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Female Pink Viagra For Sale, I've got to milk this whole sweater thing for one more post, right. :) Sweaters dominated my 2009 knitting because of NaKniSweMoDo - not one stitch of a single sweater was knit outside of that year, Female Pink Viagra no prescription. Female Pink Viagra class, Here it all is:

January: Central Park Hoodie
February: Broderie
March: Lily
April: Grannie Smith Cardigan
May: Peace
June: Brad's Phildar Cabled Sweater
July: Cherry
August: Henley Perfected
September: Phildar Leafy Sweater
October: Daisy Pinstripes Pullover
November: Vivian
December: Sylvar

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NaKniSweMoDo#6 Finished

I did in fact finish Brad's sweater in time for our anniversary. :) He did a quick modeling shoot for me before dinner: modeled I love the cabley goodness: cables Pattern: Pull Homme #397-T3-176 from Phildar Best Irlandais Modifications: I made sure the ribbing flowed into the cables. I knit the collar in the round and attached it with free-loop backstitch, which I don't think the pattern specified (but honestly, I didn't spend a lot of time on translating, so I'm not really sure). Yarn: Cascade 220 in 9428, 8 skeins Needles: Addi Turbos US 8, US 6 (for ribbing) Date started: April 23, 2009 Date completed: June 15, 2009 Time: 8.75 hours for the first sleeve, 17.5 hours for the back, 15 hours for the front, 7.75 hours for the second sleeve, .75 hours to reknit the sleeve cap on the first sleeve, .75 hours to knit the collar, 5 hours for the finishing for a total of 55.5 hours. And what did Brad get me for this 7th anniversary of wool? He found a radio station in Vermont called Wool100.1fm and got me the t-shirt. wool fm That was the cute, and as for the practical, there's a gc to WEBS. :) But back to the cute... Ostrich routine: ostrich Pillow fort (before we made the bed, so all the pillows were on the loveseat): pillow fort eyes

Seven years of marriage

wedding wedding Today's our seventh anniversary. It's been another wonderful year, and we feel so lucky to have each other. :) The seventh year anniversary present is wool. I have been looking forward to this one for an entire year. My dad and I are thinking that the term "seven-year itch" might have something to do with people who gift bad wool. :) Anyway, I have been working diligently on Brad's present. Yesterday, I seamed in the first sleeve, and discovered it was 12 rows too long. riiiiip Luckily I seamed the first sleeve in before I got to that point on the second sleeve. A full day of work got me all the way to here (Lani included for scale): sweater assembly I couldn't seam the second sleeve last night because it was still damp, as was the collar. And now I'm all convinced that I can get this done at lunch today. Because I am delusional. The sleeve isn't so bad, but then there's the collar, attached with free-loop backstitch. (I'm didn't go through the trouble of translating the pattern on the collar, so I'm not sure if that's what called for, but it makes sense to me). Yeah, wish me luck.

Blocking in stages

Brad's sweater is so big that I can only fit half of it on my blocking board at a time.  Luckily, I'm a planner, and am now blocking the first half of the sweater (one sleeve and the back): blocking The pieces relaxed beautifully - I was anticipating some stretching out and pinning to get the cables to unscrunch width-wise, but it just took a few pats once I had soaked everything. Now I just need to knit the second half!

Thank Goodness It’s Chilly

I'm probably one of the few people happy about this New England cold snap at the end of May, but it's let me get some work done on Brad's Phildar sweater. Once I had the heart to take it away from Lani, of course: buried face Of course, once I got started, she just shifted so that she could lie on it while I was knitting on it: Helping How can I compete with this? I did get a bunch done, though - I'm just past the armhole bind-offs. Back armholes And for a quick Lani update - she had her now regular 3 month checkup on her liver enzymes, and they're elevated past her now "normal" elevation. She could just be getting older (it has been almost a year and a half since all of this started), or she could be starting another downward trend. We'll recheck again in a month and go from there. Her vet (the specialist) told me not to worry yet, and surprisingly, I'm actually accomplishing this. I'm just going to keep on enjoying every second of her adorable little self.

Catch up post

So, I flew home on Thursday. Relatively uneventfully. I tried to drop by work for a few minutes on Friday (being done with all of my hours for the pay period, which has one week left in it), but that didn't work out so well (keeping it just to a few minutes, that is).  So, Saturday brings us to the body of Peace blocking: peace blocking I'm almost done with the first sleeve. There was lots of admiring of Lani lani cute Then I decided it was time for her summer haircut. So here she is all fluffilicious pre-haircut And after the deed was done - this isn't even all of the fur, and yet it's enough for at least another dog. The funny thing is that she just weighed in a 10.3 ounces, a testament to lots of hand feeding (she was in for another liver panel, no results yet). I'm pretty sure that we took that .3 pounds off again, at least. two dogs But don't worry, she's still cute still cute Then I discovered an error in the chart for Brad's sweater... :( chart error Of course, I had to rip out. And then this morning, I thought I had screwed up, and ripped out 14 rows again, and it turns out that the repeats of the chart just don't line up with the edges. So my second rip was for nothing. Ugh. But Brad started painting today: Brad painting And in fact, he's now done. I have NO idea how he finished that entire room in one day. I was also working on the bedroom, but in the textiles - I spent almost the entire day ironing fabric for curtains.  I used an entire can of spray starch. I got a fair amount of sewing done too, but now my machine needs some servicing (the threader is not working now).  Back to knitting!

Tall is good, tall is good

Normally I love the fact that Brad is 6'5" - but I gotta say, I have never been more concerned with the length of his arms than I have been lately. I mean, seriously: first sleeve (Yes, it's a really shallow and wide sleeve cap - we'll see how that works out.) I did start on the body as well, with more finesse to make the ribbing flow beautifully into the cables, which Phildar doesn't really bother doing: back start Two miles of back left to go. ** I drafted this post before I left. Still in FL. Thankfully all events ended on time, so today will be significantly less intense, and I go home tomorrow. I'm exhausted - today was the first day I could sleep in a little, which I needed since I didn't get back to the hotel until 3:30 am, and then some asshat burned toast, setting off the fire alarm at 7 am. I figured it was a false alarm, but also realized that's probably how people die, so I did drag myself out of bed and out of the building. When I confirmed with the front desk person that it was a false alarm, she realized that she had seen me come back from work a mere 3.5 hours before... anyway. Tired. Hopefully having some time to go the beach might help. I wouldn't say no to a yarn store visit and some outlet shopping as well. But first, just a few more hours of work...

Never ending…

Parade of paint samples: paint samples We've been waffling to a sandy color and deeper blue with a chair rail, or a lighter blue overall (though we haven't found that blue yet), or a reverse accent wall, but my sister is rooting quite heavily for a paint color that isn't yet on the wall - picking up a 2 oz sample today. Hopefully round three will do it. I'm counting on some advice from Miyon on Friday. :) Also, never ending sleeve: bigger than Lani The darned thing is bigger than Lani! I love the fact that Brad is 6'5" until I try to knit him something, and now I am convinced that he has gorilla arms. There is no way I can knock this out in May, especially considering that I have a week long trip to Florida, so I believe there will be the injection of a cotton/silk garment into the NaKniSweMoDo lineup (probably Peace). At least there's also never ending cuteness orphan

Starting NaKniSweMoDo #6

Yes, I haven't done #5 yet, but I need a head start on #6 because it's a doozy. I'm making a cabled Phildar sweater for Brad. Here's the magazine picture: phildar sweater And here's my sleeve start (a.k.a. giant swatch), in Cascade 220: sleeve start The cables are actually really easy so far, though I have to say that Phildar is not the best with that perfect transition from ribbing to cables (I forced it here, and I have to plan carefully so that I can force it for the front and back). Of course, I'm actually kind of knitting from the French as I go at this point, so maybe they said it and I missed it. I doubt it though, from studying the picture. Anyway, in good news, Phildar sent me the missing chart for the front/back, so I'm good to go. :)