More staycation

I'm not surprisingly not so good at operating without stress. I have zero deadline knitting, had filled out my timesheet yesterday to take today completely off (my father is here), and I only just now remembered to even look at my November goals (of which I've done precious few of - I totally forgot I even had started the Seascape stole - I think I'm four rows into it). Feeling a little aimless, though I'm now quite enamored with the Dainty Pinstripes Pullover from the current Interweave Knits, and I have yarn that I think will work for it, but I haven't gotten around to swatching it yet. Or finishing up the last hour of work on the Rebecca sweater, for that matter. My hold-up has been button placement, but I have a solution to that problem, which if I'm motivated, I will take blog pics for. :P So I do have one more thing of the deadline nature, the annual Christmas ornament. This year it took me all of three seconds to think of my theme - the most notable thing that happened this year (besides me finishing school FOREVER with my MS) was that we finally got to Europe. So I hunted around for a cross-stitch pattern of the Eiffel Tower that would be ornament size, and then I ordered Eiffel Tower fabric for the backing of the ornament, as well as some back-up in case the print was too big (which I think it is). I also got drawn in by some loud prints that I want to make into bags (Simplicity Pattern 9949, ordered online because I didn't want to set foot in JoAnns at this time of year). I just have to remember that I sew, and that I have a serger and a sewing machine that miss the love. fabrics Thanksgiving tomorrow is in Connecticut, with my sister's mother-in-law. I'm taking the Noro Striped Scarf with me, as it's great for talking and putting down to help cook, and if I have nothing else to knit, perhaps I'll be more excited about it... honestly, I was enamored for a minute, and now I'm wondering if Noro colors are enough to keep me excited about 1x1 rib. Noro Striped scarf Of course, the sweater I want to knit is 1x1 ribbing for the first 8" or so (without lovely Noro striping), so I either need to get over myself, or pick another sweater to knit now. :P

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  • mimsie

    You know, I’ve been tempted to start that scarf for ages but then I always realize 1) my LYS selection of Noro is pathetic and 2) I have a two skein alternating socks on needles for the last year already. :P Although the colors on yours is coming out fascinatingly.

  • The scarf colors are very pretty. Keep going and you might be surprised what combinations come up.