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Left to right: Hazel Knits Artisan sock yarn in Toad Lily, Merino with Soy in Laguna, Celexa for sale, Celexa australia, uk, us, usa, Artisan sock in Terrywinkle, Miss Babs in Spinel Ruby and Blue Teal:
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Winding down at Stitches West

We got here on Thursday, where I promptly went for a run (Thursdays are for running) in the fancy shmancy gym, then cleaned up so we could be at the marketplace for market preview promptly at 5 pm. Both Marisa and I wanted to be more methodical and less free with the yarn buying this year, so we did a first pass of all of the booths, making note of things that caught our interest. This actually worked well - if we couldn't remember the yarn after we walked away from it, we probably didn't really need it. Of particular note for me was Red Fish Dyeworks, Brooks Farm for Marisa (I had banned myself from that booth based on stash levels), and Miss Babs for both of us. Friday was a class day for both of us - I had Knitting Argyle Socks in the Round, and Marisa had Shetland Shawls. We both really enjoyed our classes. During lunch, I picked up yarn for socks at Shelridge Farm, who I seem to buy from every time I see them. I ended up finishing my class sock with almost two hours left in the class: argyle socks I used my remaining time wisely, fetching my laptop so I could chart a fingering weight version (this one was worsted, and I clearly have a lousy selection of worsted leftovers). Then we made a wine run, had dinner, and did some socializing and knitting. Today, I ran (because Saturdays are for running), and then we lazed around for a while. Then, back to the market and lunch, back to lazing around, and then one last run at the market in the last hour. I was totally exhausted by that time, so my apologies for anyone who tried to be social. Now we're back in the room - we ordered pizza, are enjoying our wine, and will do some more knitting before the night is over. We're missing a Purlescense party, but a) we have no car, and b) we had wanted to keep this trip low key, as we both needed a yarn vacation, not yarn boot camp like we normally do. Anyway, we head home tomorrow (after a run, as Sundays are for running). I'm getting worried about the weather in Boston - I hope the airport stays open, because I miss my husband and my doggie, and since I am an expert on being stranded places, I know that airlines don't pick up hotel for weather. Here's the total of our purchases: stash That is both of us (Marisa on the top, me on the bottom). Quite a difference from the last time we went together, where this is damage I did, and this is the damage Marisa did. We almost got ourselves into trouble at Tess Designer yarns, which would have started a whole stream of "well, if I'm over budget anyway, I might as well get..." in my brain, but we managed to back away unscathed. Now I have to finish these socks tonight to meet my perfectly arbitrary deadline of end of the month: progress I also have to knit on my Seascape Stole some, which might be a problem when combined with the wine...

Craft Room Makeover

I spent a lot of time during the staycation week whipping the craft room into shape. Before we even moved in: pink bedroom Then we took down the painted pink wallpaper (seriously, PAINTED), but didn't get much further than repainting - these are before pics from July 2008: craft room before 1 craft room before 2 craft room before 3 I'm being charitable when I say it got a lot worse. Anyway, but now I've got "after" pics: From the door, then counter-clockwise around the room: door The cut table with my super ball-winder (jumbo, drill powered), and a plastic storage thing that I eventually want to get rid of: cut table Sewing desk, with a pullout piece for extra surface area, topped with Brother sewing machine and serger: sewing desk "Priority yarn" and all of my craft books and magazines. You can also see a little bit of my mom's sewing table in the lower left corner (now a TV stand): bookcases Next to the bookcase, which has from left to right a cross-stitch I made for my grandmother (and got back when she passed), one of the largest cross-stitches I ever made (the violin), and on the right is a piece inherited from my grandmother - I don't know if she stitched it, or if a non-relative made it for her. Also visible is the new 22" LCD (since the TV in the "before" pics is my treadmill TV), and the lap loom with floor stand that I haven't used yet. TV And finally, the closet: closet So the rug that I originally got for this room (and pictured in the before pics) was just too large considering that everything is on casters (the extension to the sewing desk, the desk chair, the cut table). We were thinking of getting the original cut down, as it was just a carpet remnant anyway from Building 19, but then my sister sent me the link to digital design boards as well as a potential rug. I made my own rudimentary board with two rug options: design board After seeing it all together, and also the fact that I had ruled out the rug on the left in blue for my bedroom, I went with the rug on the left. :) Also pictured is the ceiling fan that will be necessary for comfort in the summer, and will provide nice overhead lighting (I never go with dome lights in rooms that I craft in). When that's purchased and installed (my husband is an expert at that, thankfully), the lamp in the room will either be removed, or put by the sewing machines. TV placement might also change after I use the room for a little bit. First up for usage of this room is a pincushion/threadcatcher for my sewing area and a purse organizer. :) Right now, though, I'm returning to my Central Park Hoodie, which got neglected over the weekend in favor of trips to Ikea, Target, Circuit City, and massive organizing.

Planning a year of knitting

I'm attempting to clean up the craft room, and one of the goals is to put some of the yarn that is currently stored in the cabinets into less visible storage, making room for higher priority yarn in the glass cabinets. This is actually pretty loaded, as I'm now trying to figure out what my first sweater is for the NaKniSweMoDo, as well as thinking of socks for my sister... after much thought about the first sweater, I think I'm going with Central Park Hoodie, as that is being knit with yarn that probably has to be alternated (handpainted), and January only has a few days of travel planned. Plus, January sounds like a good month to bury myself deep into wool. I think Lily will be February. Anyway, so then on to socks for my sister - I'll be using one of these for the first pair of the year: Michele socks I'm currently knitting with the middle yarn (Mind's Eye Merino/Tencel), and that will require a yarn with a stretchy pattern, as the yarn has less elasticity. I need help - patterns? Preference for number one? In the meantime, I'm going to swatch for the Central Park Hoodie, and work on finishing up Manhattan (all pieces are finished and blocked).


I've seen tons of Noro striped scarves and never had a moment of actual caring, but the combination of the Yarn Harlot's latest post, and some yarn store visits with Marisa (visiting for six days :) ) led to me purchasing a lovely color combo (224 and 272), as well as Pure Noro (that cover sweater got me, and now I'm so tempted to order some Cashmere Island...) Noro I was thinking of outsourcing the actual knitting of it (my sister is a scarf knitter, I am a sock knitter, and we figured out that this is a very symbiotic relationship). I'm not so sure, now, because there will be lots of wandering around Boston tomorrow, and my socks are not so mindless. But man, are they beautiful: First sock progress And in case anyone was wondering, Lani is pretty unfazed by the presence of a 5 month old - she seems to understand that staying out of arms reach is in her best interest (though obviously they are always supervised), and she's having no trouble keeping up with her beauty sleep: Lani sleeping


Apparently I got a cold at the ER while I was getting my ankle x-rayed. So now I'm a gimp with a cough. I worked a half-day today (now in Florida), then begged off because I felt crappy, and I didn't want to get anyone else sick. My boss joked that you can't take a sick day on a Saturday, and I pointed out that I made my hours for the entire pay period (which ends on Friday) today. :-| I do get overtime this pay period, but only 30 hours, which will clearly happen before I go home on Thursday. :P I did finish my Loksins socks yesterday, but my ankle is not yet up for sock modeling. In the meantime: loksins ocean Anyway, I did medicate a little with yarn on my way back to the hotel (I know, I know, I went to Rhinebeck last week, shhh). I found the Tulip kit, which I've been casually looking for months (for no particular baby, I just love it). purchases Why two Vogue Knitting magazines? First, read Miyon's post. Then, more from me tomorrow. :)


The coolest part about the Ravelry party is that I won a door prize! Door prize Bob immediately got lost in a sea of yarn: Bob yarn On Sunday, Bob found that not everyone was excited to see him: Kangaroo Butt Except for the people that really matter, of course: Stephanie Cara and Ann You gotta love being around people who don't even blink when you ask them to take a picture with Bob. :) I had to leave all too soon on Sunday, and Bob and I left (after a scare with Sven where I couldn't figure out what I changed my password to when I was prompted to do so at the Rav party - I should note that I had busted out Sven to check the Michigan score, not look at work email). I went straight back to work in Baltimore. I miss Brad and Lani something awful, but I'm so glad I went to Rhinebeck.


I was totally exhausted after a pretty difficult work week in Baltimore, and I have to admit that when I was walking through the hotel parking lot in Poughkeepsie (after two plane rides and a 40 minute drive), I was thinking maybe I had made the wrong choice (Rhinebeck instead of home). This was punctuated by a 4:30 am wake up by me (I was so proud that it wasn't 2:30 like the night before, then I realized that I had gone to bed 2 hours later). I grafted my Mystery Stole 4 (another post, another day), then we (my sister Michele and her two friends Chris and Susan) headed off for yarn. It only took 3 minutes to remember why I was there: KrisBriarRose Briar Rose - it was number one on my list this year (after missing out on all the good stuff last year). Marisa wanted me to pick up some yarn for her, and I wanted some yarn, and yeah, it was madness. I should note that I thought I had left my camera in the hotel room (I hadn't, but didn't realize it until late), so Michele took all of the Saturday pics for me. A little bit of llama love is always a good thing: Kris Llama And every fiber festival needs a mascot! Four plus sheep More animal loveliness (alpaaaaaaca): Alpaca Shelridge Farm has a Cookie A sock display (so awesome!) - Susan and I did some cross-enabling as a result: Cookie A We saw some super smart doggies: Sheepdog And a puppy with his brand new mommy, who named him Frank as we were drooling all over him: Frank We had a ton of fun - my sister has great taste in friends, and it was fabulous! Lots of yarn, lots of enabling (though we really failed at getting my sister to buy much of anything), lots of lovely animals, yummy food, and the worst wine EVER (which ended up being so damn funny it was worth the pain in the taste buds). I don't remember when exactly, but my sister saw this bumper sticker: Palin After a full first day, we headed off to the Ravelry party, which was packed. There were cool goodies: Goodies Really pretty cupcakes: cupcakes And great beer selection: Beer Jess and Casey throw a good party - I was expecting craziness, but it was packed! Luckily we were smart and had come early, so we had good seats in a tent. When we got back to the hotel, we took a picture of everyone's yarn together: All yarn Marisa, your yarn is in the bottom left. :) My contribution to that pile was more than I thought it would be, but isn't it always? Luckily Susan exhibited some similar stashing tendencies for the weekend, so I wasn't alone. And you know what? Saturday night, I slept.

Unlucky with business travel

This is where Pansy was before I left: Pansy I left early on Tuesday for a day meeting in the BWI area, then went back to the airport to go to FL. Lucky me got stranded in Atlanta*, after many hours just kind of hanging out in the airplane (not in the air). I just have to say, I have a different idea of what a software "glitch" is than the rest of the world, apparently. This is a failure, in my opinion. So I spent the night in an Atlanta hotel (completely missed dinner), and arrived in FL 1.5 hours late for my meeting on Wed. Jam packed day where we skipped lunch, but ended early enough due to people leaving to catch flights to visit an LYS. florida stash Then I had a couple of hours before a business dinner (first real meal in 48 hours), and knew that if I took a nap, I'd never get up. So I worked on Pansy, which was alarming like the couch in my Florida beach condo: Right front The view was nice, though I couldn't actually go on the balcony due to the heat/humidity: balcony And the morning was quiet and lovely: morning I got back to Boston late Thursday night, after a busy work morning and a thankfully uneventful trip home. I had finished the remaining pieces of Pansy, so it's all blocking now: blocking I am so, so, exhausted, and haven't really recovered yet. Luckily, I have a four day weekend (I took yesterday off), so I'm hoping to feel better by the time I have to go back to work on Tuesday. * Back when I lived in San Diego, and was cross-stitching on airplanes, not knitting, I got stranded in Denver on a business trip. The radar went out at the Denver airport, so airplanes couldn't land. After lots of circling, they started diverting to other airports to refuel. By the time my plane did that, we had to go to Wichita. By the time we got back to Denver and landed, I had missed my San Diego flight (San Diego airport has a curfew). So not fun. Always travel with the necessities NOT in checked luggage (both times I got stranded, I hadn't checked anything). I have to say, even for trips that are supposed to be out and back in the same day, I'll bring some extra clothes and toiletries just in case.

Just call me a sheep

Or a joiner. Carol convinced me to join the Ravelympics for team Lantern Rouge. In the spirit of impossible goals, I've tagged two colorwork baby sweaters, a scarf (for which the WRONG beads arrived for yesterday), and Maelstrom. I know I said that I was going to take a break from Cookie A. after Ornette... I lied, apparently. Or maybe it is Cookie A. that needs to take a break - how can I not knit this delicious new design? Anyway, I could use some help picking yarn: yarn Lani continues her love affair with my shoes: shoes