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Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, For some reason, I am paralyzed with indecision on how to layout the floor tiles (the cabinet on the let will have doors, just not made yet). We dry-fit the different options:


square tile

Offset with horizontal stripes:
horizontal tile

Offset with vertical stripes:
vertical tile

We have a tentative winner, Phenergan class, Phenergan from mexico, but it would make me feel a lot better if everyone else liked that one too. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with inconclusive results, Phenergan street price, Phenergan schedule, but I doubt I could be worse off than I am right thsi second with the second-guessing.

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more cute

the cute

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9 comments to Buy Phenergan Without Prescription

  • Manon

    I like the square layout. Second choice would be the diamond.

  • I voted but I think you should go with your gut feeling whatever the results. It’s your house and you’ll be looking at it everyday.

  • I voted as well, but I agree with Carol’s comment :)

  • I voted, but I agree with Carol’s comment also. I don’t think Lani could possibly get any cuter.

  • Dad

    Each of the choices would look best under different viewing angles and light angles. Nobody’s opinion really matters except yours and Brad’s. Go with whichever one you want to look at every day for the foreseeable future. Just make Lani stand or sleep in the middle of the floor and the pattern will be irrelevant. Cuteness always dominates. :)

  • I vote for diamonds, but I bet that’s probably the most difficult to do. Sorry!

  • Celina

    I agree with your dad. Put Lani on top and see how the design fits her lol.

    A note on the vertical/offset it maybe makes the space feel longer no? Hard to tell without knowing the space.

  • First choice diamond. Second choice square. Don’t know why, but the offset ones make me dizzy… You kitchen is going to be fabulous!

  • Gayle

    I chose offset with vertical stripes but I think I was swayed by the appearance of Leilani in the photo. Maybe Leilani has a preference. Even if she doesn’t, she will look adorable on this floor.