Final Christmas gifts

I worked hard on Wednesday and Thursday to finish up the Christmas gifts for Marisa and Miyon. I also made version for me and my sister. four bags (Marisa's is green, Miyon's grey, mine is blue, and my sister's is red). Here's a picture with the notions bags open: open I got the idea from Martha Stewart Living - I want to say June? If anyone really cares, I can go look. Basically I did was make lined pockets, stitch them to the front of a plain canvas bag (from JoAnns), covering the edges and handles with ribbon. If I had to do it again, I'd get a size of ribbon that was slightly bigger than the handles, instead of exactly the same size as the handles, as it was near impossible to keep the cream handles from showing through. Here's a close up of the double pocket: close up All very cute, but frustrating to sew into all of the nooks and crannies of the canvas bags. For the lined notions bags, I used a tutorial found here. The only difference is that I serged all of my pieces first, serging some sew-in interfacing to my black fabric at the same time. Also, after step 4, where she says she pressed everything to keep it flat, I also top stitched on the sides of the zipper to keep the fabric from getting caught in it. My corners aren't fabulous on the bags, but they're still cute. :) The fabric is knitting themed fabric I got from The Virginia Quilter - here's the specific fabric. Last night Miyon and Marisa came over for our usual knit night (though it's been on Tuesdays more often than not). I had just gotten the pattern for the annual ornament in the mail (the ONLY thing left on the sidebar countdown). They helped me make decisions on fabric, which I'm going to tea dye today. I originally tea dyed pre-blogging, but I gave myself instructions in my gallery! Only problem is that we threw out all of our crap tea, and there's no way I'm using the good stuff to tea dye. There will be a quick grocery run this morning for crap tea and I'll do my dying. We plan to go to Carlsbad today to visit the outlet stores, and hopefully swing by a cross-stitch store. As luck would have it, the pattern is simple, and won't be too long to make, but it calls for beads and thread that I don't have. I called the Needlecraft Cottage, the knitting/cross-stitch/needlepoint store in Pacific Beach, and they don't have the specific floss color. I can order all of this stuff online, including the chart, but I'm kind of hoping I can get this done by tomorrow, so I don't have to be a total fraud and stitch "2005" on an item I finished in 2006, even if it was the 2005 annual ornament. I don't know if I mentioned that I have the entire week off. We've been going to the gym, but I learned something very important this "lie around the house" vacation. I planned WAY too much stuff for myself to do, so every day I feel behind. I'm on vacation, and I feel guilty that I'm not accomplishing anything! Clearly, I need to learn to relax. Anyway, there's a knitting thing going on this morning, but I'm going to have to pass and have a Brad day instead. I've been tied to my serger and sewing machine for the last two days, and this is the only time in the entire year when one of us isn't in school (he's on the quarter system, I'm on semester). The fact that he suggested that we go to the outlet mall today is shocking, and I can't waste it. :) We'll probably take in a movie this afternoon too. Oh, and the decision on the Jaywalkers, which Marisa and Miyon helped me with: I'll be starting over on the Lorna's Laces. We all agreed that my Jaywalker relationship is perilous as it is, and although I can be sure that Socks that Rock from Cara have great Jaywalker vibes, if it doesn't work out for me I'll be crushed. I want to finish by Feb 14 (the end of the KAL) so I needed to make a choice. We'll see when I finish it - last night, instead of casting on for Jaywalkers, I started on my sister's River. Kid silk haze will cure the knitting blues! My sister wants to start knitting socks, and loves the 3x1 ribbing that Alison did. After giving her the "pattern" over IM (basically giving her links to the toe and heel that she should do (I love the one's in Jessica's pattern), and then discussions of stitch count and cast-offs, I now think that this will work for my Socks that Rock in Hard Rock, otherwise known as "the yarn that will never be Jaywalkers." Of course, now I'm talking about having four pairs of socks going right now (Waving Lace, Jaywalkers v6, 3x1 rib, and the Log Cabin socks). I'm feeling so unfocused with the knitting these days. Finally, in the "how can this possibly be comfortable" category, my darling doggie: twist

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