Okay, I’m done with the FO storm

Not that they’re a bad thing, but I’m fresh out. :) Thanks so much for all of your kind comments on all of them! I have four things crossed of the 10 WIP list, and have made good progress on October goals, so far. I ripped out York’s collar. While it’s cute standing up on [...]

Finished York

I am so thrilled that this is done! I went over to Miyon’s apartment last night. After a really yummy salad for dinner, we settled down to knit/sew, and I pestered her with annoying questions about her own zipper experience the night before. My zipper installation was uneventful, just tedious. I know people in cold [...]

I had to walk uphill both ways….

I gave up precious knitting time yesterday to go hang out with Brad and his co-workers. His co-workers are all really nice, but they’re also all about 5 years younger than us (Brad is an intern part-time while he’s in school full-time). I never thought it was that big of a difference, but they were [...]

This looks suspiciously like a sweater

A sweater with no zipper, but look! I had woven in some ends before I went to Miyon’s yesterday, and then finished weaving in ends and knitting the collar while I was there. It was a huge help having two opinions on when I should bind off the collar – no offense to Brad, but [...]

Seaming Party

Marisa couldn’t make it last night, so rather than start the Mary Ella bracelets, Miyon and I had a seaming party for Ribby Cardi and York. What do two first time sweater seamers need for a good evening? 1. A friend 2. Montse Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook 3. Nancie Wiseman’s Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques 4. [...]

A moment of silence…

My DVR died yesterday. In the middle of watching something (and recording the basketball game, sorry Miyon) the screen blanked out, and rebooting the device and calling customer service did me no good – the hard drive is gone. It took with it a weeks worth of my shows. It still works as a digital [...]

February Knit-off

First off, Marisa has started blogging! Go say hi. :) Natalie and I have too much yarn. Well, I have WAY too much yarn, and Natalie has a little bit too much. I will not be publicly admitting my stash count anytime soon. Anyway, a couple months ago, after we did the counting of our [...]

Even with no elves, four gifts are done

I finished up the back of York without even realizing I was that close. It took a lot less time to do the back than the sleeves. I think my bind off for the shoulders was too tight, though, so I’ll probably have to redo that. It looks so long and skinny! With a few [...]

More pictures

Here’s the November Flip-It (click for more project details). The final post-blocking picture of the coasters: Here’s the start of a scarf for my sister, made with Peruvian Alpaca in Indigo and Cornflower. I’m using a ribbed pattern, but with a twisted mini-cable for the K2s. I’m switching colors every 28 rows (about 4″). This [...]

Greetings from Boston

Well, we’re here. Our trip was fairly uneventful, despite me losing my airplane friendly nail clippers in the Baltimore airport, making cross-stitching on the second flight impossible. I’ve been reunited with my lovely Gingher scissors now, and I’ll replace the clippers before we fly back home. Before we left, I finished up this month’s round [...]