or end date). Which is how I managed to not notice that I hadn't posted about it. MD scarf