MA yarn crawl

The day started at Woolcott. They do have good yarn, but the space is so crowded that it wasn't pleasurable to be there at all. We left empty handed, fairly quickly. Woolcott It was already close to lunch, and we were near Mr. Bartley's Burgers, so we stopped to eat. I got in a couple of rows on the heel flap while we waited. Mr. Bartley's Burgers The burgers were great, though messy. Then it was back on the T to go to Mind's Eye Yarns. It's a really small store in a house, but I was thrilled to find some beautiful sock yarn dyed by the owner or one of her friends. I'm trying to limit my yarn to things that I can't buy online. Anyway, I forgot to take a picture before my sister did my picture resizing, so I'll post that later. I'll be making a stole/scarf with it. Mind's Eye Then it was off to Windsor Button. On the way, Michele took a picture of me knitting on the T. That's the Charles behind me. Subway knitting Windsor Button At Windsor Button, I decided to look for, well, buttons. I needed some for Grace, but I had forgotten to bring Grace with me. I also did not remember how many buttons I needed. Luckily, they had a skein of the yarn I'm using, and Michele helped me pick out buttons. I purchased extras just in case I was guessing the needed number wrong. Grace buttons The picture is a little dark, but you get the idea. Windsor Button was fabulous, with an ever-growing selection of good quality yarns, as well as the craft store varieties. I also picked up some beads to go with my River, my sister's River, and Rowan's Butterfly. Our final yarn stop of the day was A Good Yarn. A Good Yarn We figured out that it was the yarn store that Alison works at, verified by her wonderful Harry Potter display. We enjoyed looking around, and I left with patterns for baby hats and notions. I had to force myself to put down some Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock yarn in Moose Creek - I can get it later if I really want it after Rhinebeck. Here's the fabulous scarf that my sister knit for me, from Kidsilk Haze in Dewberry and Majestic. The pattern is from Exquisite Little Knits. scarf Isn't it absolutely beautiful? This is my progress on River, Kidsilk Haze in Trance: River We leave tomorrow morning for NY (stopping by WEBS on the way), and we won't have internet access again until Sunday evening. I'm not promising a post then, but we'll see. Tomorrow night we'll be going to the room party, and Saturday we'll be at the knitting meetup.

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  • *sniff* All my old haunts…you’re making me homesick. Woolcott was my LYS (I still buy yarn there every time I go back) – I had a tradition of walking up to Harvard Square and swinging by Woolcott, Wordsworth Books and Cardullo’s in the afternoons. Cardullo’s has amazing imported cheese, chocolate, wine, food, etc from other countries – it’s the place I got my British candy fix.

  • That sounds like a great trip! Wow! Woolcott was my very first LYS – such great memories (yep, even about the crowdedness!).

  • sigh… such funs! CAn’t wait til you’re back and we can see all these goods in real life!

  • CJ

    Looks like a blast! I’ll keep having fun vicariously through your posts. =)