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Soma For Sale, 1. Last week it was whiskey, Soma blogs, Buying Soma online over the counter, this week it's bug repellents. I'd post a picture, buy Soma without a prescription, Soma no rx, but they're all in the mail - four natural formulations and Avon skin-so-soft on their way for my sampling pleasure.

2, Soma duration. Soma samples, If I seem obsessed with mosquitoes, it's because they're obsessed with me - I feel like I'm being dive bombed, purchase Soma online. Last week I couldn't get most of my shoes on my swollen left foot, and this week I can't get my wedding ring on (I got bitten on my ring finger on Saturday), Soma For Sale. Soma brand name, I miss that ring (engagement and band soldered together) - I normally don't take it off for anything, and it's been on my hand for 7 years, online buying Soma, Generic Soma, plus the engagement ring only for another year before that... I feel naked, Soma used for. Soma steet value, :( Though I am happy I took it off before my finger swelled up, because I'd rather not be able to get it on than not be able to get it off, herbal Soma. Where can i order Soma without prescription, 3. Soma For Sale, Yesterday I got bitten at work (indoors, air conditioning), on my hip, through long pants. That is not okay, Soma dose. Soma natural, 4. All of this searching for alternatives to DEET (which works well, Soma for sale, Soma without a prescription, but I don't particularly want to wear 24/7 because it ruins plastic and the idea of keeping Lani from licking me... yeah) made me wonder about what we're putting in Lani's body for her own bug protection, Soma alternatives. We're discontinuing all vaccines except for rabies, because it's too much for her liver to metabolize, but why it didn't occur to me that perhaps spot flea prevention was questionable until yesterday.., Soma For Sale. Order Soma online overnight delivery no prescription, anyway, I've got some natural flea deterrent coming in the mail, after Soma. Soma class, It will take a little more work (natural spray for her, powder for our rugs, where can i buy cheapest Soma online, Soma recreational, and daily flea combings to check), but since we're coming from a place of prevention, is Soma safe, Soma treatment, and not infestation, I think we'll be okay, buy Soma from mexico. Soma mg, She is getting another haircut this week to make it all easier, though, Soma schedule. Soma dangers, 5. Soma For Sale, I got back on my treadmill this week, first time since the moldy lungs. It's kind of pathetic (just some brisk walking for a sadly rather short period of time), but it's something. :) I want to be able to walk like a normal person (and not a "recovering from moldy lungs" person) before I re-start couch to 5K.

6. We watch a lot of HGTV and DIY, and therefore see Billy Mays commercials (those condensed 1-2 minute infomercials). It's weirding me out.

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  • The Avon stuff is supposed to work great but it makes me wonder what’s in it that’s so repellent to bugs ;) I too am a major attractor for mozzies. I just scratch. Congrats on feeling better enough to start walking again! Definite progress towards health again.

  • Lori

    Try taking more vitamin B. I think its specifically B6 that the mosquitoes don’t like – and it will give you more energy as a side effect. Good Luck.

  • there’s some even more natural things I’ve heard about for fleas. Generally speaking if you can get rid of them, in the house and the yard, you can stop figthing them altogether. The first is to get a garden sprayer and fill it with amonia and spray on the yard to kill fleas out there, and then for Lani, sprinkling yeast flakes (not the baking kind, the brewing kind from the healthfood store, which incidentally can be quite yummy on popcorn) on her food will also deter fleas on her. I’ve heard it makes the blood taste bitter to the fleas, but I had friends with a dog who swore by it, said that the dog got to where she refused to eat unless her food was sprinkled with the yeast flakes. That might be even better than the spray / powder stuff… Oh, yeah, and sprinkling your carpets with regular table salt will kill all eggs, it sinks down into the padding a lot better and gets the eggs where they are. Hope this helps!!!


  • sorry, I forgot to add that if already bitten (by mosquito(s)), and this sounds drastic, but somehow it’s not, you can take a q-tip and saturate the end with household bleach and puddle it on the bug bite, and it will foam, yes, that’s right, foam… something in it neutralizes whatever is in the mosquito saliva and it makes you not itch, and it doesn’t sting your skin either (but be careful because it will still bleach your clothes, but once it’s done foaming you can wash it off, so you don’t have to worry for long…. ) I’ve used this since I heard about it when I got completely swarmed during a bike-a-thon I was in in when I was 12!!! It works great, even if it does sound scary when you first hear about it.