Remember those August Goals?

A quick refresher here. Everything got shoved to the side when I decided to do the Ravelympics (decision made sometime between the 1st and the 8th). Now I have a week left in August, and I'm pretty sure I can't finish Pansy, but I should be able to get everything else done. Here's where I am in the first Firestarter sock: firestarter This thing has been taking me forever (over 8 hours so far, which is a lot for a sock that's so simple). A lot of it was my own confusion with the way the chart is written, and once I recharted it, I was fine. The second sock should go more quickly. I did also block Salina and Peacock feathers yesterday. Salina pic will be saved for the FO pic (too darned hot for a photo shoot), but here's the ginormous Peacock Feathers blocking: peacock feathers Had I thought about it when I started, oh, over 2 years ago, I probably would have gone down a needle size to make it less.... huge. It is absolutely gorgeous, though, but the size makes me wonder how much I'll actually use it (I haven't measured it, but that's on our queen sized guest bed, and the wingspan is longer than the length). Maybe I should just put it on my bedroom wall. :P I got the last three buttons yesterday, so here's the actual finished cardigan: Finished Pattern: Setesdal Cardigan by Dale of Norway Yarn: 2.5 skeins of Dale of Norway Baby Ull in 010, less than one skein of 5303 Needles: Addi Turbo US 1, Addi Natura US 2 Modifications: none Date started: August 14, 2008 Date finished: August 24, 2008 Time: 11.5 hours for the body, 3.5 hours for the first sleeve, 3.75 hours for the second sleeve, 7.75 hours for finishing for a total of 26.5 hours.

So close to a finished set!

Not bad, huh? Finished pair Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving... almost finished I have three buttons left to sew on. Johanna was sweet enough to pick them up for me (there were only 9 buttons at the store I originally found them at). Those three buttons are all that are in between me and a second finished Ravelympics object. So here's the rub - earliest I'll see Johanna is Sunday, 4 pm. The official end of Ravelympics is Sunday, noon EST. There are three buttons to attach to a project that took something like 22 hours, part of a 50+ hour pair. It somehow feels wrong to mark it as finished. Argh.

A little Olympic catch-up

I got a ton done, and now I'm behind with the posting. First, I powered through the lavender sweater body and finished it on Friday: body finished Then, I cut my first steeks on Saturday: cutting I sewed each reinforcement seam an extra time because I was nervous. :p Brad said the whole thing was anti-climactic, and I said that was the point... it would only been really exciting if something went wrong. Here's both sweaters all cut up: steeked I finished both lavender sleeves on Saturday too. sleeves Some serious finishing effort Saturday night and Sunday (including reknitting one band a bunch of times, initially because I had it the boy way, and then because I kept on messing up) finished Pattern: Setesdal Cardigan by Dale of Norway Yarn: 2.5 skeins of Dale of Norway Baby Ull in 010, less than one skein of 4711 Needles: Addi Turbo US 1, Addi Natura US 2 Modifications: none Date started: August 8, 2008 Date finished: August 17, 2008 Time: 7.25 hours for the first sleeve, 11 hours for the body, 5.25 hours for the second sleeve, 9 hours for finishing for a total of 32.5 hours. All of those raw edges are covered by picot facing: facing And as part of the whole "I'm going to do an impossible amount of projects so I won't actually kill myself" stupidity, Brad helped me string on beads for the Undulating Waves Scarf (at Knitsmiths! He had to come because we had dinner reservations, and it was Ariel's last day so I couldn't skip): yarn and beads Now, to work on finishing off the lavender sweater!

Day off – time to knit!

I'm taking the day off and hanging with the doggie and Brad. We have dinner reservations tonight, and then again Sunday night, with lots of sleeping, relaxing, and knitting planned for the in between. :) I thought I had a mistake in the second sleeve of the pink cardigan, and realized after I undone the bind off that it was actually just a pink stitch hiding from me due to tension. So I blocked it all last night: blocking Then, immediately to the lavender. I started with the body this time, with the hopes that I can sew all the steeks and cut them this weekend. We'll see how that goes! :) body start I'm just going to have to steal it from Lani first: yarn love

Olympics Day 3

There's two more weekends in this thing, right? My deliberately impossible goals are starting to seem possible, as the body is done on the first baby sweater: Body Finished Of course, I haven't steeked anything yet; gearing up to cut knitting might take me days right there.

Olympics Day 2

This is where I left off last night, with a fixed sleeve and the start of a body. fixed sleeve body start After the ribbing, I was confined to 16" long circs, which have a smaller actual needle portion. This morning I switched to 24" in my hands are much happier. I also kicked off my Cookie A. socks, using this Shibui that my sister and Carol voted for: maelstrom start Lani is having a rough time with the rigorous schedule: Tired So, the downside of me joining in so last minute is that my "program" is pretty poorly designed. My projects are two of the exact same sweater (the other will be lavender), a pair of socks, and a scarf made of sock yarn (that I can't even start yet, because the wrong beads arrived). All skinny yarn. Also, it turns out that the Shibui bleeds badly, much to my great disappointment. I had worked with Shibui for my Marilinda socks, and I loved it. With the deep teal, the dye is leeching on my fingers, and the yarn feels crunchier. So I also have to be super careful switching back and forth from the socks to the sweater, as my right hand is my white yarn hand for the color work, and I don't want to get teal on it.

Off to a rocky start

First, if you're Brad's cousin and pregnant, please stop reading. Thanks. :) Anyway, so I started off with my first sleeve for the first baby cardigan for one of my four (impossible) Ravelympic projects. I thought I was doing well with the sleeve, but it turns out that I can't measure (measured from after the ribbing, not including the ribbing). Time to rip! first sleeve pre-rip