After removing and reattaching the collar edging twice, and sewing in my new sleeve caps, I had this much improved version: fixed collar and sleeve The sad part? It has to come out again (though I can save the collar edging, and you better believe I'll be taking really, really good notes before I rip). The problem is that this sweater creates armpit fat: extra fabric I know it doesn't look too bad (look at the circle on the side with the sleeve), but that's as good as it gets. As I move, the fold gets bigger. The problem is that the decreases for the arm on the front and back are too shallow. On the arm with the sleeve, I drew a line in where the seam should be, and on the other side, you can see where that extra fabric is pooching out. So, I could finish up the seaming and weaving in, declare myself a NaKniSweMo winner, and go on to the next thing. But I really do love the way this sweater is turning out, despite the issues, and I want it to be as good as I can possibly make it. I'll wait a few days to make sure (no impulse ripping), but I'm reasonably sure that I'm going to remove the sleeve, remove (but save) the collar edging, rip out the collar, undo the shoulder 3 needle bind-off, rip to the armholes on both the front and the back, and redo it all, getting rid of 5-6 more stitches on each side. Am I a perfectionist? Yeah, kind of. But this sweater will be worth it. I went back to the pattern photo, and now that I'm looking for it, I see the problem is not unique to me: vogue picture It's a lot easier to see in the full pattern page (pg 71, Vogue Knitting Holiday 2007, #11 High Neck Pullover), but under the model's right arm, she's got the armpit thing going on and the shoulder seam is too far over. If you look at the left arm, it looks like the excess fabric is tucked in her armpit, causing a crease higher up (though it's hard to be sure due to the shadow). While I'm on the tricky photography, I should mention that the sleeves have to be pinned - as written, they aren't that fitted at the forearm. Knitting a Vogue pattern right after it comes out is really like test knitting. I knew what I was getting in to, though, so I'm not as annoyed as I probably should be, considering how much work I'll have to redo. Luckily the yarn (Shelridge Farm Soft Touch DK) is a pleasure to knit with, and is standing up to the ripping and re-knitting very well. If I ever do a new Vogue pattern again, I'll spend a lot more time with the schematic (available as a PDF here) and the picture. I was expecting things like individual rows written out wrong (found in the front and the crochet motif), but I have to admit, I forgot to really sit down and think about all of the shaping.

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  • It will be well worth it in the end!

  • I see what you’re getting at. And it looks “fine” to me – I would never notice the issue if you were wearing it but I would if it were my sweater.

  • For sure, the end result will be very nice and I am sure you will wear it a lot for many years! It’s a very nice pattern and I really like the color you chose. Look forward to see a complete photo when it’s completed!

  • The knitting girl

    In those areas that you have the wrinkle in the armpit, can you put in a few short rows…it almost looks like the sweater needs a dart right at that spot.

  • mimsie

    Agree with seltsame that as long as you don’t walk around with floating black circles on your armpits, the folding is hardly worth tearing your hair out. But I feel your pain. The sleevecaps *are* lovely though. (only a knitter would say that and it needed to be said)

  • It’s absolutely one of the most gorgeous sweaters I’ve ever seen, Kris! Keep plugging away, it looks like it’s worth every minute of your alterations.

  • It looks a lil tough, but Im sure you will pull through, keep persisting, we know you’ll do a great job.

  • Ava

    I would be tempted to do some unraveling too, though like some of the other commenters, I’m not sure it’s worth it because it looks fine. (and a great color for you!) It’s not going to lie flat and smooth as you move around, is it? this sweater is the only one I wanted to make from the Holiday issue. I am tempted to try without the cables on the bodice, but it looks like I will have other issues to concern myself with…