Staycation Day 1

So I did some casual work from home, but only for knitting breaks. :) Kind of cool that way, I have to say. I also did not wake up until after 11, a feat only accomplished because Brad put Leilani in the dining room (where she spends her alone time during the day) when he left, so she wouldn't wake me up. She clearly is not so smart, because she forgot I hadn't left, and when I went to let her out, she was waiting by the door to the outside anxiously (having heard me), and didn't even notice me at the dog gate. Anyway, she exploded from excitement, and is now passed out cold. Much like she looked like last night, after our first Knitsmiths in many months: exhausted Getting all of that love is such hard work. Anyway, I finished my one and only Christmas knitting project. As it's for Brad, you'll have to check it out on Ravelry, since he reads the blog, but doesn't have a Ravelry account.

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