Here chibi chibi chibi

The ladies at Black Sheep clearly think that I'm nuts. orange chibis I went last night for my final chibi installment (these were purchased in three trips) and went ahead and cleaned them out. I'm still explaining to them about the small bent tipped needles, and they seem shocked that the picture of the original chibi on my blog resulted in me sending these across the country. My chibi is included in this picture, which I immediately unwrapped after taking the picture, so I don't accidentally send it to someone. One is for my sister, one for Lauren, who is giving me a leftover skein of her precious cotton ease that I need, one is for Anj, who is going to spin my 20 g of roving for me, and the last four are for Cara - which I guess everyone is going to have a chance to win (well, maybe only three of them). :) If you're in San Diego and wanted an orange chibi, Black Sheep did say that they were going to order more. Sorry. *blush* As of the 20th of November, Common Threads didn't have any, but it might be worth a call. Look! mittens Ahh, the magic of blog photography. Except... thumb I would have finished that up too last night, except I got home at 8 pm from my killer spin class, and by the time I had showered, eaten, and knit the rest of the top of the mitten, the call of my bed was too loud to ignore. If I'm crazy, I might finish that up today after work, then magically pack for Bakersfield so we can be out the door by 7:30 or 8 pm. I have it on good authority that the thumb will take one hour or less. Then the remaining roving can go out the door with the Christmas packages. :)

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