Remember those August Goals?

A quick refresher here. Everything got shoved to the side when I decided to do the Ravelympics (decision made sometime between the 1st and the 8th). Now I have a week left in August, and I’m pretty sure I can’t finish Pansy, but I should be able to get everything else done. Here’s where I [...]

So close to a finished set!

Not bad, huh? Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving… I have three buttons left to sew on. Johanna was sweet enough to pick them up for me (there were only 9 buttons at the store I originally found them at). Those three buttons are all that are in between me and a second finished Ravelympics object. [...]

A little Olympic catch-up

I got a ton done, and now I’m behind with the posting. First, I powered through the lavender sweater body and finished it on Friday: Then, I cut my first steeks on Saturday: I sewed each reinforcement seam an extra time because I was nervous. :p Brad said the whole thing was anti-climactic, and I [...]

Day off – time to knit!

I’m taking the day off and hanging with the doggie and Brad. We have dinner reservations tonight, and then again Sunday night, with lots of sleeping, relaxing, and knitting planned for the in between. :) I thought I had a mistake in the second sleeve of the pink cardigan, and realized after I undone the [...]

Olympics Day 3

There’s two more weekends in this thing, right? My deliberately impossible goals are starting to seem possible, as the body is done on the first baby sweater: Of course, I haven’t steeked anything yet; gearing up to cut knitting might take me days right there.

Olympics Day 2

This is where I left off last night, with a fixed sleeve and the start of a body. After the ribbing, I was confined to 16″ long circs, which have a smaller actual needle portion. This morning I switched to 24″ in my hands are much happier. I also kicked off my Cookie A. socks, [...]

Off to a rocky start

First, if you’re Brad’s cousin and pregnant, please stop reading. Thanks. :) Anyway, so I started off with my first sleeve for the first baby cardigan for one of my four (impossible) Ravelympic projects. I thought I was doing well with the sleeve, but it turns out that I can’t measure (measured from after the [...]