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Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Yes, we are still alive. Sorry about the radio silence - I woke up on Friday sick. Very in denial, buy Modalert online cod, mind you, Modalert use, and I ran three miles before I was like "oh, crap, I really am sick." So then poor Brad had to drag my whiny self to the airport and get me into bed in Glasgow, is Modalert addictive, where I stayed until Miyon's hen party on Saturday night. Modalert trusted pharmacy reviews, Here's the female side of the bridal party (the hen party was cowboy themed):

bridal party

There was apparently some mistake on the size of blow-up doll to procure, so boxers were brought for a doll that really was not of size to wear them:

blow up doll

We were at a Curryoke place. I can't make this stuff up:

curryoke club

Another shot of the girls:

cheryl angelina kris

miyon angie

We quickly realized we were WAY too sober (which wasn't going to change for me, Modalert mg, since I was still feeling pretty crappy). There were something like 4 hen parties and an 18th birthday party, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Modalert pictures, Here's another one of the brides, living it up, before the karaoke started - I'm really hoping she was drunk:


140 women, buy generic Modalert, 22 guys. Modalert reviews, The guys were not actually thrilled because they managed to find the most un-hot women in all of Scotland and put them all in the same room.

There was an awesome moment when Miyon and Angie accidentally discovered that the pink pistols were actually water pistols:


And just because this was a good picture of Miyon and Angie:


Miyon singing Beautiful Stranger, which was described by the maid of honor as "just like Cameron Diaz!"


There were some serious fashion atrocities everywhere:


And then that was pretty much it for me - felt like crap, Modalert results, so I took a cab back to the hotel at that point. Modalert long term, Brad got back from his night out with Craig and the boys, announced that he was sick (too) and collapsed into bed. Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Then I woke up at 3 am, couldn't sleep, and this was what I found on TV:

sleep tv

Yeah, that's right, a TV channel dedicated to two people sleeping. To piss off insomniacs everywhere, Modalert used for. Suck it, Cheap Modalert, Scotland.

So yeah, Sunday was rough, Modalert no prescription. Rough rough rough. Brad was sick, I was sick, I hadn't slept, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Modalert from mexico, So we did nothing until 8 pm, when we had dinner:

dinner group

That's Brian, Brad, generic Modalert, me, Online buying Modalert, Miyon, Angie, and Angelina, Modalert gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. (A fiance, Buy Modalert without prescription, a husband, three bridesmaids and a bride).

So that brings us to this morning, purchase Modalert online no prescription, our only day to actually do anything in Glasgow (since we had really seen nothing but the rather nice room at the Marriott up until that point). Real brand Modalert online, We went to the Museum of Modern Art, which has a rather strange welcoming statue:

traffic cone

After the museum, we walked around Buchanan Street, purchase Modalert online, where we found a really interesting juxtaposition of new and old:


Look, Buying Modalert online over the counter, a church.


A pretty cool raised map of the area:

map Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Then we headed out to our first Scotch tour at Auchentoshan, rocking the ThinkGeek attire.


This is getting a little predictable, I guess - it all starts with the barley, doses Modalert work. Auchentoshan has their barley germinated to their specifications and then delivered, Modalert forum, where it is boiled to make wort:


We even got to look inside - smelled incredible.

wort boiling

And then, our tour of the Scottish Fire Brigade, buy Modalert without a prescription, due to a fire alarm in the distillery:

fire brigade

Once we got to go back in, Modalert without a prescription, we got the deluxe tour to finish (yay!) - here's the fermentation in the washback:


We even got to taste it - at this point, it's like flat beer, 8% alcohol:

flat beer

The washbacks where the fermentation happens:


Auchentoshan is the only Scotch that is triple distilled (like Irish whiskey is), buy cheap Modalert no rx. Here are the various stages, About Modalert, 18% after the first distillation, 54%, some 84% part that is removed, Modalert alternatives, and the 81% after the third distillation. Because of this triple distillation, Auchentoshan is very smooth, and is referred to as the breakfast Scotch, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Modalert natural, triple distilled

In the list of things I never thought I would never do, I actually stuck my finger in a communal glass of the 162 proof triple distilled alcohol to taste it. It was actually really, really good. And I figure that had to be enough alcohol to kill anything.

Another fun fact - Auchentoshan has the youngest blender in all of Scotland, at 36 (the guy who decides how much whiskey of different types of barrels get put together). Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Speaking of types of barrels, here they are:

types of barrels

They are previously used for bourbon, sherry, and port, among other things. Auchentoshan spends the most money for their barrels than any other distillery in Scotland.

Brad learned how to open the bunghole using a bung flogger (I can't make this stuff up):

brad bung flogger

Mmm, Scotch.


And our favorite part of every tour, the tasting:


And because we were inconvenienced by the fire alarm, we got a special bonus... we got to try the 21 year old too. So. Yum.

21 year

Now we're in Irvine - should be seeing Miyon for dinner tonight, I believe. And some much needed rest, since we're still not so energetic.

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  • Hope you guys are on the mend!

    Did you run into any of the painted cows? We were at dinner with our UK contact last night and apparently this year is the year for randomly placed oddly-painted cows throughout the UK. Next year is elephants, FWIW.

    No. Seriously. You cannot make up the restaurant OR the outfits. No one would believe you.