Practically finished master bedroom

The before we moved in pictures: master master 2 And the after, going from the left to right: Bedroom 1 bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom 4 bedroom 5 bedroom 6 bedroom 7 Some general notes: The sand ceremony stuff (which is right now on top of the low dresser) should be on the shelf above the vanity with the wedding cross-stitch.  There was no way to stud-mount that shelf, though, so we're not sure yet if we want to risk such valuable (to us) glass on it. The photos on the picture ledges are as follows: top, purchased from etsy, middle, taken by me, and bottom, taken by my sister.  I also got a bunch of nice stuff from my dad, which Brad is hanging up in hallways as I write this.  Another day, another post. You  might have also noticed some weirdness over the couch - there are two cross-stitches, one for Hawaii, and one for California.  The empty frame will contain a Massachusetts cross-stitch, which I just started on Saturday. cross-stitch That is two hours of cross-stitch.  I forgot how much slower it is than knitting!

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