Finally, a modeled shot. It has been off the needles for two weeks - I'm playing catch up with the finishing these days, definitely. Soleil Pattern: Soleil from Knitty Designer: Alexandra Virgiel Yarn: Adrienne Vittadini Marissa (70% pima cotton, 30% silk) in Green 709, 3.5 skeins Modifications: Lengthened to 13.5", added in more waist shaping, decreased four extra stitches at the armholes, and raised the v-neck to an inch after the armhole split. Needles: US 6 Addi Turbos, 3.25 mm crochet hook Date Started: July 29, 2005 Date Completed: September 16, 2005 Time: 13.5 hours of knitting, 1.25 hours of finishing for a total of 14.75 hours.

Blocking party, part 1

I was motivated into action by my list yesterday, and I finally blocked Soleil and Birch. I pinned Soleil in place dry and sprayed it down, but I think I might steam it before I unpin it to make sure the crochet edging behaves. Soleil blocking I blocked Birch with wires. Luckily I was paying attention to the wires as they came out of the bag, before I shoved them into my wet shawl, as they were nasty filthy. Anyway, the wires worked well - getting straight edges has never been so easy. Even my smaller gauged Birch was too big for the blocking board, so it's back to the hideous blue carpet. Birch blocking Birch blocked out to about 70" x 36."

Soleil is off the needles

So there was a silver lining to the muscle relaxers that made me too dopey to think effectively - it made mind numbing stockinette redundant. Yesterday, I worked on Soleil while lying on a heating pad, with my pillows under my knees, and before I knew it, I had an almost finished tank. soleil The straps are rolling badly because I still need to do the crochet finishing, and I have tons of ends to weave in. All of the knitting is finished, though. I also started on the front to Fitzgerald, but I can't use up all of my picture opportunities in one day. :) I'll be working on that one a lot more this weekend, as I read for my classes.

Soleil update

With the combination of lunch with John and driving to the baseball game, I got in a bit of car knitting. It then occurred to me that I haven't posted a status picture of Soleil in quite a while. I've finished up the increases, and just have to try it on for length before I split for the armholes. Soleil The advantage of being slow to knit a certain piece is that you learn from everyone else (especially if there's a knit-along). The three things people say about this tank is that if they could knit it again, they would: 1. Make it longer. 2. Raise the neckline. 3. Decrease more at the armhole for a thinner tank strap. I'll be doing all of these things. So I have a bit of a quandary. I have two classes that I'm taking through work, we're entering coding cycle, and there's no possible way I can handle two classes at school in addition to this. I'm dropping one, but I'm torn. My choices: Monday night, 7 pm. Product Development lifecycle. Pros: Relevance to what I do at work 7 pm is easer than 4 pm to coordinate with work This class is a pre-requisite for another required class, which would make my schedule later more flexible Cons: I haven't yet had my first class due to Labor Day, so I have no idea what the workload is like. Thursday afternoon, 4 pm. IT Management Pros: I've been to a class, and have a feel for the workload (which is moderate). Cons: 4 pm Completely boring (it is required though, so I do have to take it at some point). A responsible person would go to class today and Monday, and then decide. I'm tempted to just go ahead and drop my Thursday class and save myself the trouble of schlepping out there today. *sigh* Oh, baseball last night was awesome. I had a lot of fun with Brad. :) Congratulations, Jessica, on your Knitty debut! :)

Extreme Knitting

I didn't know this contest was going on until I saw that Stephanie had entered. I didn't think about it until I was headed out the door at 6 am to meet up with my co-workers for our Magic Mountain adventure. Then something clicked, and I asked Brad how dorky he thought it would be if I knitted on a roller coaster. He laughed, but I don't think he thought I was serious. I totally thought that my co-workers would openly ridicule me, but they were extremely enthusiastic when I brought it up while we were waiting for our tickets to the park. We talked about it throughout the day, and Dennis and I eventually decided that Goliath was the best choice for coaster. Goliath boasts a 255 foot drop, but no loops. That meant that the restraints consisted of just a lap bar, and we were allowed to take bags on, unlike coasters like X and Deja Vu. Everyone even got out of line at Deja Vu to go to Goliath when I got worried about my daylight hours dwindling. Very cool (we went back to Deja Vu later in the evening). I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that guys who can recite entire scenes of Star Wars (and do, in line for rides) would find extreme knitting cool, but still.... Soleil* was the victim of choice - here it is in front of the mighty roller coaster, peeking through the trees: Goliath through trees We had it all set up - Jacob sat next to me with a camera, and Dennis sat diagonally in front of me with another camera. The plan was to pull everything out of our bags once we started, and get as many pictures as we could on the slow ascent, and then see how the souvenir photo turned out. Dennis exceeded all of my expectations, and shot pictures over his head through turns. This is what we got: Goliath knitting Pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. I did buy the souvenir photo, as I needed backup for my own peace of mind. We all thought this was particularly funny: souvenir photo I'm pretty sure this was taken at the bottom of the drop, and as you can see, I'm very into the knitting. We all laughed when we saw it, and the woman selling me the photo asked if I was knitting. I replied yes, and she said "oh, cool." I definitely expected her to be more surprised. Anyway, so there's my entry to the Extreme Knitting contest. * I realized when I got to the park that I had forgotten to bring the Soleil pattern with me. I called my sister from the line for X, our first coaster for the day, and she read out the pertinent information for the increase section for me. I'm sure she wasn't the least bit surprised, either. Soleil made great line knitting, and as you can see, roller coaster knitting as well.

Big day today!

Today is the Yarn Harlot's book signing! I'm more than a little excited. :) Thanks for all of the wonderful comments on Rosita. :) Lori asked "what's next?" Well, the answer is "simpler things." I spent Friday swatching for Birch, Soleil, and Grace. Madeleine is still in the works, though I put it aside to cast on for Fitzgerald, and then in a moment of weakness, Soleil as well. Yesterday, I had a work function at Del Mar Fairgrounds. I have to admit that I have some moral opposition to horse races (though I'm much more passionate about irresponsible dog breeders and pet stores). It was still fun, though, and the horses are just beautiful. Pure, solid muscle. Brad was taking his last final while I was at the picnic, so Sam went with me instead. He did place some bets, and was actually pretty successful, especially for a guy that picks horses based on their names. Brad and I got home about the same time and decided to use the movie tickets that my sister thoughtfully sent us and went to see Wedding Crashers. Hilarious movie. Anyway, stupid me thought that the air conditioning in the theater would be a welcome change from the heat, but they had seriously under conditioned for the almost full theater. I was knitting Fitzgerald (by feel) and had to eventually put it away because I got too warm. Oh well. Here's my progress on Soleil: Soleil start I'm knitting this in lime green Adrienne Vittadini Marissa, a pima cotton/silk blend. Here's Fitzgerald: back start This sweater isn't actually so much Fitzgerald as it is a modified drop shoulder sweater from Ann Budd's sweater book, since my 5 spi gauge with Araucania Nature Wool doesn't match the 4.5 spi that Fitzgerald calls for. Also, I'm going with 5" of ease instead of 10", thanks to some help from Jessica and Andrew. (I was thinking 7", she said 6" looked just a little big on Andrew, so I'm going with 5".) I'll follow the instructions for the Fitzgerald collar, otherwise I'll be following Ann Budd's book. I'll credit them both when I do my final project run down (months from now). I used the tubular cast on for this (the same one I tried and scrapped for Madeleine, but had successfully used for York). With worsted weight wool, this cast on is fabulous, DK weight wool cotton, not so much. Birch is going on the needles as soon as I buy Addi Naturas in a US 6 (I wanted to yesterday, but didn't leave Del Mar early enough to run up to Encinitas). Or, until I decide to knit it on the 14" Brittany straights that I have. I guess we'll see which comes first. I've got a little post-monogamy project explosion going on over here.