Hair today, gone tomorrow

I had a haircut appointment yesterday, and I decided earlier this week that if my hairdresser could get the 10" ponytail off, I was going to go for it. Pre: pre haircut The carnage: ponytail The graduated, stairstepped bob: bob Back: haircut back Don't get too used to it - my favorite length for my hair is shoulder length, so I'm growing it out. I am also no longer growing any more hair donations (this was my second) so my hairdresser is dying to play with some highlights. I just might let her. :) My hair will be on its way to Angel Hair on Monday or Tuesday.

Father’s Day and Yarn Woes

First, Happy Father's Day. Check out the really great essay that my father wrote for the occasion here. Okay, now my yarn heartbreak. On Friday, I was reading my textbook and knitting along on the Vintage Cami. I finished up the straps and crocheted the edging on the bottom, and realized there was no possible way that I had enough yarn to finish the crochet. vintage cami no neck edging I looked for my swatch to steal some yarn from it. Unfortunately, I was a good girl and swatched in the round, so each row was a separate piece of yarn (we're ignoring the fact that a real "good girl" would have swatched for 4 inches of rows, not 1 - good thing I didn't!). The yarn was completely unusable. swatch I cursed myself for being dumb for a while. I had 665 yards of Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in a discontinued color that I had scored from a sale box in San Antonio, so I knew that I had no chance of getting more (a google search confirmed it). I had knit the size that called for 510 yards, so I thought I would be fine, but somewhere along the way decided that I needed the length of the size that called for 805 yards. A smarter knitter would have seen this coming (and in fact, I had the feeling I would run out for most of the second half of the tank, but since I always worry about running out, I dismissed it). So, the solution? I ripped out the back above the armhole split and dropped the back line to one inch above the front instead of four inches or so. This bought me enough yarn to almost finish the crochet - I had to rip out the picot edging on the bottom (leaving the single crochet) to finish up the top. That's where I am right now: blocking But let's be honest - the reason this tank is so pretty is the edging. I don't think I'll be happy with the lack of the picot edging on the bottom. The only thing left to do? Rip out the crochet on the bottom, pick out the cast on (we're conserving yarn here, so anything to avoid cutting...) rip back a couple of rows, bind-off, and then redo the crochet including the picot edging.