Good Saturday

I think this might have been from Friday night, but it's cute: Brad Snuggling Yesterday, I headed to WEBS with Carol and Sara to the book signing by Carol Sulcoski for Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn. Book Signing I managed to behave somewhat and only get sock yarn, but that was just because I lost my head at Little Knits on Thursday. I've got some of the new cotton Noro Matsuri headed my way, and I'm excited. I plan to make the cover sweater of Noro Joy, just without the pattern, since once I totaled up all of the changes I would make to it, it went from not making any sense to buy the book for $18 to being just kind of dumb. Anyway, back at home, we settled in for some fun with the borrowed PS2 and Guitar Hero game that is on loan from a co-worker. Brad Guitar Hero Ed Guitar Hero (Ed and Michele came over, though Michele opted to nap since she had just ridden really really far on a bike, after all.) Oh, and I finished up Salina (on Friday night). I haven't had the heart to block it yet, though: Lani Salina

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