Mission Impossible

I finally got to meet up with Marisa last night! Miyon was busy, but I think we'll continue to meet with whoever can come, because the three of us are super busy. Anyway, Marisa brought me some Phildar magazines that I had ordered through Erika, and I found a few things I like. Thankfully, I don't like anything enough to do anything about it yet, because my plate is full. I worked on Rosita, which is definitely knitting friend only knitting. A non-knitter wouldn't have understood the breaks from conversation while I counted stitches. Here's the back of Rosita, which I started on Sunday (I got my needles on Saturday): Rosita back start That's one and one third repeat. We're not going to discuss how long that took me. Marisa and I made an estimate to how long we think Rosita is going to take. It's not pretty. When I'm finished with the back I'll disclose the actual hours going into this. It is turning out beautifully, though. :)

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