Finished Tangled Yoke Cardigan

Tangled Yoke Cardigan I wish I had added in more waist shaping. Pattern: Tangled Yoke Cardigan, Interweave Fall 2007 Designer: Eunny Jang Modifications: Knitted at a smaller gauge - 28 sp4". Knit the third size, which should fit a 34" at my gauge (I didn't measure the finished bust, but it seems about right - the waist is a little floppy, though). Started the sleeves from a smaller stitch count, increased to full stitch count. Yarn: 7.5 skeins of Rowanspun 4-ply in Jade Needles: US 4 Addi Turbos, US 3 for collar and buttonbands Date Started: August 27, 2007 Date Completed: October 15, 2007 Time: 19.25 hours for the body, 9.5 hours for the first sleeve, 11.5 hours for the second sleeve (including re-work), 16.5 hours for the yoke, 2.75 hours for the button bands, 2 hours for general finishing, and 1.5 hours to remove and reattach a sleeve for a total of 63 hours. So, for that sleeve drama - I finished the second sleeve during our day trip to Cape Code with my mother. In my race against the light, I managed to switch the beginning of the round and the middle of the round (I was using magic loop). So my very last increase and the seam stitch was suddenly on the opposite side of the sleeve, and I used the seam that was only on the last 40 rows to line it up with the body when attaching. Then, once I had finished the yoke and tried the whole thing on (16.5 hours later) I noticed that the sleeve seam on one arm was on the outside of my arm. I certainly wasn't going to rip out the yoke, and I wasn't going to leave it, so cutting the sleeve off and grafting was my only option. It wasn't as bad as it sounds - I did have to gear up for it, but it's really just cutting ONE stitch (which I double checked before I cut) and then picking out one row: picking out sleeve carnage I'm a wuss so I was immediately putting the stitches on US 2 needles (instead of the 4s I was knitting on - made it easier to snatch up the stitches). That's when I realized that I couldn't just drop down the seam stitch on the sleeve - since I had made the error at the very last increase, I had three stitches on one side where I needed one, and one stitch on a side I needed three. So I ripped out the top of the sleeve and reknit it. Then for the reattaching - it's really just like doing one really, really long sock toe: grafting And there you have it. I paid a lot of attention to tension on that grafting row (I did some fiddling after I was done with the actual grafting), and if I didn't know what sleeve it was, I wouldn't be able to tell. Whew! Some of us are still recovering: sleeping

Two Rhinebeck sweaters

blocking I actually finished seaming Lizzy in class on Saturday, and sewing the buttons on for the Tangled Yoke cardigan on Monday. I've been really bad about progress posts - Lizzy wasn't all that interesting, but I did take a bunch of pictures from when I had to cut off a sleeve of the Tangled Yoke cardigan and then graft it back on. Hopefully I can get enough sun to get some FO shots (especially helpful for those who have me on their Rhinebeck bingo cards) - I'll try to catch up with some of the progress info at the same time. I thought blocking would be easy - in the past, I've filled my washer with water, let things soak, and then spin them out, dry flat. It turns out that my new high efficiency washer won't actually fill with water, or at least it doesn't do it anywhere close to the front of the cycle. We gave up trying and just soaked in the sink and then spun out in the washer. Marisa arrives tomorrow night! Then Rhinebeck! :)

Cape Cod

My mother is here for a week (arrived on Tuesday night), and yesterday we headed out to the Cape. We happened upon a vineyard (Brad has radar for such things): vineyard That was Truro Vineyards, which had pleasant desert wines and a Vignoles that was lovely. We spent some time on the beach, where we got awesome video of Lani, but I'm still working on getting that up - will add it in later. Edited to add video - the sound of the wind was kind of loud, but basically Lani is letting the Atlantic Ocean know that she'd like it to stop moving. My second Tangled Yoke cardigan sleeve checked out the Cape Cod Lighthouse: lighthouse (The body to the armholes and the two sleeves took around 37 hours, for those interested. And still so much more to go. :P ) When we were in Provincetown, we picked up a treat for Lani at a dog bakery - isn't she cute? purse

Rhinebeck sweater

I rather stealthily started a Rhinebeck sweater (not on purpose, I just hadn't posted it). With a marathon knitting session of this past weekend in class, I managed to get up to the armholes: body (Lani foot because she has to be on anything I'm paying attention to. Camera strap because I wasn't paying enough attention.) This is kind of slow going, as I subbed Rowanspun 4-ply for the Felted Tweed (it was in my stash). I was a little nervous on yarn supply, but thanks to the loveliness of Ravelry, another skein of it (same dyelot) is on it's way to me. I've started on the sleeves, and as they're written, they're kind of large. The math wasn't coming out either - and then I figured out that my gauge in garter rib is bigger than my gauge in stockinette. Anyway, so I cut down the cast on stitches significantly, and I hope my new plan for increases works out.