Finished Vogue Eyelet Blouse

I'm way overdue with this post, and you'll notice the FO pic was taken while I was in San Diego last week. Anyway, here it is (it was super windy so please excuse the hair): Finished Pattern: Eyelet Blouse from Vogue Knitting Winter 2006/2007 Yarn: Anny Blatt Merinos in 442 (fuchsia), 7 skeins Needles: US 6 Addi Turbos, 3.25mm crochet hook Date Started: January 31, 2007 Date Completed: February 18, 2007 Time: 6 hours for the left front, 4 hours for the right front, 8 hours for the back, 3 hours for the yoke, 2.75 hours for the first sleeve, 2 hours for the second sleeve, 7 hours for finishing (total 32.75) Modifications/Notes: 1. The row gauge stated in the pattern is the row gauge as listed for the yarn, NOT the row gauge that the designer attained. This is only important for the yoke, which is knit sideways. My row gauge was a little tighter, and still my yoke came out longer than it should have (and the instructions for the yoke are row-based). This was fine in my case, as I have broad shoulders, but it's something to look out for. I didn't calculate the actual row gauge of the designer, but it was something higher than 32 rows/4". 2. I made some changes to the eyelet rows. First, I raised the upper eyelet row by eight rows to get it better positioned on me. Also, I added in an eyelet row on the back so that the higher eyelets wrapped all the way around like the lower ones did. 3. I removed the ribbing from the sleeves, and didn't set the sleeves in so they puffed up. I kind of just winged the cap shaping, and it turned out fine. 4. After I knit both sleeves, I cut off the cast on row (the first row has you increase a bunch of stitches). I got to a point where all of the sleeve stitches were there, and just knit on my eyelet edging from there - the first version was too tight. All in all, this is a wearable sweater, but it isn't my favorite. Even with my mods to kind of downplay the shoulders (like removing the puffed, ribbed sleeve cap), I still think there's too much going on in the yoke for someone who has broad shoulders like myself. It was a fun knit, though - the construction was unique, and I loved working with the Merinos.

So close!

The Vogue Eyelet Blouse is all seamed: seamed Instead of following my instinct, I picked up the recommended number of stitches for the neck. It looks okay on, but it could use fewer stitches, so I'll be ripping that out and redoing it so it doesn't bother me forever. Other than that, I just have to weave in ends!

Plugging along

I've finished up the body and the other front of the Vogue Eyelet Blouse. Just the sleeves left! body The color is a bit off on the picture, but there it is. This sweater is going quickly! I'm sick today with a cold, and John is coming in tonight for a weekend, so despite being so close to the finish line, I'm not anticipating a finish this weekend.

Out of the gates

I had class today, so I was able to keep up with the good start I had on Wednesday night with my Vogue Eyelet Blouse. After consensus was reached that the pattern is just a little odd in areas, I decided to just go with it and adjust as I go (yes, this is Kris -shush): left front and yoke I'm going to try to note what I'm doing as I'm going. So far, I knit the front almost as specified (it was actually a little long, so I took out an inch and a half of the area between the increases and decreases). The yoke I kind of knit as directed - the "reverse shaping" directions were misleading (the pattern implied that you decrease for the right side sooner than you actually do, so I recommend you skip the instructions and just reverse shaping). Anyway, as is, the second eyelet row around the bust area hits me in exactly the wrong place (or right, if you like the pattern photo, but I really don't). I put a row of pins in to see how much slant would still show eight rows above, and I like it. I'll write out my row counts before I rip (I'd hate to be fuzzy on my counts after my previous attempt is gone). Then I think I'll start the back - I'm trying to knit the pieces in an order where anything that isn't going to work quite right presents early. On another note - I absolutely love this Anny Blatt Merinos yarn. I got it on sale, and I remember waffling on it even at the sale price, but I'm glad I went for it.