26 today

Check out my fabulous present: Rosita blocking This was taken on Friday, and Rosita has since been unpinned. I've set in one sleeve, and the sleeve and side seam on that side is completed as well. Lani got a summer shave yesterday to help her out with the heat. Before: pre-haircut After: shorn Fox tail: fox tail Here she is nesting among the shoes Brad thoughtfully leaves out for her (I'm guilty of this too). Those are size 13s - she's not quite as small as this picture makes her seem. nesting She's hanging out on the carpet again instead of just the kitchen tile, so she's obviously feeling better. Wish I could say the same for the rest of us. Here's hoping the air conditioning in my office is improved by tomorrow. We're going to hang out with some friends at Moondoggies this afternoon, then dinner for two at Forever Fondue. I might try to sneak in a visit to Needlecraft Cottage in PB on the way to Moondoggies too. :)

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