Rhinebeck sweater

I rather stealthily started a Rhinebeck sweater (not on purpose, I just hadn't posted it). With a marathon knitting session of this past weekend in class, I managed to get up to the armholes: body (Lani foot because she has to be on anything I'm paying attention to. Camera strap because I wasn't paying enough attention.) This is kind of slow going, as I subbed Rowanspun 4-ply for the Felted Tweed (it was in my stash). I was a little nervous on yarn supply, but thanks to the loveliness of Ravelry, another skein of it (same dyelot) is on it's way to me. I've started on the sleeves, and as they're written, they're kind of large. The math wasn't coming out either - and then I figured out that my gauge in garter rib is bigger than my gauge in stockinette. Anyway, so I cut down the cast on stitches significantly, and I hope my new plan for increases works out.

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