Finished Sizzle

I got back from San Diego today – my flight was delayed, so instead of coming in late last night, I arrived this morning. So, the San Diego trip photos will have to wait (which include finished socks!) but luckily, I had uploaded the picture for Sizzle before I left. Pattern: Sizzle Designer: Wendy Bernard [...]

Sizzle Blocking

Okay, this is the last you’ll hear of Sizzle for a while – I really am going to wait to post FO pictures until I get back from San Diego on the 28th. I took the wussy way out for blocking. I just sprayed it wet, instead of dunking it. I did wash my swatch, [...]

More Krisomnia

Had a particularly bad night last night. I had finished knitting the edging on the armholes of Sizzle before I attempted to go to bed the first time, so then I got up and just wove in all 32 ends. I finished at 12:44, which officially makes it finished today, not yesterday, but the entire [...]

2nd Blogiversary

So, I’ve been doing this for two years now. I’ve gotten a lot less regular with posting (I used to post every single day) but I’m still enjoying the knit blogging experience. :) I still get lots of emails about Rosita, as well as other things that I’ve knit, and it’s nice to be able [...]

More Sizzle progress

I recovered the lost ground from the other day, and then finished up the back: Now I just have the front (which is much less knitting than the back) and then the borders. I’m debating bringing this to KnitSmiths today – there isn’t really a lot of knitting left before I pick up for the [...]

Minor setback

After doing the math to figure out where I should split for the armholes, I realized that I should just try the darned thing on. I was very happy with the way the waist shaping turned out – Sizzle fits well in the torso. However, an inch of length is lost with it on versus [...]


So, I have this rule where I only have one project of each type on the needles. For instance, one shawl, one pair of socks, one top, one accessory item, etc. I’m planning on breaking that sock rule (I’m going to be knitting a friend a pair, and I have to make use of try-on [...]